Ivy Chen and Cecilia Liu Spotted Wearing the Same Dress

I was scrolling through my fav blogger site and came across this pic of Ivy Chen at the Fashion Cosmo Gala.

I was thinking that the dress looked familiar. And then it dawned on me.

The only reason why this dress left such a huge impression in my mind was because I saw the dress on Cecilia Liu and I absolutely loved it on her. In fact, I loved all her outfits in that magazine spread that I had reblogged the photos on my tumblr and on my pinterest. Check out the rest of the outfits that Cecilia wore in the Grazia photoshoot on the streets of paris here.

This photo inspired me to add a slightly longer white skirt underneath my dresses that are too short. What a brilliant idea. When I first saw this photo, I thought that the white layer underneath the dress was a part of the dress to add more dimension. It’s wasn’t until I saw Ivy wearing the dress did I realize that the stylist for the photoshoot added a skirt underneath.

Prior to seeing Cecilia Liu wearing this dress, I would probably not even take a second glance at the dress. But after seeing how it looks on Cecilia, I am amazed at how she can tone down such a flowery dress and make it look casual yet refined and girly at the same time.

I didn’t even notice that they added a a circle patch right at the collar area. It looks like they just slapped a sticker right on there, however when I compared Ivy and Cecilia’s pics, it does look better with the “patch” on. Ivy looked like she was being swallowed up at the neckline while the “patch” added some additional detailing.

Because of all the filter and lighting in Cecilia’s photo, I couldn’t tell that the material was shiny and satiny which I feel is more difficult to wear. It makes the dress look more old-fashioned like the chinese quipao but it does make the dress look more formal. Bottom line is even if I happen to come across the dress, I would not be swooning over it, but I loved how it looked on Cecilia.

The dress definitely looked better on Cecilia.

What do you think?

Does anyone know who designed that dress?


4 thoughts on “Ivy Chen and Cecilia Liu Spotted Wearing the Same Dress

  1. Just a correction, the chinese traditional garb is called qipao 😀
    But on another note, thank you for this post! I’m going to get some plain skirts and start layering it under my short dresses too! 😀 I think white works in this particular dress because there are two vertical white lines on the dress itself. And I totally agree with you that Cecilia Liu wears this better than Ivy, Ivy looked like the dress is wearing her and not the other way round and I think it’s because she’s so tiny and her neck is also shorter than Cecilia. And from the lighting I think the circle thing Cecilia wears is a velvet brooch? And I am so in love with her makeup here, she looks so dreamy and feminine. ❤


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