What to Watch in October and November

For the month of October and November, the majority of the dramas that I will be talking about have already started airing.

At this moment, I currently don’t have any dramas that I look forward to. However, that’s not to say that I am not addicted to any drama. I started to watch Yunge from the Desert when it started airing in september and I was instantly hooked. Continue reading


Top Stars Join China’s Remake of “We Got Married”

I have always loved watching Korea’s We Got Married and imagined myself dating in sweet situations like those in the show. Continue reading


“Hurry Up, Brother” Season 2 Returns With a Minor Cast Change

“Hurry Up, Brother” is the chinese remake of the popular korean variety show “Running Man” and has been well received all over China.

They are coming back with Season 2 and sadly to say, Wang Bao Qiang was switched out for Bao Bei’er. Continue reading


Huang Xiao Ming Seen Filming “Hurry Up, Brother”

News of Huang Xiao Ming filming for season 2 of “Hurry Up, Brother” were leaked online when fans circulated photos of him filming in Huangzhao. Huang Xiao Ming is dressed entirely in black, and wearing sunglasses. He has on a huge beard which made him look like a gang leader (similar to his role in Cruel Romance). Continue reading


Victoria Leaves the Country in the Middle of Filming the Chinese Remake of “Noonas Over Flowers”




In the midst of filming the chinese remake of the popular korean variety show “Noonas Over Flowers” in Turkey, Fx’s Victoria reportedly left the country, causing the entire filming of the show to come to a stop. Continue reading


Running Man Encourage Fans to Retweet on Twitter to See the Appearance of Yoon Eun Hye

kim jong kook Yoon eun hye running man

Ever Since Kim Jong Kook mentioned his former onscreen couple Yoon Eun Hye, saying he thought of her as his woman when they were filming “X-men” on “Healing Camp”, their love line has been brought back into spotlight.

On Feb 5, SBS tweeted

“#Running Man summons ‘#YoonEunHye’! RT to summon Yoon Eun Hye onto Running Man! Achieve 10,000 RTs to bring Yoon Eun Hye onto Running Man #RT_to summom_YoonEunHye #RTGoGo.” Continue reading