Suzy and Rainie Yang Wears Same Dress with Completely Different Vibe

A couple days ago Suzy made headlines at the opening of Burberry’s Flagship Store in Seoul when she wore a pleated long red dress.

Fans praised her for her glowing skin and many said it was her best look ever.

For me, I don’t think that dress contributed to her beauty rather I felt it made her look more matronly. She looked good in it only because of her innate beauty. No matter what she would have worn, he glowing beauty would have elevated whatever she wore.

Btw, I absolutely loved her minimalistic glowing makeup at the event. Her glowing look changed my perceptions on matte lips.

Bottom line, I didn’t think that dress was her best outfit ever and I would never use that dress as an inspiration for my outfits.

Then I came across Rainie Yang wearing the same exact dress.

Although the only difference in styling was the shoes and necklace, I had a 180 degree change in opinion of the dress. Her short wispy hair made the dress look chic and cute. I suddenly felt that if I saw a dress similar too that, I would actually purchase it.

I think Suzy’s shoes looked better than Rainie’s but when paired with the dress, Rainie’s shoes gave it a more boho vibe, and the dress felt more like a casual fun dress to wear.

After putting up a side by side picture of them, I do feel that Suzy’s height makes the dress look better, but I  like the cute vibe from Rainie more than the sophisticated elegant vibe coming from Suzy which is weird because I generally prefer a more sophisticated type of styling.

Am I the only one who felt Rainie looked better than Suzy in that dress?

suzy’s pic from koreaboo,

Rainie’s pic from my tumblr


3 thoughts on “Suzy and Rainie Yang Wears Same Dress with Completely Different Vibe

  1. Rainie’s haircut fit the dress way more. The dress is too casual for a sophisticated event so didn’t fit with the vibe Suzy was giving


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