What to Watch in June and July?

Hello drama lovers!!! I am back from my three week long vacation and ready to post about dramas again. So I wrote this post before I left for my vacation but didn’t get to finish posting it. After gone for three weeks, a lot of these dramas have already started airing but they are still dramas that I plan to watch.

This June and July, I am back on a roll with korean dramas as the upcoming dramas seem to have bunch of my favorites actors and actresses.

High Society– I immediately set my sights on watching this drama when I saw the sizzling stills of Uee and Sung Joon locking lips in their elegant night attire.

Uee plays an heiress that pretends to be a poor girl in order to find true love that doesn’t judge her based on her wealth. She falls in love with Sung Joon who is a poor dude that pretends to be a chaebol with a burning desire to ascend the social ladder.

In the photo below you see a different Uee with smudgy black eyeliner and blowing on a bubblegum. She is set on a blind date with a chaebol, played by Hyungsik, that matches her social class and is obviously acting rebellious to scare away her blind date. However, this arrogant chaebol is just as much of a hot head as he is seen spilling a glass of water all over Uee. I am pretty sure the conflicts between these two won’t end there.

The chemistry between Uee and Sung Joon alone makes me excited for this drama and with the second leads played by the cutie Hyungsik from Zea and Lim Ji Yeon ( first time I am seeing her), I am already on the bandwagon to watch this.

High Society will air June 8 – July 28 with 16 episodes

Scholar Who Walks The Night– When there are three male leads that I personally really like and two equally lovable actresses, I have to add this to my watch list.

Lee Jun Ki seems to like romantic fantasies as he chose “Arang and the Magistrate” (which I had recently marathoned through) as his first project right after he was discharged from the military and he is back with another Joseon period romantic fantasy . However, instead of being a human he has now taken on the role of an eternally beautiful vampire scholar while Lee Yubi plays a woman that crosses dresses as a man to sell books. I have to admit that he does look strikingly older after serving his time in the military compared to his prime days from “My Girl”, but his charm is still there. However being paired up with Lee Yoo Bi who is 9 years his junior and combined with the fact that she looks young for her age, I feel there’s too much of an age difference between them. But since they are both favorites of mine, I will overlook this.

Kim So Eun plays two different character- the first is the lover of Lee Jun Ki who risks her own life in order to save him from being turned into a vampire and the second being a cold young lady who doesn’t let others knows how she is feeling. I don’t think I can picture the bubbly So Eun playing a cold character but I will look forward to her interpretation.

The production company definitely found the perfect person with the pale skin and beauty to take on the role of the evil vampire that bewitches people with his beauty and controls the human world. I couldn’t understand why so many people loved Lee Soo Hyuk, as I had previous found his features to be too pointy. I thought he was just one of those model-turned-actors that was given a privileged status due to his successful modeling career. However after seeing his side role in Runaway Cop, his beauty along with his deep voice and pale skin has definitely bewitched me. I am excited to see him taking on a role of an enchanting vampire that suits him perfectly.

Lastly TVXQ’s Changmin will play the crown prince. Although his acting in Paradise Farm was pretty mediocre, there is always a place for him in my heart. Jang Hee Jin plays Changmin’s love interest

I don’t think I have seen so many young and pretty looking faces in a drama before but since the story is adapted from a manhwa filled with only goodlooking people I guess the production company couldn’t diverge too far. If “Producer” is the drama brimming with top stars, can I say that this is the one filled with youthful-looking, good-looking stars?

Scholar Who Walk the Night will air in July.

The Time I’ve Loved You aka 7000 days – starring Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won

I’m watching this just because I am curious as to how this would compare to the taiwanese version. For those who don’t know, this is the remake of the hit taiwanese drama “In Time With You” led by Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen. It was this drama that brought both of them the leading actor and actress awards for 2012, with the drama winning the best television series award at the 2012 Golden Bell Award, and has caused me to look again at Ariel Lin as a true actress.

The story is about two long-time best friends, played by Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook,  who are getting close to their thirties and are trying to find their perfect partner. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that their ideal partner is no other than each other.  I think that Ha Ji Won playing the confident and assertive Jang Hana is spot on. She possesses that quality of a mature women that is still young at heart and can also show the confidence of the modern day working women. When there were rumors of Rain and Lee Jin Wook playing the sweet and gentle always-there-for-you  Choi Won, I rooted for Lee Jin Wook.

However, now that he has gotten the role, I think he is too good looking to play the best friend role.

I am not saying the Chen Bolin is ugly but your best guy friend can’t be too good-looking because you would have already fallen for him. I find that Lee Jin Wook has a bit of the coldness that’s typical from popular guys or probably I am just brainwashed into thinking that the suave character that he plays in “Nine” is him.

I am throughly disappointed with the casting of Yoon Kyun Sang as Jang Hana’s ex that she can’t get over with. Sunny Wang plays the original ex in the taiwanese version and his lethal looks, american accent, and smooth talks made him the perfect guy to play the successful and rich bachelor that every girl is on the lookout for. Yoon Kyun Sang just doesn’t fit the bill. This is the first time I am seeing him but judging from photos I’ve seen of him online he doesn’t give off that aura of the Jang Hana’s ex-boyfriend that girls at bars would hit on him even when his girlfriend is sitting right next to him.

Choi Soo Hyun plays Lee Jin Wook’s young girlfriend that triggers jealousy in Jang Hana.

The more recently updated news now that I am back is that Infinite’s L will play Jang Hana’s love interest. In the taiwanese version, the role that L will play was called Nick. He was this immensely cute looking younger guy that was sweet and attentive to Ariel Lin’s character and there was no other better person to play this role than L. Other cameos that will play Ha Ji Won’s ideal types include Chu Sung Hoon, the buffed up martial arts fighter that can even lift up Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Sang Hyun who has worked with Ha Ji Won before in Secret Garden playing a Hallyu Singer and her crush and Ohn Joo Wan with his boyish charms.

Although the majority of the time, adaptions aren’t as good as the original, I hope Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook won’t let me down since I have loved their dramas in the past. “The Time I’ve Loved You” will air after Divorce Lawyers on June 27.

Switching gears to the Chinese drama scene, Hawick Lau is dominating the summer drama scene as he has four dramas overlapping and airing one after another. Out of the four I have nailed it down to two that I would like to watch. You can read about the four dramas over at Kappy’s site.

My top choice would be Master of Destiny because of the abundance of hong kong stars. With Wayne Lai, who won the Best Actor award from TVB three years in row, and the ever popular Tiffany Tang playing cameos, you know this has got to be the epic drama. I read the synopsis from wiki and got so confused with the names and characters so I will summarize the synopsis using the actor’s name instead.

Liza Wang plays a strong woman who single handedly raised her three sons to adulthood after her husband committed suicide due to business failure. She has successfully established her own business empire and now that she is getting ready to retire, she is prepared to pass down her empire to her three sons.

Animosity is first embedded between the brothers when the eldest son (played by Kenny Wong) has a secret crush on her adoptive sister (played by Kimmy Tong) but Kimmy, on the other hand, has feelings for the second brother (played by Hawick Lau).

After his girlfriend (played by Tiffany Tang) passes away, Hawick devotes his life and energy to the family company but by excelling in managing the company this threatens Kenny Wong’s status as the rightful heir to the company for being the eldest son. Kenny is seduced by a new employee (played by Monica Mok) who wreaks his marriage life.  Being inferior to Hawick in business management coupled with his affair and marriage failure, Lisa Wang decides to pass her business to Hawick. Feeling that Hawick has taken everything away from him, Kenny make Edwin Siu (who plays the youngest brother) feel that he is alienated from the family by telling him that Liza did not give birth to him.

Kenny and Edwin then conspires to put Hawick in jail in order gain back control of the company. Kimmy comes back overseas and aids Hawick in the fight against Kenny and Edwin. The once united siblings are now pitted against each other in order gain control of the company.

Wong Jing is the producer of this drama but I am not particularly fond of his comedic movies with no major plot and he frequently promotes new actresses that don’t know how to act and are only selected based on their looks. However he has created masterpieces such as The Good The Bad and The Ugly for TVB and Flaming Brothers for ATV so he is definitely a seasoned director and since TVB has enlisted his help to direct this drama with the purpose of raising rating for TVB, you can expect quality.

There was a question of whether Hawick has returned to TVB. I am not sure of this but I don’t think Hawick has returned to TVB and there is no news that he has signed with TVB. Hawick just so happens to be an actor that Wong Jing has selected to appeal to both the mainland market and hong kong market. I hope he doesn’t sign with TVB because working condition and pay are known to be terrible for TVB.

Master of Destiny will air first in China on May 28-June 15 while TVB will air it shortly after on June 22. The teaser out with the mandarin dubs are causing my ears to bleed so I will most likely be watching it when it airs on TVB. Random facts that I thought was quite interesting was that it has been 10 years since Lisa Wang and Hawick Lau has worked together since filming 创世纪之天地有情 and it has been 30+ years since Lisa Wang and Angie Chiu has worked together since filming 楚留香 in 1979 making this drama an epic reunion.

Cage of Love starring Hawick Lau, Zheng Shuang and Liu Yu Xin

The second drama from Hawick that I am interested in is  Cage of Love that started airing May 24. It is a romantic period drama that also stars Zheng Shaung and Liu Yu Xin. When Jiang Yu (Hawick Lau) first met Cai Hong (Zheng Shuang) he was captivated by her kind heart. However he find out that she is the daughter of the man who ruined his family and decides to take revenge on her. Ten Years later, Cai Hong’s father suddenly dies and coincidentally Jiang Yu acquires ownership of Cai family’s factories.

Cai Hong thinks that Jiang Yu is responsible for her father’s death, decides to work in the factory to search for the truth. Jiang Yu suppresses his love for Cai Hong and forces her to work as a maid as his estate to torment her.

Although Jiang Yu repeatedly causes problems for her, she resolves them all with her wisdom, kindness and perseverance. As they interacted with each other more, they came to understand each other and discovered nice aspects of each other. They decided to let go of hatred built up from the previous generation and in doing so they worked together to unravel the truth to Cai Hong’s father’s death allowing them to love each other.

My summary of the synopsis may be a bit bland but do check out the theme song sung by Hawick below. I liked it immediately after listening to it.

I made the mistake of watching the 15 minute long trailer and found out way to much spoilers for the drama. Below is the three minute version.

I find it hilarious that Xie Jun Hao who plays Cai Hong’s father still looks dashing even with his hair painted white.

The other two dramas that Hawick Lau stars in is Twice Blooming Flowers and You Are My Sister which you may like but I am only skipping over due to not having enough time to watch all this.

Destined to Love You starring Chen Qiao En, Bosco Wong, Jia Nia Liang, and Zheng Shuang

After having access back to the internet, I was surprised to find out in my tumblr feeds that Chen Qiao En‘s and Bosco‘s drama Destined to Love You which I’ve been waiting for is already out with 10 episodes. I was planning to write a whole post on this drama since the production company released lots of amazing stills. However, now that it’s out I don’t think anyone will care about the stills.

The drama is set in 1916 in the republican era. Chen Qiao En meets a female professor that is on her way to accept a position at a military school. However, she is assassinated when she was pushed off a train. Thinking that she is dead, Chen Qiao En takes the professor’s identity in order to get medical help for her sick mother.

Jia Nia Liang plays the professor’s fiance and Zheng Shuang plays the professor.

I’ve seen some scenes from the trailer and it leans a lot more toward a comedy than you would expect from it’s posters. Regardless, I am a major fan of Chen Qiao En so will definitely take a look. PS I am not a big of a fan of Jia Nia Liang so I am rooting for Chen Qiao En to be with Bosco.

Other dramas and movies that I might take a look at is:

age harassment (japanese) which airs July 9 after I’m Home. Takei Emi plays Yoshii Emiri who is a new employee at a top trading company. She possesses the ambition and motivation to work her way up to a chief executive officer at the company. However, she finds out that only her beauty and youth is appreciated by the men in the company and she becomes a target of harassment. Older women in the company becomes jealous of her and gives her a hard time because of her beauty. She decides to rebel against this old fashioned company.

hidden identity-which aired on june 16 and set off a new record for the highest TVN premiere with an average rating of 2.3%. Don’t know much about it’s synopsis but it’s a actions thriller about a special unit in the police force. It’s headlined by Kim Bum who has deviated from his pretty boy looks to take on the role of scruffy-looking wild cop. Their team specializes in disguising themselves to go undercover and looks promising.

detective gui is a movie headlined by Vic Zhou and Wang Luodan and will hit theatre July 24. Wang Luodan will play Gui Xiang who has a very high IQ but low EQ. She has learned to read at the age of 3, caught a thief at the age of 7 and helped solved a police case at the age of 10. However her love life has not been as smooth. When she meets A Zhe who is a cute policemen played by Vic Zhou, she immediately falls for him.

What will you be watching in June and July?

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2 thoughts on “What to Watch in June and July?

  1. Did u only see changmin in Paradise Ranch? that was in 2008, the first one for him and is not his fault the drama had a mediocre script.

    His acting was fanatastic in the japanese movie Fly with the gold. He win 2 awards for it.
    Not to mention he was pretty good in the mini kdrama MIMI


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