What to Watch this April and May?

Or at least what I plan to watch. I have been converted into an avid korean drama fan ever since I was introduced to it from my college buddies. However the past february and march, I felt like there was nothing to watch and started venturing into chinese dramas that seemed quite interesting. Have I been missing out in chinese dramas or did it just recently become popular because I was addicted to chinese drama more than ever before. What’s even better is that chinese dramas release about 1-2 episodes each day so you don’t have to wait what seems like forever for a new episode to be release. Continue reading

Kim Hee Sun in High School Uniform Looking Nothing Like Her Age

All those people who doubted Kim Hee Sun (me included) could pull of being an undercover high school student will eliminate the those thoughts once these stills are seen.



She definitely doesn’t look her age of 37.

Some people are saying that she may get away with it from these far away shots but once they zoom in, with the HD TV nowadays, she won’t be able to hide it anymore. For me at the very least, she looks fine from these shots. So I am anxiously waiting for “Angry Mom” to air after “Kill Me, Heal Me” wraps up on march 12.

What do you think? Does she look like a high schooler or are you still not convinced?

original article and pictures appeared on dramafever


Kim Yoo Jung Casted in Angry Mom

kim hee sun kim yoo jung

Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hee Sun and Lizzy are confirmed for the new drama Angry Mom which will be broadcasted on MBC after Kill Me, Heal Me on Wed and Thurs beginning in March.

Angry Mom is described as an upbeat and heartwarming show where the mom, played by Kim Hee Sun, goes back to high school as an undercover student to help her daughter, played by Yoo Jung, who is being bullied at school. Lizzy will play one of the bullies.

I am currently watching Golden Rainbow where Yoo Jung plays the younger self of the main protagonist and when she grows up, the character is played by Uee. I ended up suffering from withdrawal syndrome ever since she was gone and  watched Love Cell, a cute mobile drama, which was a hit, just to see her but I couldn’t get into it since each episode was so short. However I am glad that she is finally casted in a drama where her character will last throughout the entire course of the drama and not be replaced after the character grows up.

The drama won an award in an open scriptwriting competition last year and is being directed of PD Choi Byung Gil who has worked on When a Man Loves (which I hated) and East of Eden (which is on my ( to be watched list).

Aren’t you glad to finally see her as a main character that won’t be replaced in the midst of the drama?

I am definitely looking out for this when it gets released.

Original article appeared on dramabeans