Yunge From the Desert Episode 1 Recap and First Impression

So after reading an article saying that netizens are complaining about the ugly male leads, I decided to take a look. Honestly, it was very difficult to keep waiting for the episodes to come out since I was used to chinese dramas being released daily. So I decided to watch the episodes that are already out and if I hated it, I would stop thinking about it. I went into this drama with poor expectations because it didn’t make the top 10 drama ranking however I am now on episode six and I am sadly proclaiming that I am addicted. (FYI Hu Ge’s drama The Disguiser ranked number 1) I am writing the first episode recap of Yunge From the Desert because I can’t get this drama out of my head. Continue reading

Trailer and Stills for Kris Wu’s New Movie “Mr Six” Released

So I am not a major fan of Kris Wu especially with the issue with SM. However after seeing the trailer below, I became interested. This role was made for him. He looked so badass and cool in as a gangster. There is a reason why they say guys that aren’t bad don’t attract girls. Check out the character trailers below:

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Ariel Lin in a Frida Kahlo Inspired Photoshoot for Elle Taiwan

I had always thought that Ariel Lin was just another one of those actress that got lucky. Ever since I came across the hit taiwanese drama “In Time With You”, my respect and appreciation for Ariel Lin as an actress grew.

She is able to instill the the proper amount of attitude and feeling into the characters that she is playing. In the September photoshoot for Elle Taiwan, she completely transforms herself into the strong-personalitied mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

The photoshoot takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s self portraits and her use of bold vivid colors. Continue reading

Yunge From the Desert Starts Airing in Mid-September

Yunge From The Desert (大汉情缘之云中歌) starring Angelababy has been slated to air after Journey of the Flower. On Baidu it says it will air on September 13 but on tumblr the rumor is that it will air on the 15th. So I have no idea what the exact airing date is but it is pretty soon.

Yunge From the Desert aka ( Love Yunge From the Desert , Yun Zhong Ge, Song in the Clouds, 大汉情缘之云中歌)

Episodes: 45

Synopsis (from wiki.d.addicts): During the Western Han Dynasty, an eight-year-old Emperor Zhao of Han ( meets a girl Huo Yunge (daughter of Huo Qubing (Wei Wu Ji) and Jin Yu from Sound of the Desert) who rescued him from the cold of the desert. Ten years later, Huo is now a beautiful young woman, who could not forget the boy she saved. However, she mistook Emperor Liu Xun as Emperor Liu Fu Ling. Yunge helplessly watched him marry Xu Pingjun. The heartbroken Huo later meets a handsome Meng Jue, only later to find herself embroiled in a power struggles within the imperial palace. Continue reading

SHESMISS Releases Photos of Jun Ji Hyun Modeling for their Fall Winter Collection

Last spring, I posted the SHESMISS 2015 S/S trenchcoat collection that Jun Ji Hyun modeled for here.

She is back modeling for the SHESMISS’s 2015 F/W collection and she makes the coats looks elegant and classy.

SHESMISS recently released a video of the photoshoot and her photos on their website.

Check out my favorite outfits below. Continue reading