SHESMISS Releases Photos of Jun Ji Hyun Modeling for their Fall Winter Collection

Last spring, I posted the SHESMISS 2015 S/S trenchcoat collection that Jun Ji Hyun modeled for here.

She is back modeling for the SHESMISS’s 2015 F/W collection and she makes the coats looks elegant and classy.

SHESMISS recently released a video of the photoshoot and her photos on their website.

Check out my favorite outfits below.

While watching korean dramas, I always drool over the bags and makeup that the actresses wear.  But one thing that I covet the most is a nice warm timeless and elegant winter coat. Even the side character has on a luxurious coat and I can’t seem to find similar styles in America.

These coats that Jun Ji Hyun is wearing has a more mature feel. YESSE recently released their F/W Collection that Nam Bo Ra models for that I find has a younger vibe but is still classy and elegant. Check out the photos that Nam Bo Ra models for here and here.

What item did you go crazy for after seeing it on TV?

See more photos of Jun Ji Hyun for the 2015 F/W Collection at @SHESMISS

all pics and video from the SHESMISS website


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