Yunge From the Desert Starts Airing in Mid-September

Yunge From The Desert (大汉情缘之云中歌) starring Angelababy has been slated to air after Journey of the Flower. On Baidu it says it will air on September 13 but on tumblr the rumor is that it will air on the 15th. So I have no idea what the exact airing date is but it is pretty soon.

Yunge From the Desert aka ( Love Yunge From the Desert , Yun Zhong Ge, Song in the Clouds, 大汉情缘之云中歌)

Episodes: 45

Synopsis (from wiki.d.addicts): During the Western Han Dynasty, an eight-year-old Emperor Zhao of Han ( meets a girl Huo Yunge (daughter of Huo Qubing (Wei Wu Ji) and Jin Yu from Sound of the Desert) who rescued him from the cold of the desert. Ten years later, Huo is now a beautiful young woman, who could not forget the boy she saved. However, she mistook Emperor Liu Xun as Emperor Liu Fu Ling. Yunge helplessly watched him marry Xu Pingjun. The heartbroken Huo later meets a handsome Meng Jue, only later to find herself embroiled in a power struggles within the imperial palace.

This drama is an adaption of Tong Hua’s novel “Yun Zhong Ge” which is the sequel to “Sound of Desert”. I absolutely loved the drama adaption of Sound of Desert so I couldn’t pass this one up. Sound of Desert was practically the drama that converted me into chinese drama lover so I definite recommend everyone to watch it.

This is Angelababy’s first drama. I find her absolutely stunning in photos but I don’t find her acting to have much depth. I was wavering whether to watch it or not after seeing her casted but after seeing all those pretty stills and Yang Rong’s striking presence, I decided to watch it.

It’s funny how I don’t know any of the male leads. The only one that I’ve heard of is Chen Xiao but I haven’t seen anything that he’s in yet.

The Main Cast and their character descriptions are below.


Angelababy as Yun Ge

She is an orphan in the desert. She has a lively character and is an amazing cook. She desires a faithful love. Even though she has experienced a lot of hardships in her life, she still extends a helping hand to those who need help and gives hope to others. She loves Liu Fu Ling.



Du Chun as Meng Jue

He is interested in a wide range of literature, arts, calligraphy and medicine. He’s a genius doctor and knows acupuncture and poison treatment after years of learning from his foster father. Because he witnessed his family member’s tragic death, he grows up emotionless and keeps his feeling to himself. He also doesn’t like to explain himself even if that means he is misunderstood. He passionately loves one person.



Lu Yi as Liu Fu Ling , Emperor Zhao Of Han aka Ling Ge Ge

He ascended the throne when he was eight. He is a young, smart and a capable ruler that properly manages his subordinates. He has been constantly searching for a person he met in the desert. He believes in everlasting love.




Chen Xiao as Liu Xun, Emperor Xuan of Han

He has an unfortunate childhood and grew up with the commoners. He has the talent of governing a country. After he ascended the throne, under his ruling, the country entered a golden age. He and his wife Xu Ping Jun loved each other dearly.




Yang Rong as Huo Cheng Jun

She was born in the Huo family and was respected and treated well. Her love for Meng Jue turned into hatred which fueled her vengence.





When I was scanning the cast list when writing this post, I noticed that my fav c-actress Zhao Yi Ling is listed as a guest star. When I first saw the stills a couple months ago, I was thinking that a side-character looked just like Zhao Yi Ling and it turns out it really is her. She plays Bai He who is a friend of Liu Fu Ling and has medical knowledge.

Bao Bei Er who I know from the popular chinese variety show “Hurry Up Brother” plays Liu He who is Meng Jue’s sworn brothers. His character is described as a carefree person that always has a smile on his face. Everyone calls him eldest prince. He is Han Emperor Fei, the 9th Emperor of the Western Han Dynasty but he is also the emperor with the shortest time of reign.

When I first saw the early trailers, I found the drama a bit too colorful, but I guess it’s better than the dull greyness in the Twilight movies. Check out the trailer below.

It’s said that the team invited award winning designer, Wu Baoling to join the team and each main lead has 20 different outfits.

Yang Rong was initially chosen to play the role of Empress Xu Ping Jun but after reading the script, she liked the role of Empress Cheng Jun more and decided to take on the challenge in playing her.

Theme song 絲蘿 Silk by Chris Lee

Ending Song 雲天外 by Lu Yi

update: 9/14 Angelababy’s ending theme song 綠羅裙. She sings and wrote the lyrics for it

I just figured out how to embed tumblr posts on this site. It saves so much time. Check out the plethora of colorful stills below.

couple pairing stills

more pretty stills of Angelababy

Behind the scenes photos

I’ve skipped Journey of the Flower because I didn’t want to put myself through the horrible CGs. I am also skipping Nirvana in Fire that will air shortly because I don’t want to see a sickly Hu Ge. (had enough of that in Sound of Desert. I want to see a charismatic Hu Ge) Smiley

So I just started watching the series raw on letv. The first couple episode had pretty good quality but the most recent episode didn’t allow high quality. I am addicted to it so far. Episode 1 wasn’t that great but I am on ep 6 and I am so eager to know will happen.

Let me know if Journey of the Flower or Nirvana in Fire is good.

Which wuxia/historical drama will you be watching?

info translated originally from baidu.

If you want to take out my translations please link back to me

pics from sina , baidu or listed on pic


12 thoughts on “Yunge From the Desert Starts Airing in Mid-September

  1. Holy crap, thanks for sharing!!! I didn’t know that angelababy was coming out with a drama so soon in ten days!!! She looks absolutely stunning, so I’m so excited to watch it, even though I don’t really recognize the male leads, or find them attractive. Hopefully it’ll be an interesting plotline (and hopefully they don’t dub over her voice with an annoying high pitched one like they always do).


  2. I am so excited to find your write up! A newly converted C Drama addict ( since May this year ) I love Sound of Desert, and my drama buddy just tweeted me about this one!
    Both of us are excitedly waiting for it to get subbed and watch
    Like you, I have no clue who are the actors here except for Chen Xiao who I saw in Swordsman!

    I am a fan of Zhao Li Ying, so will try to watch Journey of Flower, I know, I read a lot of negatives about it but let’s see if I can finish it 🙂
    Nirvana is on my list to watch too, but imo a sickly Hu Ge is better than a crazy one aka Chinese Paladin 3 which too me was really crappy, same with Xuan Yuan Sword! Dropped them

    Will you watch this and recap?


    • So jealous that you have a drama buddy. None of my friends have time for dramas and my sister likes american tv shows. Since I couldn’t talk about dramas with anyone I started blogging to discuss dramas with the rest of the world.

      I will definitely watch it, as for the recap, it depends on how much I like the drama. If I am totally obsessed with the drama, I will write recaps just to reminds myself of all the minuscule details that happen.

      happy drama watching 🙂


    • That’s what I thought originally because that was the case for the last couple cdramas I’ve seen, however after a bit of searching they are only airing two episodes every Sun and Mon. A bit of a disappointment because I was used to cdrama releasing 2 episodes daily. I guess I am going to wait awhile before starting this.


      • I just Google search it and find chinese sites to watch it because I find chinese sites have the highest resolution. When I start the drama I’ll upload a link. I know a tiny bit of mandarin so I usually just watch the raw. I’m not sure if it’s being subbed.


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    • Sorry for the late reply. I never received a notification. No. Even if you watch them both you would never guess that they are sequels. I would definitely recommend Sound of Desert over Yunge because of the romantic plot and the charismatic General Wei Wu Ji. Once you watch it, you will find NO ONE can play the role as good as Eddie Peng. The plot in Yunge is basically a train wreck where it’s all built on misunderstandings but I personally am a huge fan of Angelababy so I continued to watch it.


  4. The drama has too many annoying repeated events of Yunge longing for Ling Gege. Yes, I got the message but to keep repeating that messge every episodes is annoying. Further the childish attempt by the writter to drag the story by preventing Yunge and Ling to realise that they are childhood sweetheart with lame excused are just plain lame. Poorly thought off. This show that the writer is ignorant or just plain naive or just lack of ideas.


    • Chinese dramas over 50 usually drag it out and they have repeated flashback that take over nearly half the episode. This drama is no exception. Princess agents and nothing gold can stay started out interesting but got boring in the end. However I still enjoyed them.


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