“You Are My Sunshine” Moves Up its Release Date with New Character Posters and Releases Three MVs

The highly anticipated movie “You Are My Sunshine” moves up its released date by a day to April 30. I don’t know what difference that would make but they better released the movie soon because I am getting bored out with their lackluster MVs.

It’s funny because I loved all their posters that has been released thus far and their posters have been attracting me to watch the movie but their MV seem to be having the opposite effect on me.

Check out their newly released character posters

Huang Xiao Ming as He Yi Cheng: I am crazy to allow you to trample on me like this.

Yang Mi as Zhao Mo Sheng: 7 years later, are we a different person.

Angelababy as He Yi Mei: Remember this, I didn’t lose to you, I lost to him.

Tong Da Wei as Ying Hui: That was the time I was the closest to Mo Sheng, but her gaze has never been that distant.

Ma Su as Miss Wen: Caused me to be in an unrequited love.

Tao as William: You stomach isn’t well, remember to take medicine.

Shui He as Xiao Xiao: Xiao Mei died early, I am now Xiao Xiao.

Evonne Lin as Hua Xian Zi: What do you know? She stole my first boyfriend but didn’t cherish him after snatching him.

Chen Tai as Xiang Hen: You never met a person stronger than He Yi Cheng.

After all these posters, trailers, and MVs, this is the first time I am seeing Chen Tai. He is playing Xiang Hen who is He Yi Cheng’s older classmate in college and work partner. In the drama,  Xiang Hen is portrayed as a guy that is inferior to He Yi Cheng but I think Chen Tai is so sexy and hot.  In my opinion, he’s even better looking than Huang Xiao Ming. I find that he resembles Won Bin. I am so excited to see him in the movie now.


I previously posted Huang Xiao Ming’s MV where he sings the theme song to the movie here and Jane Zhang is singing the english version of it.

After hearing the song a second time, it didn’t sound as bad but it’s my least favorite out of the bunch. Check it out below.


Below is Na Ying singing Silence with Huang Xiao Ming using sign language in the MV. I think this song is the perfect insert during times where He Yi Cheng and Zhao Mo Sheng is brooding.


The problem with these MVs is they seem to be using the same exact scenes in all the mv and teasers and it just annoys me.

In the english version with Jane Zhang singing, the english subtitles that were inserted into the MV looks like it’s done by me with an online editing tool. The MVs just look sloppy. I am visual type person. When there is a song that doesn’t click with me, I may end up liking the song if I end up watching an incredible mv. However if the MV is already a mess, it just detracts from the song and makes  a bad impression. And this is what the MVs has done. I already didn’t like the songs and the MVs don’t make me want to listen to it.

If the production company hadn’t released such amazing posters with their amazing “back in time trailer”, I may have already decided to give up watching the movie after watching these mvs.

Out of all three mvs, I think Na Ying’s song is the best but I didn’t like the MV where Huang Xiao Ming is using sign language to keep with the theme of silence. Based on aesthetics, I like Huang Xiao Ming’s MV the most because the scenes used in the mv gave a nice warm feeling.

What do you think about the MVs?




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