Ivy Chen and Cecilia Liu Spotted Wearing the Same Dress

I was scrolling through my fav blogger site and came across this pic of Ivy Chen at the Fashion Cosmo Gala.

I was thinking that the dress looked familiar. And then it dawned on me.

The only reason why this dress left such a huge impression in my mind was because I saw the dress on Cecilia Liu and I absolutely loved it on her. Continue reading

Is The New Year of 2015 A Popular Time for Marriages?

There were a couple asian stars that married in January of 2015 that surprised me:

Jay Chou high profile wedding, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s sudden marriage, and probably because the other two were such headliners you didn’t hear about Sonia Siu’s shotgun wedding


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Sound Of Desert Review

Sound of the Desert (风中奇缘) or Da Mo Yao (大漠谣)

The_Sound_of_Desertpicture credits to drama wiki

Episodes: 35

Broadcast Period: Oct 1, 2014- Nov 27, 2014

Synopsis: Xin Yue was raised up by wolves but encounters a man, that later becomes her foster father, giving her a family and teaching her to live among humans. However warfare destroyed her family forcing her to flee and live once again roaming with the wolves in the desert. She finally decides to venture out into the city of Jian An when a merchant she helped out kept telling her the beauty of the city which reminded her of her father telling her the wondrous stories of Jian An City. There she encounters the harsh truth of the city and is determined to adapt to city life. Along her journey, she is helped out by a calm and kindhearted Mo Xun and an audacious General Wei Wuji, both of which she met in the desert. She falls in love with one of them but was rejected. How will she deal with the rejection and who will she choose in the end?

Review: 10/10 If you like romance- then you should watch this. There isn’t much on imperial fighting until about episode 28 if your the type that likes watching schemes and plotting. If you don’t like romance I would say to skip it.

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