Trailer and Stills for Kris Wu’s New Movie “Mr Six” Released

So I am not a major fan of Kris Wu especially with the issue with SM. However after seeing the trailer below, I became interested. This role was made for him. He looked so badass and cool in as a gangster. There is a reason why they say guys that aren’t bad don’t attract girls. Check out the character trailers below:

Synopsis: Mr Six aka Liu Ye (Feng Xiaogang) was a respectable and mighty gangster in his days. However, times have past and he now takes cares of minor matters and lives his days calmly. One day, Mr. Six finds out that his rebellious son Xiao Bo (Li Yifeng) got into a dispute with Xiao Fei (Kris Wu) the leader of a new generation of drag racing gangsters. In order to save his son, he steps out and tries to settle with Xiao Fei using a set of rules from his days. However, he discovers that he no longer holds standing in the eyes of the newer generation and nor do they care about the traditional rules. What is left is the showdown between the outdated and the newer generation of gang leaders.

I am eager to watch this because Kris Wu has this arrogant cold face that fits so well in being the leader of a gang. I got this feeling from him when I first saw EXO showtime. While all the members where chowing on fried chicken, he abstained from eating, saying chicken wasn’t his style. I think because he gives off this cold snotty image is the reason why he received the most flak after he left SM. He just has this face that makes people say he is a betrayer. But I think this image works to his advantage because this style suits him well and his performance is perfectly captivating in that 60 second trailer. Some netizens hate his hair, but I like that platinum blond hair; it suits his look and brings out his wild streak.

When they mentioned that Li Yifeng is in this movie, I was so aggravated that I didn’t see a speck of him in the trailers. He plays Mr. Six’s rebellious son that gets abducted and judging by the reviews, he deserves it so I am not expecting the sweet caring character he usually plays. However, I feel like producers are neglecting him. Granted, he is not the lead but he has a fair share of fans too. Although I am loving the stills of Kris so far, I want to see some more stills of Li Yifeng too.

We always hear of actors becoming directors but it is rarely the case the other way around. Feng Xiaogang is the exception. He has directed many movies and has made cameo appearances in many popular movies like “In the Heat of the Sun”, “Kung Fu Hustle” and “Let the Bullets Fly” but this is the first movie where he plays the lead role. From the reviews, it’s said that the role he plays can be replaced by many other actors but the thought of a director, who is used to telling others what he wants, is personally expressing those feeling himself makes his participation more intriguing.

This reminds me of the scene with Won Bin in The Man from Nowhere and after he shaves of his hair, he turns into a completely different person. I think this has the same concept. I wonder where they got their inspiration from?

I was wondering whether he would influence the directing but he said at a press conference that he is a newbie in the world of acting and that he will only think about his performance as an actor and not as a director. As for whether he likes being an actor or director more, he says that he prefers being a director.

I love this still. Lots of elderly men likes to take strolls with their hands behind their back. But this posture on an ice rink? And how often do you see an older man on an ice rink. This still just makes me feel that he has seen a lot in his life and everything to him is nothing spectacular. I still fear falling face first on an ice rink but to him, its just a casual stroll.

Mr Six was selected as the closing film for the 72nd Venice Film Festival. The movie isn’t just about a fight between two gang leaders, it also focuses on the differences between the past values and modern perspectives. There are many scenes set in Beijing’s narrow alleyway to remind viewers of the suburban towns in Northern China that were torn down for modern day city redevelopment. It allows a chance for viewers to reflect on modern day changes.

I understand the theme behind this movie. I am categorized as the new generation of people that will make up society. I find that certain views and perspectives of the newer generation is radically different than the past generation. Let’s take gay marriage for an example. My parents detests the thoughts of gay marriage, says that it goes against normal of course of life, and says people are crazy these days. However I have read on blogs about this matter and many agree that even though the newer generation may not be gay, the younger generation is more acceptive of gay marriage. Likewise does anyone remember the big incident where veteran singer Jenny Tsang criticized pop hong kong singer G.E.M for being rude and disrespectful? Of course, I have no idea what actually happened but Jenny Tsang has always been a diva herself and anything that slightly annoys her, with her status and power in the entertainment business, she can definitely make a big deal out of it. Yet again, G.E.M also has her own share of negative press and rumors for being disrespectful. I felt that the incident can go either way and probably both was at fault. However when my parents heard the news, they were quick to bash GEM for being disrespectful and insolent and even said millennials these days are all like that.

check out more stills and posters below:

I am curious as to how the movie will make viewers, old and young, think about values and traditions. Will young people rethink the word “respect” next time they meet an elder? Will the older generation be more acceptive of new changes?

photos above from douban

Mr Six is set to hit theaters December 24.

I will update this post with more news and stills if I come across more news on tumblr.

How do you like Kris’ platinum hair?

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more info on movie @variety1, variety2, yibada


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