Seige in Fog ep 1-8 first impression

It seems like I either never finish my dramas or after I finish them, I don’t have the time or passion to write about it. So let me just write a quick thought about this drama when it is still relevant to me.

Seige in Fog (人生若如初相见) is a another Chinese drama that’s based off of a novel 迷雾围城 by Fei Wo Si Cun (匪我思存). It’s a melodrama and romance about Yi Liankai, a good-for-nothing playboy from a wealthy military family played by Elvis Han who forces Qin Sang (played by Sun Yi) into marriage after falling in love with her at first sight. Qin Sang is a daughter of a high ranking official but when her family’s status fell, under her mother’s wish, she married Liankai to help her father regain his status. Slowly she falls in love with Liankai  but her first love Pan Jian Qi played by Jeremy Jones suddenly appears and becomes her husband’s assistant. He makes it known to her that he wants her back and stays by Liankai’s side to get close to her. However that isn’t his only goal. He is part of a society with a hidden agenda aimed against the Yi Family.

Of course I decided to watch it because of Elvis Han and the plot seems quite intriguing. (I love dramas like this) I was about to drop it in the first episode because of the lack of romance and the abundance war battle tactics scenes. Although now at episode 8 I haven’t seen a lot of romance, I can feel the chemistry between the two leads and can sense that romance will soon blossom. There is lots of information thrown at you in the first episode. And trying to get a gist of what’s happening was quite difficult- especially with my broken knowledge of chinese. However after plowing through that, you will feel the unique interaction between our leads. Although there is tension between the leads, you can feel that they care about each other.

The drama starts off with Qin Sang urgently trying to find Liankai and to notify him of his dangerous situation. He is at a mountain playing golf with his friends but troops have barricaded the entire mountain, not allowing him to leave.  I was utterly confused as I had thought the drama would tell the story in chronological order and even checked multiple times to make sure I am watching episode 1 and not episode 11. I guess in this way, we will save time from having to watch the background story of Qin Sang and Pan Jian Qi and more on Qin Sang and Liankai’s currently relationship.  It was just so confusing, however trust me and continue watching because after the first episode, we start seeing how thoughtful our male lead is.

There aren’t a lot of romantic scenes but just enough to show us their care for each other. If there were any less of the romantic scenes, I would have dropped this drama.  Much of the relationship between them is seen in how they treat each other .I find that Liankai and Qin Sang’s relationship is mutually understanding and very developed. In this I mean, they treat their relationship like true adults would and not childishly fighting due to jealousy. Any misunderstandings they have are usually resolved or left alone because it’s not the matters they should focus on. Liankai knows that Qin Sang married him to secure her father’s military position. Qin Sang covers for Liankai and aids him when he needs her help. To me, they feel more like lovers that have married for 10-20 years, that have gotten used to each other, is indifferent to one another but still cares for one another and fights like all couples do.

Elvis plays his character well. He is still incredibly charismatic. I do find that he looks just-so-slightly more mature compared to his Wu Xin Monster Killer days but I think it adds to his masculinity. We see the confident, smart and brave Liankai that acts immature to others only to not threaten his second brother’s status. He cares less about succeeding his father’s military power and worries more about the family’s harmonious wellbeing. I truly like the camaraderie between the three brothers. Despite the people surrounding the brothers telling them to ward off each other, the brothers all trust each other and snaps back at the outsiders. They have made a pact to fight but not hurt each other and so far have followed through. This is extremely rare in dramas as I am so used to brother all turning against one another. There is no underhanded tricks and all three brothers get along despite Liankai being from another mother. When the oldest had a dispute with the second, Liankai (third brother) talked to the eldest to ease any frustrations. When Liankai discovered a spy framing his second brother of trying to kill him, he killed the spy to prevent any rumors hurting his brother. If there is anyone causing tension and rift in the family, I think it would be from the father. He is constantly watching his sons to see which one is the best to secede the family’s military power.

I have to applaud the writer for portraying all the character with such depth. As more information is presented to us, we understand why the character made a certain decision and just know the character more. Liankai never made love to Qin Sang because he claims that she isn’t attractive enough for him. However one, he can’t have a child before his second brothers does. People with children can continue their legacy but those without can’t. Since his brother doesn’t have a child, he doesn’t want his father to pass his military powers to him because he has a child. He also doesn’t want his second brother to be suspicious of him wanting to gain power in this way. Two, he loves and respects Qin Sang and will wait for her until she is ready. Just with this one aspect we are able to see Liankai’s character is altruistic and caring yet he covers it all up by showing indifference.

The writer keeps us constantly on the edge thinking. When it’s shown that  the second brother’s wife likes the third brother and that Liankai had given up something for the second brother, it makes me question. Does Liankai still love her? Will the truth cause the brothers to fight? Will this thorn prevent Qian Sang from loving Lian Kai. I find myself questioning a lot and I think the writer purposely left it open ended to keep the viewers thirsting for the answer.

This is the first time I am seeing Sun Yi and Jeremy Jones and I am enjoying their acting so far.

At first I felt that Sun Yi wasn’t that pretty but I think I’ve grown to like her. Qin Sang is the real heroine here. In the past with Tiffany Tang in Princess Weiyoung and Lady Liar, Zanilia Zhao in Princess Agents, and Chen Xiao En in Cruel Romance, all the female leads are described as strong, smart and independent characters ready to take on the world however I find that most of them end up being willful characters, that are insistent on doing whatever they want to do and when they mess up, the male leads swoops in to pick up after them. They might be hardworking, good at fighting, persistent, and intelligent but they always end up getting saved by the prince. Although that is romantic and I do like the heroic act where the prince saves the princess, it also makes the female lead look pathetic.

In Seige of Fog, Qin Sang is truly a strong and brave heroine. Even though she doesn’t like Liankai, she marries him to fulfill her mother’s wish and to help her father. When Liankai was barricaded on the mountain, she risked her life to notify him. When negotiating to retrieve the dead body back, she steps up against a Commander and made a bet with her life on the line. She is truly brave, smart and exceeding calm when handling matters. When she saw Liankai asking for a private moment with another women, she doesn’t make a huge deal about it and just waits. It’s not that she isn’t jealous or doesn’t care about him, but she lets him do his thing. She has her own goal (of improving her family status) and she is focused on it.

I  like the costume in this drama. They fit the time period and look real and not like costumes. Sometimes I wonder about wearing a skirt like Qin Sang in the picture above and the equestrian outfit below also looks wearable.

The scenery and film set are all lavish and nice to look at.

I am a person that is easily influenced by music. I think music plays a huge part in the entertaining  the viewers. No matter how good the storyline or acting is, if there is no good supporting background music, the watching quality just drops. That’s why I absolutely hate dramas that dub, which is the case with a majority of the chinese drama, and the main driving factor why I dropped the negotiator with Yang Mi and Zitao. Although Siege of Fog is dubbed, I find it watchable. However back to the music point, I was instantly sucked into watching this drama because of the theme song.

So far I like how the story is progressing. I am hopeful that there will be more romance in the future. The story doesn’t have too much military fight/tactics discussion scenes that bore me but just enough to show the action going on and enough to show us how wise Liankai is when dealing with those matters. There also isn’t a lot of inserted flashback scenes that ruins the show like they did Cruel Romance. I am pretty sure conflicts will soon break the brothers apart  ಥ﹏ಥ because there is still 40+ episodes to go but I think this will be an entertaining journey as the chemistry between the leads are good and I am hopeful it will get better.

I’ve been watching it raw on idol and romance on youtube.   However I do see that a lot of videos have already been made private so I don’t know how long those videos will be up.

There is one thing I don’t understand and I am wondering if any readers can answer it. Pan Jian Qi is described as patriot and part of an organization. What is that organization doing and why does he need to infiltrate into the Yi family. I don’t think he is solely doing it for his love of Qin Sang.

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