What to Watch this April and May?

Or at least what I plan to watch. I have been converted into an avid korean drama fan ever since I was introduced to it from my college buddies. However the past february and march, I felt like there was nothing to watch and started venturing into chinese dramas that seemed quite interesting. Have I been missing out in chinese dramas or did it just recently become popular because I was addicted to chinese drama more than ever before. What’s even better is that chinese dramas release about 1-2 episodes each day so you don’t have to wait what seems like forever for a new episode to be release.

Well April came along and I see a bunch of new korean dramas that I wanted to watch so just wanted to share with you guys what I will be watching. I like to wait until a large part of drama is aired before diving into the drama because I hate the feeling of waiting.

Angry Mom (korean) it’s about a mother (Kim Hee Sun) who goes undercover at her daughter’s  highschool to stop bullies attacking her daughter (Kim Yoo Jung). I am watching it for Kim Yoo Jung as I am an absolute fan of hers and this is her first drama where she doesn’t get switched out and replaced by an older counterpart (P.S. I know Love Cell is the first one but I don’t considered it her first full fledged drama since it’s only a web drama). This drama has been anticipated for addressing societal issues such violence, bullying and corruption that’s been plaguing korea and the director makes this a watchable drama by mixing in lots of hilarious moments but also raising the awareness of bullying at the same time.  Other notable people in this drama is Ji Hyun Woo who plays a teacher, which I don’t care much about, and B1A4’s Baro and Orange Caramel’s Lizzy who will play the bullies. Check out the posters and teasers from a previous post.

Murphy’s Law of Love (taiwanese)- Guan Xiao Tong (Ivelyn Lee) is a “love guru” of the Meet and Match Online Dating Company where she has the ability to solve everyone’s relationship problems except her own. Ji Jia Wei (Danson Tang) is the CEO of a divorce agency and he proposes a joint-company matchmaking with Xiao Tong so that his father could get closer to Mei Zhen who is the CEO of the online dating company. However Jia Wei meets Xiao Tong and they get on the wrong foot with each other and the enjoy tormenting each other.  Xiao Tong meets Mei Zhen’s son Zi Yan (Jolin Chien) and they start developing feelings for each other. A surgeon can’t perform surgery on himself but will this love guru be able to solve her relationship matters?

This ones just looks like the typical idol drama where enemies turn into lovers however there are times that you just want to watch a light hearted romance and this one fits the bill. It doesn’t hurt with all those pretty cast. The only person I have seen before is Danson Tang from taiwan’s Hana Kimi. I honestly couldn’t even recognize him as he became a lot more masculine looking after chopping off his hair and lost some baby fat. This one started in march but doesn’t end until late july so it will be some time before I start watching but tumblr is rampant with this drama.

Dr. Ian aka Dr. Mo Clinic (korea) is about a psychiatrist Mo Ian (Kim Young Kwang) who has suffered a heartbreak but while treating his patient (played by 2NE1’s Sandra) he finds a way to heal his own wounds. This web drama is a joint-production between China and Korea with a total of 9 episode that you can finish watching in one sitting as the whole entire series is a little over an hour and a half. The entire series has finished airing on April 8 with english subtitles available at dramacool. This marks Sandra’s successful debut as an actress as she has received lots of praise for portraying Lee So Dam’s unique personality with her everlasting beauty and her ability to express various feelings well. Following this success, Sandra already has a new web drama lined up called “We Broke Up” where she will act with Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon and is scheduled to air in June.

The Girl Who Can See Smell. It’s about a police officer (Park Yoo Chun) who lost his senses and younger sister after a car accident and he tries to search for the perpetrators of the car accident where his younger sister (Kim Soo Hyun) dies from. He meets a girl (Shin Se Kyung) who lost her memory but acquires the ability to visualize smell after surviving the same accident . They work together to catch the “Bar Code Murderer”. I am watching this drama for Yoo Chun, who I have nothing but praise for after watching “Rooftop Prince” and because this seems like the first drama where Shin Se Kyung plays a character that is different than her usually brooding, gloomy, and indecisive character. Nam Goong Min is the extra cherry on top.

The Lover-(korean) I almost crossed this one of my list as I don’t like omnibus dramas due to their lack of connectivity but The Lover makes it work because it’s just like watching short snippets of jokes and surprises. You can check out the full casts, posters and trailers from a previous post. One of the reasons that dissuaded me from watching it was because of its rampant sexual inferences in its teaser but it is also these racy scenes that perked my interest. Jung Joon Young‘s comedic portrayal in the many tumblr gifs I have seen also plays a factor for me to watch it. The series doesn’t end until late June but this is one of those series you can stop and resume without feeling like you forgot something since it doesn’t really have a plot. I just hope all the gifs I saw on tumblr aren’t the only good parts and that the drama has much more to offer than the gifs I have already seen. There are many people loving this drama right now.

Falling for Innocence (korean) has basically the same backbone as the tvb drama “A Change of Heart” where a cold ruthless businessman gets a heart transplant and acquires the kindhearted personality of the organ donor and even the feelings of his love for a woman. I have never seen Jung Kyung Ho before but loved every performance I have seen of Kim So Yeon as she is a chameleon that morphs into every role she plays. It’s a plot that I like and don’t mind watching it again with Kim So Yeon who I haven’t seen in a while.

Let’s Eat Season 2 (korean)- I have yet to watch season 1 but will watch both season because of its delicious food broadcast. I have seen Doojoon, back when they were newbies, less than 3 feet away from me but didn’t get a picture of him since he turned and looked directly at me which shocked me and I was embarrassed to be shoving my camera in his face. I regret being so meek at that time and wished I had pressed the button since everyone was doing the same. I am not a fan of him yet but I think after watching season 1, I will be converted. Check out character posters that were posted earlier.

Flowers for Algernon is the japanese live adaption of popular novel with the same title by Daniel Keyes which is about the changes in attitude and feelings of a mentally handicapped man that becomes a genius after a surgery. However, the newly regained intelligence is short-lived as the mouse named Algernon, that the experiment was first conducted on, started to see a deterioration in intellect and soon dies. The genius must then cope with his feelings as he understands all of this.

It seems like this drama would be the perfect blend of educational enrichment, since I read this in english class and there must be a vital lesson in the midst of the story, and will serve as my daily drama fix. P.S. I can already tell I will bawl my eyes out at the end of the drama. Yamashita Tomohisa plays the lead in this drama definitely plays a factor in deciding to watching this. Check out the more in depth post and trailer here.

Make A Woman CryKim Jung Eun plays a detective that quits her job to run a small restaurant in order to remind herself of memories of her son that had died. I am watching this solely because former MBLAQ member Thunder is in it. However I just looked at at the wiki page for the drama and Thunder’s real name, Park Sang Hyun, isn’t even listed as one of the main cast. I hope he doesn’t play an unnecessary side character. This is one of those long running family series with 50 episodes

We Are In Love-China is remaking Korea’s virtual marriage show “We Got Married”  with top stars including Liu Wen, Choi Siwon, Ruby Lin, Ren Zhong, Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu. I’ve liked watching We Got Married and loved how realistic and convincing the pairs are. With Ruby Lin’s big smile seen in the stills, and hottie Choi Si Won appearance, I know that I have to watch this. Check out all the stills and caricature posters released in a previous post.

Starting in May all eyes will be on the star studded drama “The Producer” (korea) which is set in the entertainment variety world. Other than the main cast with IU, Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin there are many other big names like Kim Jong Kook and Jo Yoon Hee who will be playing supporting character. Taetiseo has already been confirmed to have a cameo appearance.

With all these big names, it’s a no brainer to watch this. Besides, my favorite singer IU is in this so I could not possibly skip it. Check out my previous thoughts of the casts in this post and what Gong Hyo Jin says about being in a drama with a popular male actor.

Ex-Girlfriend Club (Korea) is about a popular webtoon writer (Byun Yo Han) who use his past dating life and ex-girlfriends as inspiration for his writing. The webtoon becomes a big hit and a producer (Song Ji Hyo) decides to adapt it into a film, only to find out she is a character in the webtoon. The love-hate relationship between the two leads seems to be the same as the character that Song Ji Hyo played in “Emergency Couple”. However this seems like a nice romantic comedy with lots of clashes and I would like to see Ji Hyo acting berserk. However, entertainment sites are currently saying that Ex-Girlfriend Club and The Producer will air on the same day of May 8 so I am predicting that the “Ex-girlfriend Club” will get low ratings after being pitted against such a big production.

 Movies that I am Eyeing

The Queens (chinese) April 16 -Annie who is an actress was heartbroken after breaking up with her boyfriend of many years but thankfully her best buddies are there for her. Melissa who snatched away her boyfriend continued to succeed at work but at the same time her best friend are also experiencing relationship problems. Annie finally find her courage to face all the suspicion and criticism because not only does she need to fight for her own life, but also for her best buddies.

The synopsis from above is translated from a chinese website but according to my knowledge there’s a lot more complicated love relationships and betrayal in this movie. I’m watching this because of its stellar casts with Song Hye Go, Chen Xiao En, Vivian Wu, Annie Yi, Shawn Dou, Tony Yang, Joe Cheng, and others and the promotional posters looks gorgeous. However, just looking at all those promotional posters with different relationships gave me a headache. Check out the character posters and teary stills of the actress.

Meet the In-law2 (korean) April 30 Hong Jong Hyun , Jin Se Yeon– a romantic comedy about the son from a family of thieves who signs up to be a policeman to gain the approval from his in-laws to marry their daughter that comes from a family of policemans. Both family oppose the marriage and tries to prevent the marriage. Check out the trailer in a previous post. I think this would be a nice friday night hangout movie.

You Are My Sunshine Movie Adaption (chinese) May 1. Huang Xiao Ming, Yang Mi, Angelababy, Tao. The cast alone will draw in enough viewers but ever since the drama version became such a hit, those who loved the drama and those who loved the novel will watch this ultra-romantic movie. Check out the riveting trailer and my translation of the previous posters that were released.

Let me know what drama or movie you are interested in or is watching in April and May. 🙂


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