What to Watch in July

Sorry for this post being so late but better late than never right 😎

This month we have our beastly idol ,Taecyeon, headlining our fantasy horror-comedy Bring It On Ghost with Kim So Hyun. I love both of them and they look very good together in the trailers.  Continue reading

Celebrities At the 17th Huading Award China Top 100 TV Series Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony

I was surfing around chinese entertainment website when I came across some red carpet event. It turns out it’s the 17th Huading Award for the Top 100 China TV Series Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony that was held on Aug, 9 2015 in Shanghai.

What made me decide to post these pics was that I loved a lot of the dresses that the actresses wore. They all looked lovely and seemed like dresses that I would actually put on. Usually there are other bloggers that I follow that comments on red carpet events but since no one posted anything, I decided to post it up. It was mostly pastels and black colors that dominated the event. Check out the pics of the actors and actresses on the red carpet below:

Joe Chen with a strapless sky blue dress and nicely placed ruffles to keep the dress from looking too plain. I didn’t like that red and blue clutch she was holding on to. It didn’t match her outfit.

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Tiffany Tang Experiences Chest Pain on set of “Diamond Lover” and was Sent to Hospital

On march 11, Tiffany Tang suddenly felt heart palpitations while on set of “Diamond Lover” and was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with exhaustion and was recommended to rest. However Tiffany insisted to return back on set to film. Tiffany’s official Weibo had posted that her condition had improved throughout the day and told fans not to worry. Continue reading

My Sunshine Episode 7 Recap

This episode opens up with Mo Sheng searching diligently for the original photos that Xiao Xiao’s bed scene was photoshopped from. When she finally found it, she tried to contact Xiao Xiao but her phone was turned. She then decided to call Yi Cheng since he was her lawyer, she figured Yi Cheng would have a way to contact her. Yi Cheng told her that Xiao Xiao was with him and Mo Sheng said she would bring the original pictures over. Yi Cheng replied I will wait for you. (is that a double meaning or what?)

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.40.45 PM


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My Sunshine Episode 6 Recap

Lots of angst in this episode as we see our couple finally interacting with each other.

Mo Sheng has just left the law firm after returning Yi Cheng her picture and Yi Cheng runs after her. While Mo Sheng is walking away, she thinks to herself that she was so naive back in college. No matter how cold Yi Cheng acted, she was able to smile brightly and trail after him all the time but now she doesn’t even have the courage to even speak with him.

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Rain Will Appear in his First C-drama “Diamond Lover” with Tiffany Tang


On Jan 22 Rain, Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, Dilraba Dilmurat and others held the press conference in Shanghai for the drama “Diamond Lovers” (克拉恋人-literally translated as carat lover)

“Diamond Lover” is an inspirational romantic story about how an ugly women with low self-esteem turns herself into a sparkly diamond and finds happiness. Continue reading