“Hurry Up, Brother” Season 2 Returns With a Minor Cast Change

“Hurry Up, Brother” is the chinese remake of the popular korean variety show “Running Man” and has been well received all over China.

They are coming back with Season 2 and sadly to say, Wang Bao Qiang was switched out for Bao Bei’er. Continue reading

Hurry Up, Brother Episode 9 Review and Recap

Hurry Up, Brother Episode 9, December 5, 2014 Recap and Review

Today’s Theme is the Princess Desert Battle

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Out of all the episodes so far, I find this one to be the most exciting and most original. Because I have been an avid fan of running man and watched since episode 1. They use the same games in “Running Man” and in “Hurry Up Brother” making it boring since I have already seen the game before. Another thing is that even though they use the same background music, I feel that the background music doesn’t fit in with the situation they are in. When they use the background music, it just reminds of Running Man. I think they need to at least change the background music to something unique to them. However in this episode all the games except the last game are all new and the place that they film the game in is the desert which I find to be unique. Even though I have seen the final game in “running man” angelababy’s moves makes this episode shocking. Continue reading