Jennie Mesmerizes Fans With Her Airport Fashion Look.

Blackpink’s Jennie leaves korea on 12/9/19 in a cute outfit but comes back on the same day looking like a boss.

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Girl’s Generation and 2NE1 Who wore it better battle

Girl’s Generation’s Yoona and Tiffany and 2NE1’s Dara was spotted wearing the same stripped midi-dress in blue and green tones by Fendi.

Let’s start with our forever gorgeous Dara. She attended Fendi’s spring summer 2017 fashion show in Milan wearing the dress with her hair down and black thick-heeled pumps. She finishes her look with Fendi’s red Dotcom Click bag.

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If I was to wear it out, I would be concerned if the stripes would look too matchy.

However Dara looks graceful and ladylike pairing the two together. The contrast in color between the red and blue looks great too.

When fall comes, you start seeing brown, purple, auburn, forest green etc. However I could never bring myself to buy those colors because I’m probably only going to wear them in the fall. I always feel those colors look dull and bring down my mood. However I changed my mind after seeing Yoona wearing these colors on the September 2016 cover of Vogue Taiwan.

 photo yoona autumn.jpg

I loved every single outfit that she wore for that photoshoot. She manages to make the clothes look feminine and refined even with her ruffled hair.

What catched my eye the most is Yoona wearing the same exact blue dress. Her look is minimalistic with short black nails and silver star loop earrings.

 photo 2016081147059437.jpg

When Yoona wears the dress, she makes it the focal point of her look. All the lines and waves on her dress accentuates her.

I believe it was in the midst of Tiffany’s controversy when Fendi released a video titled “A Day in Rome with Fendi”. In the video you see Tiffany getting her makeup done and her clothes sized to fit her.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.56.02 PM.jpg

She ecstatically twirls around in the dress, satisfied with her new outfit and heads out to sightsee in rome.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.55.48 PM.jpg

Her look is the most unique where she wears a thick-striped blue and white shirt underneath the thinly-striped dress. She wears these black peep-toed heels with socks on. Unlike Dara, she chooses a handbag in the same color scheme as her dress and finishes off with a modern white and blue timepiece that matches her inner shirt.

 photo tiffany.jpg
You have to check out the video below. It’s totally magical.

So, which look do you like best?

Personally I like Yoona’s look best. She made the dress look like the it dress to have. Minimalistic, refined and sophisticated. But of course she has the body to make the dress look amazing.

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The Choovely Family Becomes the Perfect Models For STL

STL has chosen the perfect models for their swim wear line. Which family can exude the cuteness, coolness and sexiness better than this family can. Their bright, cheery and active aura complements the bold multicolored prints designed by Keith Haring.

Just looking at these photos, I can feel the happiness and excitement for a day at the beach with the family.
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Ariel Lin in a Frida Kahlo Inspired Photoshoot for Elle Taiwan

I had always thought that Ariel Lin was just another one of those actress that got lucky. Ever since I came across the hit taiwanese drama “In Time With You”, my respect and appreciation for Ariel Lin as an actress grew.

She is able to instill the the proper amount of attitude and feeling into the characters that she is playing. In the September photoshoot for Elle Taiwan, she completely transforms herself into the strong-personalitied mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

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SHESMISS Releases Photos of Jun Ji Hyun Modeling for their Fall Winter Collection

Last spring, I posted the SHESMISS 2015 S/S trenchcoat collection that Jun Ji Hyun modeled for here.

She is back modeling for the SHESMISS’s 2015 F/W collection and she makes the coats looks elegant and classy.

SHESMISS recently released a video of the photoshoot and her photos on their website.

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