We Are In Love: Recap, Thoughts and First Impressions

As a big fan of “We Got Married”, when I heard  Ruby Lin and Siwon officially joined “We Are In Love”, I knew I had to check this out.

“We Are In Love” is the remake of the korean virtual marriage show where two celebrities are paired together and they go about their lives like how a married couple would.

The show opens up with the youngest couple Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu. Xu Lu is practicing in the studio while Kimi Qiao is selecting his best clothes for the first meeting. They each receive their mission and are instructed to be blindfolded as they are transported to their first meeting spot.

Kimi arrives first at a dark warehouse. He is led onto a ramp and gets into truck. Inside the truck, there is a table of food and sofa set up. He is led onto a sofa and is told to wait for his partner in the dark.

At this point I was quite enraged. This is what I hated when they remade Running Man and copied the exact games. I don’t care if they copy the format of the show but please do not copy the exact scenario. This opening scene similar to Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s first meeting, where they met up in an unlit restaurant and could not see each other. It is rather boring to watch a similar scene unfold before you and I beg the writers or producers to be more creative so that I can enjoy watching both the korean and chinese version.

Soon, Xu Lu appears and a staff leads her up the ramp in her sky high heels into the pitch black truck.

Once she appears, you see the prankster side of Kimi emerge. Xu Lu hears Kimi giggling and asks if he is the virtual husband. Taking advantage that they couldn’t see each other, he says that he is the waiter that will be serving them and her husband will soon arrive.

Kimi leans toward her and smells her but she senses that someone is there so Kimi had no choice and changes his voice, saying that he is her male partner.

The couple end up trying to guess who each other was and asks about each other’s appearance. However upon hearing that Xu Lu’s zodiac is capricorn, Kimi froze up and after hearing the she was born in 1994, he got so surprised. Adding to that, Xu Lu says she has never dated before which prompted he Kimi to ask the producers if they are fooling with him for pairing him up with a girl that is so young.

I was surprised by his shocked reaction because they are 6 years apart and I didn’t think that was too large of an age gap. However I felt that he became much more confident after hearing that she was so young, he seemed to be taking the initiative and leading her.

He randomly gets up and starts moving the table but unfortunately knocks over the glass of water that spills all over Xu Lu’s dress. He immediately apologizes for his mistake. They continue to talk but he suddenly raises his voice, telling her to sit closer to him. He evidently lost his temper at that moment and realizing his mistake, he immediately apologized to Xu Lu and moved closer to her instead of telling her to move closer to him. However, when he sat closer to her, he realizes that the seat was wet from the spilled water and instead of moving away, he squats on the sofa to stay closer to her.

He then holds her hand and walks around the truck and discovers who she is. He admits later that he recognizes her from seeing her drama “one and a half summer”.

He then exits the trucks, leaving her to sit alone inside the truck, with the excuse that he needs to go to the bathroom. Suddenly, lights starts to turn on and while still being blinded by the light, one side of the truck drops down and Xu Lu watches as another truck pulls into the warehouse, parallel to the first truck.

One side from the other truck drops open and Kimi starts singing and banging on his guitar completely captivating Xu Lu.

This is the first time I am hearing Kimi voice’s since his voice is dubbed in Cruel Romance and I am surprised how smooth and low his voice is. It’s exactly the alluring voice you would like to hear in a singer. Again, I would like it if they changed up the scenario since this opening is the same as how Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi met up, however it was so pretty and romantic having a mini-concert inside a dark warehouse that I will let it go.

Xu Lu admits that she is totally captivated by his performance since there were no other man that has sung to her before. After his performance, he climbs back onto the truck that Xu Lu is on and holds out his hand for a handshake. When she grabbed onto his hand, he slyly pulls her into a hug. He says that’s his way of greeting his friends but I suspect he is just trying to get some skinship. She pulls out a lie detector and asks if he was disappointed that she was his partner. He gets shocked by the machine after saying no and he kept insisting that the machine is broken.

He is a pretty good talker as he explains that he was surprised of her being his partner but it was not to the point of being disappointed. He later jokes that he was indeed electrified in this first meeting. This couple is really cute and mishaps keeps happening. She brings out chocolate as a gift for him. He feeds her a chocolate but when she bites into it, the liquid center drops all over her dress.

They sit on the ground talking and Kimi is still held up on the fact that she hasn’t dated before while he has dated 4-8 times.

His possessive side starts to take over as he continually states out rules that she must follow like when she is filming a kiss scene, her mind can only be thinking of him. He also decides to have a personal ringtone for each other and records a smooch sound and makes her keep it despite her protests.

They later decide on nickname for each other and he calls her “xiao fan” which means square because of her square face but later changes it to Huang =慌 which means confused. Without a second thought, she decides on his nickname to be Zhang =張 because the words Huang Zhang stands for panic. I thought this was immensely cute of her.

Then out of the blue he takes the initiative and asks her for a dance-yet again increasing more skinship and drawing them closer. However once they got close, he became embarrassed and turned away.

This is when I realized that he was acting macho and wanted to lead her since he was the more experienced one. No matter how much experience, and how confident a person is, when you are actually dating, your heart will flutter. And I think that’s how Kimi felt. After getting his nerves under control, he then takes the initiative again, slowly dances with her, ending their section.

I have only recently known Kimi when I watched “Cruel Romance” and I find his real personality in this show to be playful, easy going, bright and the type to show everything on his face. This is the first time I am seeing Xu Lu and I find that she looks older than her age. She is only turning 21 this year. I think she is really pretty and looks like a princess.

I felt like they had a lot of footage for these two and had to cut down on a footage and it felt a bit rushed. When I watch the korean version, it feels relaxing to watch the two couples slowly get to know each other, but their section just feels like they are trying to fit in lots of footage in too little time. So far this couple seems really cute.

Next up is Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong couple. While still on the taxi right after getting off the plane, they were immediately given the mission card telling them to meet up. They were both taken by surprise at this sudden meeting since both wanted to change into better clothes and tidy up. After going through a couple missions, they were eventually led by cute dogs that brought them to the finally meeting place. I thought the method that this couple met up was quite cute. The dogs led them to the inside of this village building and were separated by a curtain.

As they walked closer to the curtain, the curtain suddenly dropped and they find themselves staring at each other. My heart couldn’t stop beating at this cute meeting.

This reminds me of 101 Dalmatians where the main leads met together while walking their dogs and the dog tangled them up.

They then head to eat lunch together but both were embarrassed and awkward. Ren Zhong kept on talking to avoid the awkwardness but through out the entire time that he was talking, Ruby looked bored out.

Trying to find something that they can relate to, Ren Zhong starts saying that he doesn’t like a girl who is rough and prefers a more polite, feminie lady which is similar to the character that Ruby Lin plays in the popular drama “My Fair Princess” which brought her to stardom. However to his surprise, Ruby says she is a complete opposite to a feminine character and her friends describe her much like a boy, causing a further gap between this couple. Ren Zhong remembers something and tells her that they have appeared in a movie together but unfortunately, Ruby doesn’t remember him. 😦

Fortunately they take out gifts for each other and after receiving personal gift that they picked out for each other, they seemed to get closer. Ren Zhong gifts her a necklace, and Ruby gives him a colorful apron. Ruby reveals that she doesn’t know how to cook and wishes for her boyfriend to cook for her and have her boyfriend teach her how to cook. In the beginning credits, Ren Zhong stated that his ideal girl would know how to cook however, after hearing Ruby says that she can’t cook, he says it’s totally fine for a girl to sit and have a man do all the cooking.

The only thing this couple matched up on was their outfit. They hadn’t coordinated their outfit and both wore black from head to toe with a similar black leather jacket. Could this be a true couple linked mind? That is the only thing that seemed to match as they continued on their trip, they keep on encountering differences.

Ren Zhong takes her to mountain climbing but Ruby Lin didn’t like it. Because it was her first meeting she didn’t want to be rude so went up the mountain with him. She tells the interviewer that if they had been more comfortable with each other, she would’ve rejected the idea entirely. What’s worse was while going up the mountain in the cable cars, both were extremely afraid. Ren Zhong couldn’t even get the chance to be a brace man and comfort her.

At the mountain, the sales person kept pushing him to buy the locks and tags. Ren Zhong bought a lock for them to chain together and a postcard to write out their thoughts for each other.

However Ruby Lin reveals in the interview that she find that locking their locks together on the bridge, writing their name on the locks, and writing their thoughts on a postcard was incredibly childish and seemed unrealistic.

She kept on having the feelings that those were props for a movie and because it was the first day that they met, she felt it was unnecessary to chain their locks together. This couple seemed to be moving further apart rather than getting closer.

I like Ruby with her natural makeup more than the heavier makeup she had on  during her interview. I find that she looks older with the heavier makeup .

I like this couple the most right now. Even though I feel that this couple has the least chemistry and did not match up on their ideals, I find this to be quite realistic. When two people first meet, it’s going to be awkward since you don’t know each other. However when you do get to know each other, you will know how to interact with each other and adjust to each other. The only problem I forsee with this couple is that Ren Zhong seems to be making all the effort to adjust to each other and Ruby just doesn’t like everything that happens. It seemed like she is just putting up with Ren Zhong because of the show. Ren Zhong keeps instructing her on what to do and she relunctantly follows along. In her interview, she keeps on saying that she didn’t want to do any of them and that it was all childish. One of the things that I want to do with my boyfriend is to chain our locks together. Doesn’t all girls want to have a chance to do that with their boyfriend?

Our final couple is Siwon and Liu Wen.

I have seen Liu Wen in many magazines and ad campaigns. Most recently I’ve seen her in the H&M campaign. She has always given me a serious top model image but through this show, I find that she is a bright and giddy person. She is a child at heart and was extremely nervous and giddy while she was changing and preparing to meet her husband in Korea.

Siwon is told to enter a room. He is nervous as he thought his wife is inside the room but to his dismay, he finds his super junior members Zhou Mi, Kangin and Leeteuk waiting for him.

Of course Zhou Mi teaches him wrong phrases telling him to say kiss me as a way of introducing himself and all three members sends him off to meet his wife. The members later monitors Siwon’s first meeting and use this chance to make fun of him as much as they could.

The actual meeting place is in a wedding hall. Siwon arrives first and sits in the wedding hall waiting for his wife.

Suddenly, lights dims and a screen drops that shows scenes of Liu Wen in underwear from Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. I find that especially awkward. Didn’t they have a better fashion scene to show? She has been in like a million fashion shows and a gazillion ad campaigns.

Liu Wen then breezes down the aisle showing her catwalk and sits down next to Siwon.

Even though they are from different countries, language barrier was not an issue as I was surprised to hear Siwon conversing fluently with Liu Wen in chinese.  Siwon says kiss me in chinese to Liu Wen, thinking it’s a way to introduce himself. Liu Wen surprised asks him “right now” but Siwon doesn’t understand  and thought he said the wrong phrase so he tells her nevermind.

Siwon asks if she has dated before but to his surprise, she says that she has not dated before. While they are conversing, I think Leeteuk says that Liu Wen look completely captivated by Siwon while Siwon, on the other hand, needs to smile more. This is exactly what I thought when I first saw the stills released by the show. Liu Wen was smiling brightly and sweetly but Siwon didn’t seem to smile much. I wonder if it’s because he’s too nervous.

Liu Wen asks if he likes women to wear heels but Siwon misinterprets and says he likes tall girls like Liu Wen sending Liu Wen to break into a larger grin. Unable to stand watching them talking about nonsense, Kangin and the rest of the gang decides to head in to brighten up the atmosphere. Of course Liu Wen is shocked to see them entering.

They asks about what they thought about each other in which Liu Wen said she was surprised that Siwon spoke chinese so well while Siwon says that Liu Wen was really pretty. The gangs then directed the couple to press their foreheads together. On the first try, Liu Wen was embarrassed and stepped back. She almost fell off the stage and Siwon being more experienced in variety shows directed her to stand closer to the center so she wouldn’t be so close to the edge. I felt that was quite charming of him to take care of her and lead her. After getting them to press their foreheads together, the gang cheers and the episode ends.

One major gripe about this couple is that I find their relationship to be like a fan girl meeting her idol. It didn’t seem like Siwon was feeling those flutters while you can obviously tell Liu Wen had butterflies all inside her and couldn’t stop smiling. I wanted to watch this couple because of Siwon, but it turns out I like Liu Wen a lot more. Different than her supermodel image, she looks just like a cute high school girl who is nervous but yet excited to go on her first date.

I loved watching we got married because I love seeing a romantic, dreamy relationship that only happens in korean dramas happen in real life. A lot of people have said that WGM is scripted, I have always felt that it wasn’t. However, after watching the chinese version, I am starting to feel that the virtual marriage that I have been a huge fan of is nothing more than two celebrities acting to appease our fantasies. While I was watching the chinese version, even though it has the same format and everything, I only felt awkwardness between the two couples. This is exactly how I would feel when I first meet a stranger and I find this to be more realistic. I realized that the “We Got married” show that I loved to watch so much may just be two celebrities acting out a story for the viewers. The other things is that I find the awkwardness may be correlated with age. In the korean version, the majority of the couples are idols in their twenties, and they get along fine while doing activities that other twenty year old would do. However Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong who is in their late 40s seems to be taking longer to get adjusted to each other and doing normal dating activities seems quite foreign to Ruby.

Overall, I find the korean version to be cuter and after watching the chinese version, I realized the korean one may be highly edited to seem so romantic. I think it does deserve a watch because, when you watch a variety show as opposed to a movie or drama, you get to see a person’s true personality and it is worth a watch to discover Kimi and Liu Wen’s personality. Aside from Kimi and Xu Lu couple, the other two couples had a unique way of meeting that I haven’t seen from the korean “We Got Married” and I enjoyed watching it. Although I know this is still a show to entertain us and the celebrities may not really have affection for each other, I find the chinese one to have a more realistic tone and was less fairytale like. I will continue to watch both the chinese and korean version as I do enjoy watching variety shows and there is not enough “We Got Married” for me to watch each week.

If I had to choose watching between the two version, I would still choose the korean one as I find the couple in the korea one more romantic and cute.

How are you guys liking the show? Are you sticking with the korean version or have you been converted to a fan of “We Are In Love”?

This is unrelated to the couple but I am not an avid fan of Super Junior so I don’t know too much about them. I did know that Zhou Mi is part of Super Junior but I felt that he seemed to be distant from the group and looked more like a chinese translator rather than part of Super Junior. I saw that he tried hard to blend with Kangin and Leeteuk but there seemed to be some sort of barrier between them. I googled search him online and found out that he was the third batch of members that were added to Super Junior and after checking out their latest MV Mamacita, I didn’t see Zhou Mi in it. I felt that Kangin, Leeteuk, and Siwon weren’t as comfortable with him than they are with each other. I don’t understand why he is labeled as Super Junior member when they don’t even promote together. Can anyone explain why he is labeled Super Junior when he doesn’t appear in MV or promote with the original Super Junior?


2 thoughts on “We Are In Love: Recap, Thoughts and First Impressions

  1. Zhoumi and Siwon are actually really close. (I recommend you watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWjdFnsy2Rc&spfreload=10 if you’re a fan of Siwon and want to know Zhoumi – they are the only two members on this variety because Siwon’s the guest and Zhoumi’s an MC.) I don’t know how close he is to Leeteuk and Kangin (I know there’s a level of closeness, Zhoumi gets along with just about anyone and they’ve been together like 8 years now), but he belongs to Super Junior M, not Super Junior, and neither Leeteuk nor Kangin are part of Super Junior M, so he’s spent most of those 8 years being in a group with Siwon, who is an SJM member, than with Kangin and Leeteuk.

    As for why he’s not in the Mamacita video… That’s the main group, Super Junior. The last SJM video he would have been in would be Swing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2Ku1XJc-dE&spfreload=10

    Zhoumi and Henry were supposed to be part of the main group, but Korea is xenophobic as hell, and SM tried to add them into SJ during SJ’s rise in popularity in Korea, so the Korean fanbase was huge. It also happened around the time Super Junior lost one of their most popular members, Han Geng, who was also Chinese and sued SM (and won) for mistreatment/human rights violations, etc etc. When SJ tried to introduce Henry and Zhoumi as one of their own, the k-fandom protested vocally, claiming they only wanted the original 13 members. Since SJ is the group that made kpop spread beyond Asia, SM had no precedent, and this was before SJ was international/had an international fanbase, so it was literally like, listen to these assholes making two new members cry on stage or risk the k-fandom abandoning the group (you can guess which one SM chose). SJ has introduced Henry and Zhoumi as their own forever, but even including them in concerts to sing songs not sung by Super Junior M gets vicious responses, so sometimes they don’t even try. Henry and Zhoumi have both debuted as solo artists now, and they’re most popular for SJM, in China and Japan and other parts of Asia, people view them as Super Junior. Korea protests though, and even though that is now SJ’s smallest fandom, SM is never going to stop appeasing them. As SJ is now a group in their 10th year, I am pretty sure the only times you will ever see Zhoumi and Henry perform with SJ are when it’s only just Siwon, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, and Ryeowook as SJM (SJM is very close to each other. You can tell in SJM Guesthouse and when they’re on varieties, or even their interactions during the talking segments of concerts when Henry and Zhoumi join SJ on stage.) But Henry and Zhoumi are pretty close to some of the other members too. I’ve seen both be comfortable around Heechul and Yesung.

    Even more than that, though, I think the awkwardness was highest when Kangin, Leeteuk, and Zhoumi were performing Sorry, Sorry. Because that’s not a Super Junior M song, that’s a Super Junior song. I don’t think Zhoumi has ever performed it (I mean, maybe by himself, definitely not on broadcast) publicly, and definitely not with two actual SJ, not SJM, members. If you watch, Leeteuk and Kangin are together, almost in sync, and Zhoumi keeps the distance. I don’t think this is because he’s that uncomfortable around Leeteuk and Kangin, but rather, that it’s instinct for him now, that he’s kind of afraid of the backlash even though this is airing in China and Chinese fans support him. (And that makes me sad.) It’s also a classic Super Junior dance, so that feeling that “I don’t belong here, I probably shouldn’t be doing this,” is probably going through his head to some extent.

    As for why he’s labeled Super Junior? I guess that’s the doing of SJ, especially the members who know Henry and Zhoumi as well (if you noticed, it’s most of them, and I don’t think it’s that they’re not close to the others, I just think there is less of a friendship because SJM has spent years together in China, they know each other really well). They continued to introduce them as Super Junior despite the fact that SM announced they’d only join the subgroup, SJM, and Heechul has said many times, “if you can’t support all of us, what kind of fan are you?” In 2012/2013 during their world tour, when Super Junior was not promoting and only doing concerts because of members in the military, SJ included SJM in a lot of their group songs (because they were outside of Korea). So technically, no, Zhoumi is Super Junior M, and rarely will you see him be called Super Junior by anyone in Korea or be introduced by k-media that way. Internationally, most fans drop the distinction.

    (Haha, sorry for the super long answer. I didn’t know how to explain it with less words. ^^; ) Also, I enjoyed reading your recap. I don’t watch the Korean WGM, but what I think makes this show a bit more genuine (like, it’s not scripted – I don’t think you can script that kind of awkwardness lol, but there’s probably a degree of planning, and the reactions are probably very real) is that it’s not actually WGM. The Chinese title translates directly to “Let’s Fall in Love,” and the focus is on dating, not marriage. So it’s like they took two people and threw them together to date on television. I’m sure the producers are involved to some level, but I think for the most part the dialogue and the way they interact is natural. I’m a new Siwon fan, so I’ve been watching lots of stuff he’s in, and yeah, the awkwardness and the shyness is super high here. He’s confident on variety shows, but I don’t think he’s ever done something like this. He’s definitely dated, unlike Liu Wen who has spent most of her career saying that she’s never had a boyfriend, but he’s never been exposed for it (even though he had two pretty public relationships), so it’s like some of the awkwardness is from doing this publicly. He’s also followed Liu Wen on instagram for years (if you watch the part when he’s watching the VS fashion show, he says something like, “…It can’t be [her]” because he knows who she is, and he’s pretty actively followed the fashion world) so it might actually be a little more disbelief on his end, lol. I think their awkwardness goes down slowly (I just saw the third episode, and still shy, a little awkward, but muchhh less in comparison with the first one), and so far, my favorite episode is 2 because it’s so surreal and fairytale-like (basically why you love the korean wgm lol). Anyway, I hope you continue watching!


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