Fabricated City Movie Review

I’m usually not a movie fan. But after a half day of work and an unproductive day of studying, I decided to check out what new movies were out so I can just sit back and relax.

I came across Fabricated City which stars Ji Chang Wook and Shim Eun Kyung. I couldn’t resist the temptation after seeing the amazing poster (totally my type of movie) and the stellar reviews. I should point out that the last half of the movie wasn’t subbed properly so you might want to wait later until all the subs come out, but I sort of inferred.

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Trailer and Stills for Kris Wu’s New Movie “Mr Six” Released

So I am not a major fan of Kris Wu especially with the issue with SM. However after seeing the trailer below, I became interested. This role was made for him. He looked so badass and cool in as a gangster. There is a reason why they say guys that aren’t bad don’t attract girls. Check out the character trailers below:

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My First Impressions of “Eye In The Sky”

So TVB released two dramas-“Eye In The Sky” headlined by Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, and Tavia Yeung and “Young Charioteers” headlined by Him Law, Sammy Sum and Sisley Choi- on the same night two weeks ago.

I chose to watch “Eye In The Sky” over “Young Charioteers” because of the stellar cast and the action/thriller genre seemed to interest me more. I did catch a glimpse of some scenes from “Young Charioteers” when I saw my parents watching it and it did look kinda nice, gaving me a warm sunny light-hearted feel.  Continue reading

New Mystery Drama “Lady’s House” Starring Cecilia Han Starts Airing February 27

I saw the promotional posters for “Lady’s House” aka “the home of the lady” (淑女之家) awhile ago but felt that it looked too depressing. Since the posters only had females dressed in bold red colors, I felt that it was more of power struggle/ scheming type of drama and decided to pass it. Then I found out Chen Xiang (who I think looks a lot like Lee Jun Ki) and a bunch of other good looking actors were in it so decided to take a look at it. Continue reading

To The Fore Trailer (破風)

Cycling competition movie headlined by Choi SI Won, Eddie Peng, and Shawn Duo

Cycling competition movie headlined by Choi SI Won, Eddie Peng, and Shawn Duo

New movie about competitive cycling with leads Eddie Peng, Choi Siwon, and Shawn Dou. They just had the press conference on October 18, 2014. There has been may articles about how almost everyone has had an accident while filming the movie. All the actors had trained incredibly hard with Eddie adding he had to cycle 120km daily. The movie is said to have filmed in 6 different countries. Although I think the trailer is incredibly boring I will definitely look out for this since my new heartthrob Eddie Peng is in there and I believe the scenery will be quite breathtaking.

Do you think this is a skip?

credits to TOFUpost for original article and image