Ariel Lin in a Frida Kahlo Inspired Photoshoot for Elle Taiwan

I had always thought that Ariel Lin was just another one of those actress that got lucky. Ever since I came across the hit taiwanese drama “In Time With You”, my respect and appreciation for Ariel Lin as an actress grew.

She is able to instill the the proper amount of attitude and feeling into the characters that she is playing. In the September photoshoot for Elle Taiwan, she completely transforms herself into the strong-personalitied mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

The photoshoot takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s self portraits and her use of bold vivid colors.

Ariel Lin was flown to Cannes where the photoshoot took place in a private garden. The garden  was filled with history and made her feel like she was transported into the past where a young maiden would rest in the patio during the afternoon.

In her interview for ElleTV she says that people can easily find photos of the beautiful landscape of Cannes however, her appearance might pique others interest more. She was referencing her over-the-top flower headpiece.

Check out the rest of the photos and her ELLETV interview below:

Ariel has on a sheer crop top and pleated skirt from Gucci’s F/W collection. In the picture, she looks like she is taking a moment of her time to bask in the sunlight but in reality she felt that the sun’s rays were a bit to strong and it was quite a hot day.

Ariel lies down on the shrubs with a romantic white lace layered dress from Valentino’s 2015-16 F/W Collection. It looks wearable in the photo, but if you see a pic of the dress online, it’s extremely sheer.

She has on a black laced Valentino Gown from their 2015-16 F/W collection and Cartier Etourdissant rings and bangle.

What do you think about this Frida Kahlo inspired photoshoot?

photos from sina

more info on elletw


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