“Hurry Up, Brother” Season 2 Returns With a Minor Cast Change

“Hurry Up, Brother” is the chinese remake of the popular korean variety show “Running Man” and has been well received all over China.

They are coming back with Season 2 and sadly to say, Wang Bao Qiang was switched out for Bao Bei’er. Continue reading


Gong Hyo Gin Says that Her Male Co-star’s Fans Don’t Like Her

gong hyo jin

It has been a year since “My Love From Another Star” became a smash hit throughout the entire Asia. Professor Do aka Kim Soo Hyun has returned to the drama scene to star in KBS’s new drama “Producer” which will also star Gong Hyo Jin, who has been dubbed as the actress that most South Korean actors want to work with.  Continue reading

Tiffany Tang Experiences Chest Pain on set of “Diamond Lover” and was Sent to Hospital

On march 11, Tiffany Tang suddenly felt heart palpitations while on set of “Diamond Lover” and was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with exhaustion and was recommended to rest. However Tiffany insisted to return back on set to film. Tiffany’s official Weibo had posted that her condition had improved throughout the day and told fans not to worry. Continue reading

Yoon Eun Hye Has Declined the Invitation to Appear on Running Man

kim jong kook Yoon eun hye running man

Looks like we won’t see a revival of the love line between our Sparta Kook and his former onscreen couple Yoon Eun Hye.

Yoon Eun Hye has declined the invitation to appear on the SBS’s variety program “Running Man” due to scheduling conflict. She has thanked the public for their long-term interest in their love line but because she couldn’t change her schedule for the filming of her movie “After Love” with Park Shi Hoo which she is currently filming overseas in China and New York, she can’t make it to the filming of “Running Man”.

Furthermore the producers of “Running Man” has expressed that they had not wanted to pressure her or cause a problem for her with their “Twitter Movement” and said they would try to discuss further with Yoon Eun Hye about her appearance.

It just feels like an excuse to me. Running Man has a filming every week. If she can’t make it for this half of the year she can always appear next year. But yet again I know she is  a popular star on high demand so let’s just hope the Running Man team can work out a schedule with her.

Original article appeared on Sina.