Raymond Lam and Dilraba Dilmurat Headlines Costume Drama that Starts Filming in March

Dilraba Dilmurat, Alex Fong, Hansen (Ying Hao Ming), and Guo Rui Xi attended the press conference on March 7 for their new drama “Liu Shan Men” (六扇門)(I have no idea what the english title is). Raymond Lam did not show up at the press conference but they did show a clip of him saying that he is hoping to create an unforgettable costume drama. Continue reading

Rain Will Appear in his First C-drama “Diamond Lover” with Tiffany Tang


On Jan 22 Rain, Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, Dilraba Dilmurat and others held the press conference in Shanghai for the drama “Diamond Lovers” (克拉恋人-literally translated as carat lover)

“Diamond Lover” is an inspirational romantic story about how an ugly women with low self-esteem turns herself into a sparkly diamond and finds happiness. Continue reading