“You Are My Sunshine” Releases More Stills, Second Trailer, and Theme Song Sung by Huang Xiao Ming

“You Are My Sunshine” movie version continues to tease us as they release the MV of the theme song that is sung by Huang Xiao Ming. We get to see glimpses of the movie in the mv.

check out the second “embarrassing trailer” for the movie below

The rest are the infinite amount of stills released

Huang Xiao Ming and Yang Mi acting with their gaze.

Huang Xiao Ming’s gaze is piercing me alive!!

I think this is the scene where Yi Chen gets drunk and pops out of nowhere, forcing a kiss on Mo Shen.

Tao looks like he is really tired.

So far from the stills I’ve seen, Tong Dawei looks to nice to play Ying Hui, who plays the CEO of INSO and tries to break Mo Shen and Yi Cheng apart. I think Tang Kai in the drama version looked more like a successful cunning businessman.

The first teaser that was released effectively got me to anticipated the movie. However, with the release of Huang Xiao Ming’s MV where he sings the theme song, the anticipation took a dive. One problem is that I didn’t fall in love with that song. Can I say that the ticking background music from the first teaser was a lot more addicting. The second problem is that the scenes I saw in the mv, which were supposed to be teasers for the movie, reminded me of the scenes I saw in the drama and it made the movie seem unoriginal. The main scene I am talking about is when He Yi Chen lies in the hospital and Mo Shen goes to visit him. While he is asleep, Mo Shen couldn’t hold herself back and kissed him. When I first saw this scene in the drama, I was so excited and confused as to why Mo Shen kissed him and wanted to see how the couple would get entangled with each other more. However, when I saw that scene in the MV, I was just waiting for Yang Mi to kiss Huang Xiao Ming, and there was no excitement or anticipation since I knew what was going to happen.

This is what I had feared. I didn’t want myself to be bored when I watch the movie and wanted myself to relive the happiness, sadness, anticipation and excitement when I was watching drama version. Hopefully when I do get to watch the movie, I won’t get bored.

The second teaser does show a bit of comedy and I am excited to see what prompted Mo Sheng to dress like a sailor.

What do fans of the drama think about the mv and soon-to-be released movie? Are you guys excited or are you just watching just to see if it is as good as the drama version?

Check out 1st trailer here and Promotional Posters here

Stills from Sina1, Sina2, Sina3


3 thoughts on ““You Are My Sunshine” Releases More Stills, Second Trailer, and Theme Song Sung by Huang Xiao Ming

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  3. William, played by Tao, is the gay llove of the male man lead, played by Xioaming. That’s all I know. Both male characters are gay. But Xioaming ‘s character still love that one female character. I really want to watch the movie to understand more about this messed up love.

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