Three Must Watch Dramas That’s Airing in August

This month I am focusing back on Korean dramas.

I have been looking forward to every single one of these dramas to air and they all happen to air in August. So for the next month, I will definitely be so busy catching up on all these dramas.

If I had to choose one drama to watch, it would be Moon Lovers aka Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. The leads chosen for this drama has been highly debated and although I didn’t quite agree with the production team’s choice at first, I’ve come to accept the leads that were chosen after watching the trailer. I was actually scratching my head, thinking of who to substitute for the roles and couldn’t come up with anyone. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo stars milky skin IU and the always charismatic Lee Jun Ki (4th Prince). Supporting actors include Kang Ha Neul (8th Prince), Hong Jong Hyun (3rd Prince), Yoon Sun Woo (9th Prince) , Byun Baek Hyun (10th Prince), Nam Joo Hyuk (13th Prince) and , Ji Soo (14th Prince). Each prince has a different character and the way they interact with our heroine is based on their individual character.

I have been so excited for this remake and have been scouring the internet to see if I had missed any promotional posters. And it hurts even more when the production team were so stingy with their photo releases as they were only releasing one or two BTS photo at a time. I’ve compiled a long list of stills on my tumblr blog here.

This is one of the few dramas where Korea is remaking a Chinese drama and the producers made the correct decision in choosing this drama to remake.

Scarlet Heart was the Cdrama that started me on this unending thirst for Chinese costume and wu xia dramas. I used to have this bias where I felt Chinese dramas were lacking in quality and just weren’t as entertaining. However during my finals in my senior year of college, I caught my parents watching this. My parents are very selective about their dramas. They usually only watch TVB dramas so I was curious as to why they were watching this Chinese drama. I was instantly hooked and had to hold back myself from marathoning it. Right after my finals ended, I plowed through the drama, and like the rest of the Chinese community, I fell in love with all these C actors that I’ve never heard of before. It turned Kevin Cheng into a household name in China, revived Nicky Wu’s acting career and further solidified Cecilia Liu as an A-list actress. Many of their supporting actors went on to become leads in other dramas and there was a modern sequel made to satisfy fan’s thirst. That’s when you know a drama is successful.

Well back to the remake… the main storyline is about our heroine (IU) who is a modern day women that gets transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty. She tries to wake up from this horrible dream but to her dismal, she wasn’t able to get transported back to modern day. She uses her wits, knowledge of history and modern day life to stay alive in the palace where any misstep can cost her her life.  There, she meets the princes, forms great friendship, creates enemies, and also falls in love. She is caught in the midst of the prince’s rivalry for the fight for the throne.

Even if this remake turns out bad, I would still highly recommend watching the Chinese version.

Check out my favorite trailer below. You see more of our heroine’s character and this trailer is more romantic lighthearted version:


I’ve always wanted either Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Goo, or Lee Hyun Woo to star in a saeguk with Kim Yoo Jung but it never materialized. Well Park Bo Gum would do the trick. They look so cute together!!!!

Unlike Scarlet Heart, which I am thinking would lean towards melo/action, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is a romantic comedy about Kim Yoo Jung cross-dressing as a man in order to make a living by giving relationship advices. She meets Park Bo Gum who is the crown prince that falls for her but both doesn’t know each other’s identity. She ends up entering the palace as an eunuch and becomes entangled with the poet (Kwak Dong Yeon) who openly pursues her, B1A4’s Jinyoung who is Park Bo Gum’s nemesis, and Chae Soo Bin, the chosen Royal Consort for Park Bo Gum.

I am expecting this drama to be a nice bubbly cute and romantic drama. And that’s exactly how the drama is being portrayed in their BTS photos, posters, trailers and even at their press conference. There are smiles everywhere giggling emoticon.

Okay let’s switch to a modern drama for a change. Cinderella and Four Knights stars Park So Dam as our heroine who needs money to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. She enters into an agreement with the Chairman of Kang Enterprise who gives her a chance to live in his house with himself and his three grandson in order to earn money and escape from her wretched stepmother’s grasp. At the sky house , she meets the four knights:

Ahn Jae Hyun -a smooth talking playboy who believes he can woo any women.

Jung Ill Woo– a man who looks wild and rebellious but is lonely and sensitive on the inside.  He went from being an orphan to a chaebol overnight.

Lee Jung Shin– plays a popular singer and songwriter who is sweet and affectionate.

Choi Min playsthe chairman’s secretary and everyone’s bodyguard.

Son Na Eun plays a university student majoring in fashion design who has a crush on Ahn Jae Hyun and tries to get closer to him.

As you can tell so far, I absolutely love the Boy Over Flowers type of dramas- where all the guys circle around the girl. I know that the plot may be cliche and people are bored with it but who doesn’t want to become cinderella? I still fall for those rich man poor women type of dramas.

This started airing on August 12 and so far has positive reviews.

And as always, what are you watching currently?

thanks for reading,



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