What to Watch in August and September

There were lots of surprises and disappointments in the dramas for the last two month, but that’s okay, because there are lots more to come in the future.

I am mostly a drama watcher and tend to stray away from movies however, there are lots of movies that I have been keeping an eye on that’s hitting the theaters soon. So let’s check them out.

First off is Time To Love. This is the movie remake of the 2011 hit chinese time-travel series Scarlet Heart that revived the career of Nicky Wu, and boosted Cecilia Liu and Kevin Cheng into immense popularity in China. They have now turned the series into a movie version with Ivy Chen playing the lead female actress caught in a love triangle with Shawn Dou who plays the 14th prince and Tony Yang playing the 4th Prince. For those who haven’t seen Scarlet Heart, the plot revolves around a girl in the modern day 21st century who is transported back in time to the Qing Dynasty during Kangxi Emperor’s reign where she is trapped in the body of a general’s daughter. She uses her knowledge of history and modern day creations to please the royal family and to stay alive in the perilous Forbidden City.

I loved Ivy when I first saw her in Skip Beat where she was spot on in playing a common girl who gradually discovers her extraordinary talent in acting after joining the entertainment business to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend. (Skip Beat is another amazing taiwanese drama that is a definite must watch on my list. Even though both male leads were korean, there were no weird dubbing or mismatched lip syncing. This one of the few multi-country collaboration done properly without compromising the quality of the drama.) Therefore, I have no problem with Ivy playing the lead as I know she can take on any role and I haven’t seen her in ages so I was definitely excited to see her in something new. As for the two male leads, I haven’t seen anything with Shawn Dou and I only liked Tony after seeing him  in The Pursuit of Happiness. To be exact, I only liked his character in the Pursuit of Hapiness as I find Tony’s acting to be overall rather expressionless. But I have high hopes for this movie as I already know I like the plot and I can already picture Ivy’s causing mayhem and the expression on her face after narrowly escaping death.

Time to Love will air August 7.

more pics from my tumblr if you click on the pics above

My eyes are already starting to fill with tears just watching the trailer. Check it out below:

Bride Wars is a remake of the american romantic comedy with same title. Angelababy and Ni Ni will play best friends who become enemies after their wedding planner makes a mistake in scheduling their wedding in the same wedding venue on the same date. They then do everything they can to sabotage each others wedding.

There are lots of posters and stills for this movie floating on my tumblr. Click on the pics below to see more.

Bride Wars is set to hit theaters August 20.

Trailer below:

Although I am not a fan of sports, how can I not mention To The Fore when two of my favorite actors Eddie Peng and Choi Siwon along with Shawn Dou are the leads?

Cycling competition movie headlined by Choi SI Won, Eddie Peng, and Shawn Duo

I don’t know much about the plot but it is about our leads playing professional cyclist in a competition. In order to film this movie, all three actors had to go through intensive training, and had cycled over 100,000 km while filming this movie. The other thing that I will look forward to is the scenery  as it’s been said that the movie was filmed in 6 countries including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Italy, Korean, and the Tengger Desert. I forgot who said this but one of our leads said that it was one of the most difficult movies to film because while they were cycling in the desert, it would get bone chillingly cold and all the actors had got into accidents throughout the course of filming this movie.

The original trailer that I posted a year ago was boring but it has nice scenery. In the more recent trailer below, you see more action and feel the tension and competitiveness among the cyclist.

Now that the movies are out of the way, let’s get into dramas.

There were two dramas that I didn’t mention in my last what to watch post that is receiving raves and attention: I Remember You and Oh My Ghost. 

The reason why I didn’t mention I Remember You was that I didn’t think Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra would look good together as I hated Jang Na Ra playing the lead in Fated to Love You. The whole drama was just a crazy mess compared to the original taiwanese one. However after seeing the popularity of this drama and seeing the chemistry between the leads, I think I might give this rom-com/ crime solving drama a try.

Oh My Ghost just seems like a fun rom-com to brighten up my day. The drama is led by Jo Jong Suk (You Are the Best) and Park Bo Young (Wolf Boy, IU’s Only I Didn’t Know MV) who I find immensely cute and expresses her emotions well. However, the main star of this show is really Kim Seul Gi who seems to steal the spotlight no matter what her role is. Kim Seul Gi will play a lustful virgin ghost who possesses Park Bo Young to seduce as many guys as possible.

I am seeing lots of hilarious and suggestive gifs on tumblr where Park Bo Young is being proactive and Jo Jong Suk plays the timid one.

The cherry on top is pretty boy Lim Ju Hwan (who I discovered from Running Man) is in this so I got to check this out. Oh My Ghost started airing on July 3 and will wrap up on August 22 with 16 episodes.

Now for dramas that will air in August through September, I am most interested in The Disguiser (伪装者). Hu Ge finally gets to shed off that sickly image from Sound of Desert. There was this other new wu xia drama popping up in my tumblr feed where he plays a sickly person. Know that I will instinctively skip that one.

If you click on the picture above and gif below, you will see Hu Ge in action with a plentitude of disguises. Let’s take a moment to thank literallyadramaqueen for putting together a collection of Hu Ge’s stills from the massive amount of stills already on the web.

The synopsis from wiki says that the drama is set in the japanese occupation era where Hu Ge will play a rich yet naive Ming Tai who is trained to be an agent and is later sent out to be an underground spy for the communist. Just seeing Hu Ge without that pale face already excites me and with him holding the gun with that serious look on his face makes me want to squeal out loud.

Hurray for no more wheelchair even if it means he will be in a torture seat. 

I get the feeling that this will be a nice action, thriller, spy, period, drama and although I don’t know anyone else in this drama, I will definitely watch it for Hu Ge.

Yong Pal is headlined by Joo Won and the everlasting beauty Kim Tae Hee. Joo Won will play a brilliant surgeon who treats criminals at night in order to pay for his sister’s dialysis expenses. Kim Tae Hee will play a patient that is in a deep sleep in his hospital.  Kdramastars has a much more exciting overview than my two line synopsis.

This oddly reminds me a lot of Healer. He is a normal person by day but leaps into action at night. I am expecting plenty of action judging from the trailer. By the way, the first episode of Yong Pal came in first place out of all the drama that is currently airing so that must say something.

Yong Pal airs from August 5 to September 24. Check out the trailer below.

D-Day is being labeled as medical disaster drama where Seoul will be hit by a major earthquake and the story will center around emergency and medical professionals working to save lives. Kim Young Kwak and Jung So Min have signed on as leads for this drama where Kim Young Kwak will play a surgeon that doesn’t like to follow rules which allows him to effectively saves lives in the dire circumstances while Jung So Min will play an orthopedic resident.

Does Kim Young Kwak give off a doctor vibe because this will mark the third time he plays doctor. I usually avoid medical dramas but this one with the disaster aspect makes it more thrilling and Jung So Min isn’t playing a bratty princess.

D-Day will air in September after Last.

Speaking of Last, it’s another drama that I want to check out. It started airing July 24 and will end on September 12. The story centers around Yoon Kye Sang who was once a wealthy man but became bankrupt from losing all his money in the stock market. While homeless, he discovers that there is a secretive ranking system among the homeless. Lee Bum Soo will play the boss who earns money by exploiting the poor homeless people. Yoon Kye Sang will rise in ranks as he fights overturn this unjust system.

I have faith in Lee Bum Soo as there is yet to be a role that he doesn’t ace. I hated the last drama that I watched with Yoon Kye Sang (Beyond The Cloud at episode 6, the plot was going nowhere). However I blame the scriptwriter for horribly written plot.

I wanted to watch this because of the two lead actors and because of Yoon Kye Sang’s desolate-looking face on the poster. Something makes me want to find out why the characters all looks so grim in the promotional posters. As I was taking a closer look at the posters while uploading it, I realized he didn’t looks miserable at all but rather indignant. It was probably because of the monochrome poster making me perceive this imaginary sadness. Something about these solemn posters make me want to watch it.

Young Sherlock (少年神探狄仁杰) starring Bosco Wong, Ma Tian Yu, Stephy Qi, Ruby Lin, and Yuan Hong first aired in June of last year and is being re-aired starting July 30. The drama is set in the Tang Dynasty where Bosco will play Die Ren Jie and his gang of four people, with Ma Tian Yu playing his sidekick, will go around solving mysteries and uncover plots against the imperial family.

I checked out the trailer and the fake masks and dead bodies set up didn’t look to appealing. However I like the casts and since this is being re-aired, it must mean it was quite popular last time it aired.

Last but not least is My Best Ex-Boyfriend (最佳前男友) which is a modern day romantic series headlined by Jerry Yan, Ron Ng, Mi Lu, and Jiang Shu Ying.

The story follow two couples that breaks up due to differences. Years later these couple meet again. As Jiang Shu Ying is just about to fulfill her dreams of being  a designer, she meets her ex-boyfriend, Jerry, at a fashion event. Soon after, Shu Ying experiences setbacks in her work and what’s worse is that her ex-boyfriend becomes her boss. Mi Lu encounters a similar situation where she is now a top model and is preparing to marry into a wealthy family. However, she meets her ex-boyfriend and realizes that she never forgot about him. What will the fate be for these two couples?

This is one of those typical romantic dramas with albeit predictable endings but nonetheless I am still eager to watch this because of its superb cast. Other than Meteor Garden and Down With Love, none of Jerry’s other drama had sat well with me so I don’t have high hopes for this drama being a gem. However at least the quality of trailer looks nice and aside from Ron, their voice aren’t dubbed.

My best Ex-boyfriend airs August 15 and you can check out the trailer below. It’s funny to find Jerry sporting the same long hairstyle as he did back when he filmed Meteor Garden.

Check out Jerry MV for the drama- If Time Can Reverse (如果時光倒流).The first time I listened to it, it oddly sounded like a girl singing.

Cfensi compiled a list of Cdramas that will air in the month of August. Notable on that list is God of War starring Lin Geng Xin and Yoona that I am still debating whether or not to watch.

And as always, what are you guys watching?

pics credits to baidukoreandrama, wiki1, asianwiki1, wikiaddicts, asianwiki3, sina


3 thoughts on “What to Watch in August and September

  1. 2015 has been an awesome year for cdramas! Hu Ge! I am definitely looking forward to The Disguiser but Hu Ge’s other drama Nirvana in Fire as well. I am dying to see Hu Ge again. Eeek, I am watching so many dramas right now. Whirlwind Girl, Diamond Lover and Journey of Flower as well…. I really need to stop 🙂


      • Tbh it’s really underwhelming. The drama is quite fluffy but it does not feel like a school drama. They don’t really go school lol. The plot is nothing interesting but the main girl is quite cute, she works quite hard towards her dream unlike poor heroines of other other dramas. But the fluffy and optimistic vibe keeps me watching. I guess i’m just a real fan of Hunan Tv lol


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