Lady’s House Thoughts, Overview and First Impressions

With high expectations going into “Cage of Love” I was thoroughly disappointed and after searching for shows to watch, I remembered about this mystery series that received raves when it was aired so I decided to give this a try.

ma tian yu and han xue

I tend to find mysteries more intriguing and so far this drama has not failed me. Continue reading

New Mystery Drama “Lady’s House” Starring Cecilia Han Starts Airing February 27

I saw the promotional posters for “Lady’s House” aka “the home of the lady” (淑女之家) awhile ago but felt that it looked too depressing. Since the posters only had females dressed in bold red colors, I felt that it was more of power struggle/ scheming type of drama and decided to pass it. Then I found out Chen Xiang (who I think looks a lot like Lee Jun Ki) and a bunch of other good looking actors were in it so decided to take a look at it. Continue reading