Tiffany Tang Transforms into a 200 Pound Lady in Diamond Lovers

On July 22, Tiffany Tang’s new drama “Diamond Lover” started airing and has earned her countless praises for her new look.

 In the picture below, we see Tiffany’s completed look as the 250 pound Mirador. Despite her double chin and round belly, I find Tiffany still overflowing with cuteness especially with those ultra-plush Hello Kitty Slippers.

Netizens have already called her the “Pig Leg Princess” for her character Mirador’s love of eating pig leg.

Tiffany recently revealed pictures of the grueling transformation process where her entire head is covered in some pink mold, turning her into a pink mummy and there is only two tiny holes left for her to breathe.

Tiffany says that it takes about 6 hours for the mold to set and for her makeup to be complete. However despite this time consuming miserable process, Tiffany is still playful as she fools around and draws on eyes and nose on her mold.

This is the first time that Tiffany is playing an “ugly duckling”. In order to add on weight, as Tiffany is normally stick skinny, she has to put on silicon pads to make her look heavy. Tiffany says that with all the extra weight on, each step is difficult for her. Even though they filmed in the winter, she was sweating bullets inside the silicon armour and since silicon is non-breatheable,  none of the sweat could be removed.

Many netizens are amazed Tiffany’s transformation saying that she looks unrecognizable. Other fans are worried that it’s too tiring for her and left congratulatory messages.

In “Diamond Lovers”, Tiffany plays an ordinary lady with no self esteem due to her weight. Rain plays a cold CEO of a diamond company. There will be a love triangle between Tiffany, Rain and new rising star Dilraba Dilmurat. Luo Jin plays a playboy gynecologist. Judging by the stills below, it seems like he has a crush on Dilraba. You can read more of the character description and synopsis in my previous post here.

Check out all the stills below

my favorite couple posters of the two

The second leads are oozing with chemistry and they definitely do not lose to the main leads. I love how plush and warm Dilraba looks in the picture below.

I haven’t seen Tiffany with long hair in a long time. Thankfully she got rid of the wigs from her My Sunshine days.

Is this the new way to introduce product placement into the scenes? By biting on the product?

This only reminds my of Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook if you understand what I mean.

What do you think of Tiffany’s transformation?

pics from sina, diamond lover weibo

original article from sina2


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