Fabricated City Movie Review

I’m usually not a movie fan. But after a half day of work and an unproductive day of studying, I decided to check out what new movies were out so I can just sit back and relax.

I came across Fabricated City which stars Ji Chang Wook and Shim Eun Kyung. I couldn’t resist the temptation after seeing the amazing poster (totally my type of movie) and the stellar reviews. I should point out that the last half of the movie wasn’t subbed properly so you might want to wait later until all the subs come out, but I sort of inferred.

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Healer Episode 1 and 2 First Impressions and Highlights Recap

My first impressions of Healer after watching episode 1 and 2

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young

After seeing all the stills and gifs from tumblr, I already got a feeling that this would be an action-packed James Bond style drama. I had deliberated whether to watch this or Pinocchio first but this seemed far more exciting. And I was right !!! Continue reading