Celebrities At the 17th Huading Award China Top 100 TV Series Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony

I was surfing around chinese entertainment website when I came across some red carpet event. It turns out it’s the 17th Huading Award for the Top 100 China TV Series Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony that was held on Aug, 9 2015 in Shanghai.

What made me decide to post these pics was that I loved a lot of the dresses that the actresses wore. They all looked lovely and seemed like dresses that I would actually put on. Usually there are other bloggers that I follow that comments on red carpet events but since no one posted anything, I decided to post it up. It was mostly pastels and black colors that dominated the event. Check out the pics of the actors and actresses on the red carpet below:

Joe Chen with a strapless sky blue dress and nicely placed ruffles to keep the dress from looking too plain. I didn’t like that red and blue clutch she was holding on to. It didn’t match her outfit.

Tiffany had on a sleek black strapless dress with a tiny bit embellishment on the top.

For some reason, I really liked Michelle’s lilac dress. It’s nothing extraordinary but her pose and the way it flared out on her makes her look divine.

Channeling the Audrey Hepburn look

A sweet off-the-shoulder lilac dress

This is one of the more peculiar dress of the night with a multitude of color.

Is it me or does Aarif look like a statue here? I thought it was the revealing of his wax figure at Madam Tassaud’s Museum. Still, he looks dashing.

Ron looks like his tux and pants are too small for him.

Angie with her husband Melvin Wong. At 60, she still looks amazing in that skin-tight mermaid dress.

Congrats to the winners. Below are pics of the actors and actresses receiving their awards.

Best Male actor for Ancient period drama – Aarif Lee in The Empress of China

Best Female actress for Ancient period drama- Michelle Chen in Condor Heroes

Best Male actor for Modern period drama- Yang Shuo in Woman in a family of swordsman

Best Female actress for Modern period drama-Joe Chen in Cruel Romance

I liked this dress more than the dress she walked on the red carpet with. It’s a nice nude colored dress with red dashes scattered all over it. It’s quite interesting and looks like a work of art as the dashes are closer together near her waist and more spread out as you move away from the center.

Best Female actress for Contemporary drama-Tiffany Tang in My Sunshine

I absolutely hated this one shoulder dress on Tiffany. It looked like one of those one-size-fits-all graduation gowns.

Tiffany tears up while receiving her award

Chinese television series Outstanding Achievement Award- Angie Chiu

Best Male lead for the Top 100 television series- Tong Da Wei in Tiger Mom

The print is a bit dizzying but he manages to pulls it off.

Best Female lead for the Top 100 television series- Zhou Xun in Red Sorghum

She has on one of the prettiest dress of the night. The whole dress is encrusted with beads and studs. But the most interesting part is the gradation of color as you go down the dress. It goes from a white color, to a peach color and finally to a blue color.

Best Female supporting actress for the Top 100 television series- Jiang Shu Ying in A Servant of Two Masters

Best Newcomer for the Top 100 television series- Yang Le in May-December Love

So proud of him. 

Best Screenplay for the Top 100 television series-Li Xiao, Yu Miao- for May-December Love

Best Director for the Top 100 television series- Zheng Xiao Long for Red Sorghum

Best Producer for the Top 100 television series- Huang Lan in Tiger Mom

Viewer’s favorite star- Gong Han lin, Dong Wei Jia, Li Mayfair, Ron Ng

I didn’t know Ron was active in China. The only thing that I’ve heard of him in is the soon-to-air My Best Ex-boyfriend.

Others winners

Best Male actor for Contemporary drama-Yu He Wei in Next station Marriage

Best Male supporting actor for the Top 100 television series- Guo Kai Min in Next Station is Marriage

Best Production Agency for the Top 100 television series- Shinih Media

Whose dress was your most favorite?

If you search 17th Huading Award in google images, you will see a clearer image of the dresses at gettyimages. However, I am afraid of getting backlash from posting those images without paying for them, so I will only refer you to look at it on their website.

credits to sina for original article

credits to sina1, sina2 for pictures to the event


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