Three Must Watch Dramas That’s Airing in August

This month I am focusing back on Korean dramas.

I have been looking forward to every single one of these dramas to air and they all happen to air in August. So for the next month, I will definitely be so busy catching up on all these dramas.

If I had to choose one drama to watch, it would be Moon Lovers aka Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Continue reading

2015 SBS Kpop Awards Full Performances

At the end of every year, there are numerous award show and performances from my favorite idols. Sometimes these shows are translated into english and sometimes they aren’t.

This year my fav artist IU is hosting the SBS Kpop Awards aka 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun with veteran MC Shin Dong Yup so I have to see it. This is IU’s second time in MCing this show and surprisingly it’s Shin Dong Yup’s first time.

I always have a hard time finding subbed video of what the MC’s are saying. Thankfully the people at viki has translated the 2015 SBS Kpop Awards. However while I was watching it, I found that the video hosted on viki was quite blurry eventhough  it stated that it’s 360p.

I decided to watch the english translated part on viki and then find the HQ videos of the performances on youtube.

Below is the playlist of the performances in chronological order of how they appeared. I could only find some of the videos in HQ so not all the performances are HQ.

My favorite performance for the first part so far would be the special stage Diva Together by Ailee, Luna,Eunji and Solar. Because IU hasn’t promoted her newest album yet, I believe this is her first time performing 23 outside of her concert. I’ve been watching it nonstop since the only other live videos of her performing 23  are from fancams.

I liked the second part a lot more than the first half , my favorite performance would be

  • Taemin performing Yoo Jae Ha’s Because I love You
  • Exo and Taemin’s joint performance of MAMA and Lucifer
  • Girl’s Generation performing Lion Heart and Catch Me If You Can

Which performance is your favorite?

Just wondering for when I upload music performance in the future, would you prefer me embedding each video on my blog or would you rather I put the videos in a playlist?

Full translation of the entire awards at viki here

Playlist of the HQ performances  on my youtube channel here

Video credits to their respective owners.

I didn’t upload any of the videos. I only grouped them into the playlist.

What to Watch this April and May?

Or at least what I plan to watch. I have been converted into an avid korean drama fan ever since I was introduced to it from my college buddies. However the past february and march, I felt like there was nothing to watch and started venturing into chinese dramas that seemed quite interesting. Have I been missing out in chinese dramas or did it just recently become popular because I was addicted to chinese drama more than ever before. What’s even better is that chinese dramas release about 1-2 episodes each day so you don’t have to wait what seems like forever for a new episode to be release. Continue reading