Watch to Watch in June

Hello everyone. I know, it’s been 5 months since I last posted but sometimes life just takes over. I can’t tell you guys I’m back, but I’m still alive and would still love to continue posting.

I am a bit more active on my tumblr blog which gives me inspiration on what to watch next  and I also make GIFs from scenes in dramas that are memorable to me. So if you’re bored, you can find me there.

I just finished Imperial Doctress with Cecilia Liu and love it just as much as I thought I would. While watching this drama, teaser ads stuck at the end and beginning of the video for Huang Xuan‘s Hunter looked quite appealing. For one, he’s not playing the annoying second male lead that went haywire for a good second part of Imperial Doctress.

It’s funny because I absolutely hated Huang Xuan character and totally didn’t even want to  see his face in Imperial Doctress. However when the episode ended and the teaser of  his new detective drama, Hunter, comes out, I felt that he looked cool and immediately want to watch more of him. I wanted to post a video of the teaser but couldn’t find it anywhere and the teasers on youtube looked like crap so I made my own GIF.

Hunter (猎人) aired back in March and already finished its run. I may not watch it just yet but will certainly in the near future. I don’t know if there are any subs on this one but the raw of the entire series is up on youtube.

It’s funny how I said I don’t like Huang Xuan because the next drama I want to talk about is Les Interpretes (翻译官) starring Huang Xuan and Yang Mi. This is just one of those modern romantic series. Yang Mi plays a university student with a dream of becoming a famous French interpreter. Huang Xuan plays a cold but incredibly smart interpreter/Professor and he does not get along with Yang Mi. It started airing May 24 with a total of 41 episodes and airs nightly so there will be enough episodes for us drama hungry folks. This is Yang Mi’s first drama ever since she gave birth and she cut her hair for the role. The drama hired a French teacher to teach them how to speak French so there are no dubbing (thank god) and it’s their real voice.

Dramafever and other streaming websites have picked up the drama so you won’t have trouble finding subs for this one. Check out the trailer below.

Not much is going on in hkdramas but I did notice Lawrence Ng in the poster for Presumed Accidents (純熟意外).

 photo M4P7aWn3_04af02_c2x.jpg

He is paired with Sisley Choi which I don’t favor too much but the drama seems interesting. It’s an action/investigation sort of drama where Lawrence plays an affluent knowledgeable gentleman (like always) who joins Sisley Choi’s insurance company and realizes that all the accidents seemed to be controlled by an unknown figure. They try to figure out the truth behind the accidents and the secrets identities of people around them.

My vague translation of the trailer: Have you ever thought that accidents happened for a reason? If there’s a cause, there’s an effect. You can’t escape nor can you evade. If you can start over again, would the ending be the same? There are no IFs in this world, all outcomes are selected and can’t go back. All the accidents that happen, actually is all controlled.

 photo thumb_210277_573a75960d43f03.jpg

For those who are fans of Lay he’s appearing in a cdrama To Be A Better Man (好先生). Hong Lei (Lay’s costar in the hit variety show Go Fighting) is the main lead but all the photos that come up for the drama on tumblr is Lay. That’s the power of idols.

Hong Lei plays a top chef at a restaurant in Las Vegas but has a rotten temper and attitude. After his close friend pasts away he brings his ashes back home and tries to start his life over again.  Lay plays an assistant chef who begs Hong Lei to accept him as his pupil and also has a love line with Guan Xiao Tong.

 photo 573a7578485ac704_1920398_848593.jpg

Guan Xiao Tong, who I last saw in the Chinese version of Amazing race, plays Hong Lei’s deceased friend’s daughter. Maggie Jiang (My Best Ex GirlBoyfriend) plays female lead and is his highschool friend’s sister.

check out the trailer below:

For twdrama, my eyes are caught on Better Man (我的極品男友) which is about three brothers that have it all- goodlooks, brains and a stellar family background… except a smooth relationship.

 photo 81y8Jo74_4b6d2b_c2x.jpg
Lin Yo Wei plays the workaholic eldest brother. Tender Huang plays the middle brother that works in the entertainment industry and is also a fitness trainer. Jolin Chien is the youngest brother that has been given the position as the CEO of the family empire.

The series aired May 31 and rumor is that it has 90 episode O.o?

This is being subbed at viki.

For Jdrama, a lot of Matsumoto Jun fans are watching 99.9 Criminal Lawyer.

 photo 71NNKol1_bdc90c_c2x.jpg

However I will be watching Dias Police: Ihou Keisatsu which stars Matsuda Shota who plays a police that doesn’t speak much but has a warm heart and sense of justice. The story is based in Tokyo where Illegal immigrants create a secret organization to protect themselves.

There are a total of 20 episode and each are only 20 minutes long.

Two dramas that have already finished airing or close to finish that I want to watch

 photo 728da9773912b31b7eddcca28118367adbb4e18c.jpg

Magical Space-Time is a time traveling drama about a man (Jerry Jia) who has 10 chances to travel 10 years back for 10 minutes to the same spot he is standing in. While time traveling he finds out that he has misunderstood his ex (Ruby Lin) and wants to use his time traveling chance to save her. However he also meet (Xu Lu) and falls in love with her.

This aired back on April 27 with a total of 24 episode.

On the note of Ruby Lin, congrats to her on the announcement of being in a relationship with Wallace Huo. 🙂 ❤

For the month of June, I’m mainly centered around Cdrama as most other drama didn’t seem to be interesting to me. Another Miss Oh is the only kdrama that I find amusing. Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Eric Mun, it is about a women with the same name who has been mixed up with each other ever since elementary school. Eric Mun plays a man that can see the future.

There are mainly positive reviews for this one and I decided I had to watch it after seeing the tumblr post below.

Btw for those who like to watch HKdrama there is a new site TVB created : where you’ll be able to stream TVB drama. I tried it out yesterday and aside from one short ad in the beginning of the video, everything worked fine. There are no multiple ads and popups like some other legal sites. There is only a small selection of TVB dramas on there right now but I assume they will add more.

What are you guys most interested in watching or are currently watching for the month of June?

interpretes images credits to sina,baidu

To Be A Better Man image credits to sina

All the teaser videos and GIFs credit to their original uploader


2 thoughts on “Watch to Watch in June

  1. Hi there and welcome back!
    I have been randomly checking your blog to see if you were back and only just caught this XD
    Imperial Doctoress is on my list to watch, maybe after God of War Zhao Yun.
    I am not a fan of modern dramas, so will pass on Interpreter. Watched Love Me If You Dare which I found boring but at least I finished it (on FF) LOL

    I just realized, I am watching only 1 K Drama after I finish off Heaven’s Promise which is a daily XP
    Half watching another daily but other than that it is mostly C Dramas! *gasp* I still can’t believe that’s what is happening to me !
    Currently watching, Three Heroes and Five Gallants, Female Assassins in The Palace and finishing off Legend of Mi Yue and I dropped The Glamorous Imperial Concubine ! Hehehe

    BTW, did you finish Yunge?


    • I finished Yunge. The entire plot is built off of misunderstandings and towards the end lots of viewers did not like Angelababy’s character. Overall I liked it. There are lots of characters that would do anything for their loved ones. I guess that’s appealing to me. I couldn’t get pass the second episode of God of War. Eventhough Yoona is so pretty, the fight scenes were very long and lame. I am currently in the midst of To Be a Better Man and love it. I realized that all the drama reviews I’ve been writing on this blog have all been cdramas eventhough everyone knows I am a kdrama fanatic. I don’t know how that happened. And I’ve been paying more attention to cdrama releases. Problem with cdramas are most plots are too draggy. I stopped in the middle of Love Me If You Dare and found that it wasn’t as thrilling as expected and I finished Magical Space Time which I thought was okay. I definitely think Imperial Doctress is a must watch. But there are parts in there that I absolutely hated. My favorite character is the third male lead. Yeah you’ll understand when you watch it. I heard the beginning of interpreter was good but has a bad ending so I’m planning on skipping it. I’m definitely psyched for the upcoming Moon Lovers release. I didn’t hear about the Female Assassins coming out. I’ll look out for reviews on that one. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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