Fabricated City Movie Review

I’m usually not a movie fan. But after a half day of work and an unproductive day of studying, I decided to check out what new movies were out so I can just sit back and relax.

I came across Fabricated City which stars Ji Chang Wook and Shim Eun Kyung. I couldn’t resist the temptation after seeing the amazing poster (totally my type of movie) and the stellar reviews. I should point out that the last half of the movie wasn’t subbed properly so you might want to wait later until all the subs come out, but I sort of inferred.

There’s no romance, which is strange to me because I usually only watch romantic comedies and melo. Usually all movies incorporate at least a little bit of romance but not this one.  I’m glad the movie didn’t focus on the love line as I think it would’ve detracted from the plot. He saved his friends due to his character and camaraderie not soley because of love.

Plot:  Ji Chang Wook plays an unemployed ex-athlete that is an unbeatable gamer. He wakes up one morning finding himself being arrested for the murder and rape of a high school girl. He is soon sent to prison after all evidence clearly points to him being the murderer. He learns how to fight and survive in prison and soon escapes prisons in search of the real murderer who framed him. His gamer friends that he has never met in real life, converge to help him clear his name of being a murder.

This movie hit all the right spots with their action, plot, funny scenes and superb cast. Ji Chang Wook’s character is sort of like Healer but a little bit less cool. If you like action movies, this is the one for you. Ji Chang Wook is amazing with all his stunts and fight scenes. The car crash scenes, explosions, don’t feel repetitive or out of place. Although Chang Wook is good with action scenes, after healer, K2 and now Fabricated City, I want to see him with a different role. BTW this is Ji Chang Wook’s first movie.

Shim Eun Kyung- I couldn’t stop staring at her. She is so pretty. She plays the genius hacker who is the first to contact Chang Wook. She is a real actress that can act. I watched this movie because of her and Ji Chang Wook.

Another actor I want to mention is Woo Hyeon. Even though he plays a minor role, his presence was particularly resonating. But it may be my bias for him due to being the cute ahjussi in healer.


So if you have time for a nice action movie and a bit of comedy, check this one out.

This is definitely ♥♥♥♥.

~~~The rest will be spoilers.

I think the movie would have been 5 stars if they didn’t make the villain so obvious because after I saw the lawyer, I was just waiting for the time where he reveals his tail.


The funny scene in the movie. or atleast I thought it was funny. There are many other funny scenes throughout the movie.

I wondered if this do happen in real life. Our court system is based off of evidence. If there are people who create evidence, people can manipulate the system.

Our villain fails in the end.


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