The Choovely Family Becomes the Perfect Models For STL

STL has chosen the perfect models for their swim wear line. Which family can exude the cuteness, coolness and sexiness better than this family can. Their bright, cheery and active aura complements the bold multicolored prints designed by Keith Haring.

Just looking at these photos, I can feel the happiness and excitement for a day at the beach with the family.
 photo yano-shiho_1464923060_5.jpg
 photo yano-shiho_1464923040_4.jpg
 photo yano-shiho_1464922724_1.jpgYou’ve got the hot supermodel mama Yano Shiho, the strong and cool fighter papa Choo Sung Hoon and the bubble and adorably ball of energy Sarang. Which family can encompass all these traits better than the Choo family can?
 photo yano-shiho_1464923083_6.jpgThe one below is my favorite Sarang solo pic.
 photo yano-shiho_1464923099_7.jpg
 photo yano-shiho_1464923115_9.jpgAny other day if I saw this retro bubblegum pink rash guard, I wouldn’t even give it a second glance, but now that Yano Shiho has it on, it has changed the way I look at comic prints now.
 photo yano-shiho_1464923018_3.jpg

Heck I think the company is trying to conceal Sung Hoon‘s muscles to prevent him from looking too beastly to match the concept of the photoshoot.
 photo yano-shiho_1464922736_2.jpg

Knowing how active and energetic Sarang is in Superman Returns she can definitely rival the movement characters on her shirts and still have a ton of energy left over.
 photo yano-shiho_1464923108_8.jpg

I think after seeing the family modeling for these clothes, I am keeping my eye out for clothes with Keith Haring’s prints. The shirt that Sarang is wearing above, the more I look at it, the more I feel that it represents freedom. Keith Haring’s print not only makes these clothes colorful and interesting enough to wear, he transforms these clothes into an artwork that is filled with meanings. It’s giving me inspiration for what to wear on independence day that coming along not too far ahead.

Hope you enjoyed the photoshoot as much as I did.


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