“Collective Invention” Releases the Behind The Scenes Process of Lee Kwang Soo turning into a Fish-Man Mutant

Lee Kwang Soo’s new movie “Collective Invention” starring Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee, releases a teaser showing him being plastered up for the special fish face mask. Lee Kwang Soo plays a fish-man mutant that becomes a star overnight but with the popularity also comes with backlash. It’s said that mask itself is 8 kilograms and he could not open his eyes and must remain still throughout the process of being plastered.

I am quite mesmerizes by this process as his whole head is being entirely covered in this strange pink substance. As I am watching this, I am wondering if he has difficulty breathing. I wonder what the hazards are associated with being plastered. It reminds me of the plastering process where Tiffany Tang was transformed into a 200 pound lady in the cdrama Diamond Lovers which I blogged about here.

While half his face was being plastered and you could still see his face, I thought, OMG he really does look like a fish. The production team casted him perfectly for this role.

There were news of Park Bo Young praising Lee Kwang Soo’s professionalism as there were many scenes where they didn’t need Kwangsoo to be personally around but he chose to do the scenes himself. Like when they needed a shot of his hand, many actors would just use a body double however, Kwangsoo decided to stand for those scenes himself.

Lee Kwang Soo isn’t popular because of nothing. He is dedicated to his work and provides lots of fan service.

The movie is also said to contain lots of childhood pics of Lee Kwang Soo.  My favorite one is the top one where he has his eyes close. He looks exactly like he did when he was young.

Check out the posters and trailer for this movie below:

The movie is planned to be released October 22 according to wiki.

I am so excited for this, however, we’re probably not going to see much of his face.

teasers credits to their respective owner.

poster credits to soompi


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