Yunge From the Desert Episode 1 Recap and First Impression

So after reading an article saying that netizens are complaining about the ugly male leads, I decided to take a look. Honestly, it was very difficult to keep waiting for the episodes to come out since I was used to chinese dramas being released daily. So I decided to watch the episodes that are already out and if I hated it, I would stop thinking about it. I went into this drama with poor expectations because it didn’t make the top 10 drama ranking however I am now on episode six and I am sadly proclaiming that I am addicted. (FYI Hu Ge’s drama The Disguiser ranked number 1) I am writing the first episode recap of Yunge From the Desert because I can’t get this drama out of my head. Continue reading


Lady’s House Thoughts, Overview and First Impressions

With high expectations going into “Cage of Love” I was thoroughly disappointed and after searching for shows to watch, I remembered about this mystery series that received raves when it was aired so I decided to give this a try.

ma tian yu and han xue

I tend to find mysteries more intriguing and so far this drama has not failed me. Continue reading

We Are In Love: Recap, Thoughts and First Impressions

As a big fan of “We Got Married”, when I heard  Ruby Lin and Siwon officially joined “We Are In Love”, I knew I had to check this out. Continue reading


My First Impressions of “Eye In The Sky”

So TVB released two dramas-“Eye In The Sky” headlined by Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, and Tavia Yeung and “Young Charioteers” headlined by Him Law, Sammy Sum and Sisley Choi- on the same night two weeks ago.

I chose to watch “Eye In The Sky” over “Young Charioteers” because of the stellar cast and the action/thriller genre seemed to interest me more. I did catch a glimpse of some scenes from “Young Charioteers” when I saw my parents watching it and it did look kinda nice, gaving me a warm sunny light-hearted feel.  Continue reading


Healer Episode 1 and 2 First Impressions and Highlights Recap

My first impressions of Healer after watching episode 1 and 2

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young

After seeing all the stills and gifs from tumblr, I already got a feeling that this would be an action-packed James Bond style drama. I had deliberated whether to watch this or Pinocchio first but this seemed far more exciting. And I was right !!! Continue reading


Silent Separation aka My Sunshine Ep 1-4 Recap and First Impressions

Silent Separation aka My Sunshine aka 何以笙箫默 ep 1-4 Recap and First Impressions

I first found out about this drama when someone asks me to help translate the drama on viki. I went into this drama not knowing what the full synopsis is-just something about a lovers beings separated due to some misunderstanding but later meets again but struggles to get back together due to different obstacles.

This drama is more of a romantic melodrama with inner struggle between leads due to misunderstandings.

It is based on a novel By Gu Man’s Silent Separation which is also the same writer as the person who wrote Shan Shan Comes To Eat which was turned into a drama and I had breezed through. Continue reading