What to Watch in October and November

For the month of October and November, the majority of the dramas that I will be talking about have already started airing.

At this moment, I currently don’t have any dramas that I look forward to. However, that’s not to say that I am not addicted to any drama. I started to watch Yunge from the Desert when it started airing in september and I was instantly hooked. To my dismay, unlike other cdramas that air a collosal of episodes each week, it only airs 4 episodes each week. I am dying for the episodes to be released and because I don’t get to watch when I want to, I am getting so irritated which translates into negative energy for this drama. So far, the ratings for Yunge from the Desert has been lagging behind Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser due to the aggravating and dragging plot. The story is about two children who goes through life and death together. They promised to find each other when they grow up. However, they meet multiple times and due to many misunderstandings they are unable to recognize each other. I like other netizens are extremely annoyed at how the plot is progressing, however, I will not abandon this drama and will definitely continue watching because I am dying to find out how this couple when end up. Full synopsis of Yunge and more posters here.

I am currently recapping this series to mellow my thirst for this drama. Will put up episode 3 and 4 recaps soon.

Twenty Again stars Lee Sang Yoon and Choi Ji Woo and since I’m not a major fan of them, I decided to skip this. However there were quite a few frank and funny screencaps floating on tumblr and I think it’s quite interesting. The story revolves around a 38 year old housewife who missed out on college life when she got married. She decides to go to college when her son enters college and is caught between two professors- one is her first love and the other is her husband. Apink’s Naeun stars as her son’s girlfriend.

Twenty Again started airing late August and will wrap up by the end of this week. Perfect timing for me to marathon through it.

She Was Pretty. This is a romantic comedy about a rich and pretty girl and a unattractive boy with low-esteem who decidse to meet again when they are grownups. However, they undergo a reversal in appearance and fortune and the girl, ashamed of her appearance, asks her pretty friend to meet up with him. They ended up working at the same fashion magazine office where the boy is her superior. Not knowing that she is his childhood friend, he belittles and mistreats her due to her clumsiness. Things get complicated when her friend starts falling for the boy.

I admit it. It was pretty difficult to stomach Hwang Jung Eum’s sloppy appearance but to make up for it, the ever fashionable Go Jun Hee is also in this. Park Seo Jun plays the male lead and gets to rekindle his chemistry with Jung Eum from Kill Me Heal Me. Seeing a scruffy looking Choi Si Won is such a waste of his looks but I think he is the only one that can bring that much life into that character. He incorporates the perfect ratio of goofiness and sunshine. You’ll understand what I mean from the GIF below.

All in all I think this is just a nice romantic comedy with the perfect blend of visuals and star power. If I could only watch one drama for the next two month, it would be this one.

It’s not October if there’s nothing to spook you out. I sat through a couple episodes of Scream Queen and American Horror Story with Lady Gaga and they were nothing more than big-named stars casted to generate hype while the story is mainly just fluff. Village: Secret of Achiara with Moon Geun Young started airing October 7 and she plays an english teacher at a middle school who discovers a corpse on her first day of work. Everyone seems like a suspect and we are taken along her journey to unravel the mysteries in this village that is known for their low crime rate. I like mystery dramas like these because while we are watching, we get to use our deductive skills to try and figure out who the real murderer is.

what the trailer below:

So far reviews are saying that although there is no scene that’s outright frightening, but the build up of suspense and tension combined with the eerie soundtrack is what sends you over the edge. I am one of those that’s easily frightened. I will try to watch this during in broad daylight however, I am one of those that love to marathon through dramas in the middle of night so I already foresee myself crawling under the covers in fear but still dying to watch this.

While browsing through the recaps of this drama, I was delighted to find child actress Ahn Seo Hyun in this drama. She has always played a bratty but clever type of child in dramas like Baby Faced Beauty, Dream High and Golden Rainbow. It seems like she is playing a character with a similar personality but she definitely looks much older now.

When I first heard about Moon River, I immediately thought- wow what a meteor garden copycat. They decided to release this, changing some element and call it a different name so they don’t have to give royalty to the original writer. However, I heard amazing reviews and started watching it myself and although there are a lots of similarities, it’s such a funny drama with tons of jealousy going on. It shouldn’t be called a romance, jealousy should be a category. Everyone is jealous and envious of each other.

Storyline is about a country pumpkin played by Pets Tseng who gets a scholarship to a prestigious college that only the wealthy and top 1% can get into due to her martial arts championships. Because of her righteous personality and her immunity to taking hints, she gets entangled with the big shots on the campus after trying to help out her childhood friend. No matter what tricks they do to try and get her expelled from the college, she stubbornly pulls through each one. Soon, the campus’ main leader played by Sam Lin starts falling for her.

Yes, it may sound very cliche but trust me, this is currently my most favorite drama of the moment. It hits the right area with the perfect mix of romance, comedy and cute boys. I am currently watching this with low quality streams since it’s the only thing I can find but that hasn’t stopped me from watching it and that’s saying a lot. BTW, don’t watch the trailer because it made me want to press the skip button. For some reason chinese producers love to create horrible trailers that make their drama look unappealing or is too long (and that I mean like a 25 min trailers).

5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made or From 5 to 9. The romantic comedy is based off of the popular manga with the same title. It’s about a part-time english teacher who doesn’t have much luck with love. However it all changes when she accidentally pours a bowl of ash all over a handsome Tokyo University graduate monk at a funeral service. She figures she will never meet him again but she ends up meet him again at a matchmaking session that was set up by her mother.

Netizens who have read the manga has commented that the manga was a “train-wreck” and a story that has gone all wrong. The monk is a control freak and one manga reader said that he/she want the girl to end up with a good guy and not the monk. However people who have watched the drama have fallen head over heals for it. I was was keeping an eye out for this drama since Ishihara Satomi and Yamashita Tomohisa is in this and was afraid it might be boring but judging by the positive reviews so far, I am definitely jumping on the bandwagon. The subs for episode 1 of this drama has already been released which is mighty fast in terms of Japanese drama and might indicate just how popular this drama is. However, let’s cross our fingers and hope the subbers continue to sub the entire drama since it has happened in the past for dramas like Strawberry Night that I couldn’t finish because I couldn’t find subs for the rest of it and Yamapi’s recent drama Flowers for Algernon which I couldn’t start because it’s still in the midst of subbing.

If you dig school setting dramas, Sassy Go Go starring Jung Eun Ji and Lee Won Guen would be just right for you. Eun Ji plays a cheerleader that is popular because of her sunny personality. But when she transfers to an elite school that only focuses on grades, she feels like an outcast because of her less-than-stellar grades.

So far, there has been lots of netizens squealing and falling for the pretty boys in this drama. Aside from Lee Won Guen there is also Ji Soo, who I last saw from Angry Mom, and Vixx’s N.

I am skipping this drama, for now, because my hands are full, but will definitely return to this when I am in the mood for a romantic school-themed drama.

Kekkonshiki no zenjitsu ni aka The Day Before The Wedding. It stars Karina who at first glance, looks like a woman that has everything. She is the project leader of a top real estate company and is engaged to a doctor. However everything starts crumbling down as she is diagnosed with brain cancer and her prognosis is unknown. Because of this, she has second thoughts about marrying because of her disease and because her fiance’s mother opposed their marriage due to a difference in social status. On top of all the drama that has been happening, her mother who she has not seen in the last 28 years suddenly barges back into her life. She is described as an unconventional women and even though the mother and daughter clashes a lot a first, the mother soon becomes the daughter’s hope to live.

One thing that japanese does best is evoking raw emotions. This one is definitely a heartwarming drama and I am watching it to see how the mother and daughter comes to understand each other.

update: so I totally forgot about this one and I had to add this after I posted it.

Love Me, If You Dare is a romantic crime thriller adapted from the novel 他来了请闭眼 by Ding Mo and stars Wallace Huo as a criminal psychologist and Ma Sichuan as his assistant. This one is supposed to send your heart on fire as your watch them solve mysterious and violent criminal cases. I haven’t seen anyone in this drama yet but have heard of Wallace’s name in many occasions. I have yet to see a crime thriller/mystery/police show where the investigators dresses such immaculately. Usually they are all beaten up trying to pinpoint where the criminal is or are pulling their hair out from all the stress. This time around, our professor drives a nice luxury car with immaculately gelled hair, freshly ironed suits, and a nice pair of sunglasses to finish his look off. The aura from this one seems like an action-packed, thriller with added visuals and a nice romantic storyline to get audience glued to the screen.

Checkout the riveting trailer below:

It started airing October 15 and will air 2 episodes each week. I am definitely waiting until all the episodes are out before I start this because a nice thriller with a great love story is definitely going to get me spellbound. Viki already has the first two episodes subbed so for those who need subtitles, this one will not be an issue since fans seem to really like this one.

And now onto the one drama that has yet to be aired.

Bubblegum starring Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won is slated to air on Oct 26. This drama marks their 12 years reunion since being in Do The Right Thing. I haven’t watched that drama so I can’t comment on it but judging from the teasers, I am getting good vibes from this couple. I feel like they suit each other very well.

Lee Dong Wook plays a director of an oriental medicine hospital who treats his mother dearly and is great friends with Jung Ryeo Won. So basically he is everyone’s dream man that has a warm personality, treats his friends and family nicely and has a successful career. Jung Ryeo Won plays the producer of a radio station and has a painful mental scar from her past. She and Lee Dong Wook has been best friends since childhood.

I love Jung Ryeo Won after watching her in King of Dramas and History of a Salaryman. Lee Dong Wook’s dramas are either hits or misses for me so this drama can go either way. However I think I would like this drama because it seems like a bestfriends-turned-lover type of story and I totally dig those.

Upcoming movies that I am interested in:

Collective Invention starring Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee. It is about the rise and fall in popularity of a fish-man mutant that becomes a media sensation overnight because of his peculiarity.

The reason I am watching this is solely for Lee Kwang Soo. Need I say more? See kwangsoo bts transforming into his role in a previous post  here.

The Witness starring Luhan and Yang Mi is slated to air October 30. This is the remake of korean movie Blind originally played by Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Ha Neul. It’s about two witnesses who work together to find the murderer. However, one of the witness, played by Yang Mi, is blind.

I have not watched Blind but the trailer for this crime thriller just excites me. The character posters for the movie is quite riveting.

The uploader request not to re-upload the trailer so you can watch the english subbed trailer here.

Go La La Go 2 premieres November 11. Without even knowing what this movie is about, I already decided I would watch this. Why? because it stars Vic Zhou, and reunites Ariel Lin with Chen Bolin, after their hit drama In Time With You, and for extra visuals, they have Afterschool’s NaNa. However this time around Chen Bolin plays the third wheel as he stands in the way of Vic and Ariel who were planning to get married.

This is just a nice romantic comedy with lots of visual and chemistry exploding.

check out trailer below

Law of Jungle Nicaragua special with Got7’s Jackson, EXID‘s Hani, Girl’s Day‘s Minah, VIXX‘s N, g.o.d‘s Kim Tae Woo, former basketball player Hyun Joo Yeob, UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun, actor Choi Woo Sik, and actor Jo Han Sun.

I am watching this solely because of Jackson. This guy knows exactly what to say at press conferences and interviews to attract your attention and he does certain things that makes viewers fall for him.

I have been enjoying Law of the Jungle after watching the season with Uee in it however there’s isn’t a lot of seasons subbed. And for this trip, fans of Jackson have already subbed his cuts, however just because I am a fan of Jackson doesn’t mean I only want to watch him. Team effort and the interactions among the members surviving in the jungle is what makes the show interesting and heartwarming. Subbers if you can, please sub the entire episodes. Pretty pretty please, I can wait a little longer.

What are you currently watching and what are looking forward to watching?

thanks for reading

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4 thoughts on “What to Watch in October and November

  1. Still no luck finding Yunge subbed 😦
    Thanks for the list of dramas, I will look forward to Love me If You Dare for sure now 🙂
    I don’t normally watch T Dramas or Movies but might do Go La La from the preview I saw, Ariel sure looks sexy!
    Skipping all the Korean ones, I was looking forward to Village but saw one episode and thought MGY expressions are like I am watching Cheonmgdamdong Alice? It’s on KIV now LOL

    I am currently watching Hua Xu Yin, Heroes of Sui & Tang Dynasty, My Beautiful Bride and Cheo Yong Season 1
    Will keep an eye out for Laws of the Jungle, I find Jackson pretty natural in variety since Roomate days


    • I am watching My Beautiful Bride too. On episode 3. I see you’re a fan of historical costume, wuxia dramas. Are any of them good? I was desperately looking for a historical drama with romance when there weren’t enough episode of Yunge for me.


      • I did not mention I zoom through first 5 episodes of My Beautiful Bride in one evening? Hehe
        The action sure is good 🙂
        Yes, I much prefer Historical and wuxia dramas, I am only at episode 6 of Hua Xu Yin at the moment, watching it from cable TV takes a longer time but I am grateful for cable since its subbed 🙂
        I read there’s a lot of angst coming up but I like one of the characters who’s the female general, her story is so sad but I love her!
        I am guessing Yunge is not getting subbed due to lack of fans?
        Actually, the best romance in a historical/wuxia, and my drama buddy agrees is Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, I rewatch that drama quite frequently from episode 1 itself ! So many cute, sweet moments and the skinship? never seen so much in a drama before!
        The drama has 2 parts, first 25 episodes is the best imo, so I only watch them
        Ohh, the leads are fantastic, Zanilla and Qi Ji !

        Let me know if you do watch it 🙂


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