“The Producer” Releases A Seven Minute Teaser

The Producer held a press conference yesterday and released a 7 minute teaser. There was a condensed version of this teaser and  I liked it a lot more than the series of bus teasers and awkward first meeting teasers that were first released.

The condensed 30 sec one is below

I wanted to post some press conference photos up but the site I use prohibits reposting so you can check out the photos of the press conference at this link sina5. It’s amazing how jelling up Kim Soo Hyun’s hair changes up the entire feel of him. It’s entirely different from the stills from the drama. Did anyone notice the tattoo in Gong Hyo Jin’s left arm. I felt IU pink and yellow outfit was a bit bland. I prefer Chae Tae Hyun unruly hair than his tidy hair during the press conference.

The producer is this season’s most buzzed about drama that shows the behind the scenes work of producers and staffs in the variety department that we don’t normally see when they make your favorite show.  The drama will include stories from real life producers and will blur the line between what is the reality and what is fiction. It is headlined by Gong Hyo Jin, Chae Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun and IU- all who are my favorite actors and singers- with many other top stars playing side characters and cameos so I could not possibly miss this.

Park Jin Young and many artists under his label including Sunmi, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, and 2Pm’s Nickchun were see on the set of “the Producers” playing cameos in April. Other veteran actors including Yoon Yeo Jung, Hwang Shin Hye, Geum Bo Ra, and Hyun Young were revealed earlier to play a cameo as the female version of 1N2D and we saw their appearance in the 7 minute teaser.

Singer Yoo Hee Yeol is also making a cameo as an MC while Jo Yoon-hee is playing Kim Soo Hyun’s first love.

Gong Hyo Jin plays Tak Ye Ji who is know in the entertainment business for being a fierce, hard to please lady.

However she meets her match when she is confronted with top star Cindy. She is the head PD of Music Bank which is a weekly music program ranking the top songs of the week. I am eager to see Gong Hyo Jin’s transformation as each of her character she played in the past has consistently  amazed me every single time.

Cha Tae Hyun plays Ra Joon Mo who has been good friends with Ye Ji  for 20 years.

Both entered KBS to work at about the same time and are heads the top show for KBS wher ehe is teh head producer for popular variety show 1n2D.

In the picture above, you can see that ever since he was young, Ye Ji has him on the palms of her hands and can easily bully him.

I love seeing Cha Tae Hyun in comedies and variety shows. He isn’t afraid of pushing the limits. I remember seeing him in Family Outing and he was revealing some secrets of Kim Jong Kook. I think it was something about crying after drinking alcohol or something like that. I am glad to see him especially when I saw the still where he gets bossed around by Gong Hyo Jin.

Kim Soo Hyun loses his alien powers as he transforms into Baek Seung Chan a clumsy rookie PD  with his bowl-shaped haircut who makes endless mistakes while taking orders from the many veteran PDs. He is a law graduate from an Ivy league school that becomes a PD for KBS to chase after his first love. I loved him from “Man from the Stars” but felt like he was a bit hyped since I felt that anyone can play that role. However seeing him looking nervous as a new recruit and being clumsy in the teasers makes me feel that he deserves all the popularity.

IU plays Cindy who is a top-star and singer who has been in the entertainment business for 10 years. She debuted at the age of 13 and has built her reputation of being chic and cold to keep her throne in the entertainment business.

In the stills, you see Kim Tae Ho, played by Park Hyun Kwon, trying to take a picture with her but she looks disinterested.

It is said that IU will be releasing a song for this drama which I will be looking forward to. However, when I was looking at these stills from IU, I didn’t get that arrogant top star type of feel. Especially in the stills from the car above, she looks like she is angry or sad from a breakup and not the cold. This might be because I love her so much and can’t ever see her being a cold person. I remember seeing Yura in “Secret Angel” and her cute bubbly self that I normally see in We Got Married was completely gone. You can only see Yura as the cold manager in the drama. I had liked all the characters that IU have played so far-even when she played Kim Bo Tong- but didn’t quite like her portrayal as Cindy. Staff members have praised her ability to transform into the ice princess once the camera starts rolling, even though she was cute and bubbly just a couple minutes before. However, the stills that have been released so far just looks like IU to me. I wish they dyed her hair or changed it up a bit to give me a new image. I was absolutely abhorred at the pink and black stripped shirt she wore in the first bus teasers. They better give her better looking clothes in this drama because I am done with her Kim Bo Tong image. Is it just me or has she morphed into the exact ice princess you had in mind?

Above are stills of Kim Jong Koo , Park Hyun Kwon, and Seo Ki Chul. This is both Kim Jong Kook and Seo Ki Chul first try at acting.

Park Hyun Kwon plays Kim Tae Ho, the central producer of KBS’s variety department

Seo Ki Chul will play the role of a KBS variety department director.

Kim Jong Kook plays an ambitious PD of Concert Hall that isn’t afraid to suck up to his supervisors for advancement. This is a little bit different than the character that I had envisioned him to play. I thought he would be the workaholic type director that pays attention to all those tiny details, directing his staff on what to do tediously and would burst into anger for things not done properly. However, seeing him in that suave suit with the greed to succeed isn’t a bad character either.

Check out the hierarchy of the PDs in the KBS variety department.

The only thing I don’t know is how the characters will be paired off. Of course, I would like IU paired with Kim Soo Hyun but wouldn’t mind seeing him with Gong Hyo Jin.

It was interesting to hear Gong Hyo Jin say that Kim Soo Hyun is docile in front of Chae Tae Hyun and her but in front of IU he acts manly. I think he is just being respectful to his sunbaes but is Gong Hyo Jin hinting that he is interested in IU?

She tries to foreshadow to Kim Soo Hyun’s fan about yelling at Kim Soo Hyun a lot in the drama. She says that amongst the roles that she has taken so far, Tak Ye Jin is the most irritable, angry, and punishing. She says that she fearlessly goes after him like a mouse and is afraid that she would get anti-fans. She jokes that if she gets anti-fans, it’s because of Kim Soo Hyun.

I would have to disagree with Chae Tae Hyun mentioning that news of his best friend, Kim Jong Kook, got buried when Kim Soo Hyun joined the cast. It certainly wasn’t buried because I got news of him. He mentions that Kim Jong Kook plays a major role in this drama and even complemented his acting. It was nice of him to promote Kim Jong Kook.

Last but not least, I finally found translated videos of their awkward first meetings.

the first meeting with IU and Gong Hyo Jin

Kim Soo Hyun meeting Chae Tae Hyun

All of them together

It crazy how secretive the producers are for this drama. I thought that they were being overly protective for having the script reading in private since they didn’t want crazy fans to show up and disrupt their meeting but apparently the producer didn’t give any info about broadcast date and who were casted in this drama to their cast members.

All in all, I am looking forward to seeing this because of all the top stars. I seriously love IU, Gong Hyo Jin, and Chae Tae Hyun. Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Jong Kook is an added plus.

It’s finally premiering on May 15 after entire shows lineups were moved around to accommodate for this star studded drama.

Who is watching it?


Pics and stills credits to Sina, sina2, sina3, soompi, soompi2,soompi3, soompi4, Soompi5, sina4, Soompi7, soompi8,

Info credits to dramabeans, Soompi6, mwave interest, allkpop


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