What to Watch in July

Sorry for this post being so late but better late than never right 😎

This month we have our beastly idol ,Taecyeon, headlining our fantasy horror-comedy Bring It On Ghost with Kim So Hyun. I love both of them and they look very good together in the trailers.  Continue reading

What to Watch in June and July?

Hello drama lovers!!! I am back from my three week long vacation and ready to post about dramas again. So I wrote this post before I left for my vacation but didn’t get to finish posting it. After gone for three weeks, a lot of these dramas have already started airing but they are still dramas that I plan to watch.

This June and July, I am back on a roll with korean dramas as the upcoming dramas seem to have bunch of my favorites actors and actresses. Continue reading

“Love Weaves Through A Millennium” Releases Teaser and Posters

“Love Weaves Through A Millennium” aka Love Across Time aka Love Through Thousands of Years aka  (相愛穿梭千年) is a chinese remake of the popular romantic time-traveling korean drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and is set for broadcast Feb. 15, 2015.

Synopsis: It is a story about an imperial scholar Gong Ming being accidentally transported two thousand years later in the modern time period where he meet Lin Xiang Xiang an actress playing the role of a queen.  The story revolves around love, commitment, dreams and fate. According to Koala’splayground, the story is set in the same time as the time in “Sound of Desert”.


Love weaves through a millennium

I am waiting for you a thousands years later…………. Upon seeing, can’t forget, frantically thinking about you

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