Top Stars Join China’s Remake of “We Got Married”

I have always loved watching Korea’s We Got Married and imagined myself dating in sweet situations like those in the show. I started watching with the 4th season. I felt that everyone on the show was compatible with each other even though it was a decided marriage and felt that their love relationship looked quite realistic. Recently, the shows seems to be plagued with dating scandals and has been upsetting fans.  It started with Oh Yeon So’s dating scandal with Lee Jang Woo, and more recently Hong Jong Hyun was reportedly to have been dating Afterschool’s NaNa while Kim So Eun was photographed at night with  Son Ho Joon. Even worse is that Yewon, who just recently joined WGM, suddenly got into this huge controversy about her impoliteness toward a senior actress, Lee Tae Im, on “Tutoring Across Generations”. I’m starting to get bored with all these scandals and it does affect my feelings when I am watching the show even though I know that this is just a show and their marriage is not real. The good news is that China is broadcasting their remake of  We Got Married titled “We Are In Love” starting on April 19. I can take a break from the korean version and watch china’s version instead. They have released stills and caricatures that look exactly like the stars. I don’t know how the show got these mega super stars onboard but will support their efforts by watching the show. Supermodel Liu Wen is paired with hottie Choi Siwon, who has been active in Hong Kong and China and appeared in a numerous movies and dramas, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin is paired with actor Ren Zhong, and Singer-actor Kimi Qiao, who is in the popular Cdrama Cruel Romance that recently aired, is paired with actress Xu Lu.

Choi Si Won and Liu Wen

Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu

Ren Zhong and Ruby Lin

I find that those who appeared on the korean version of WGM tended to gain massive popularity and recognition after appearing on the show. It blows my mind how Choi Si Won and Ruby Lin would appear on this show. My guess is that the show must have paid lots of $$$ for them to appear because why else would he not appear in the korean version. But yet again, I don’t know which other actress/singer they could find in korea who could match up to Siwon’s caliber. I am pretty happy with the pairings mainly because of Choi Siwon and Liu Wen since I don’t know too much about Actor Ren Zhong and actress Xu Lu. There is this article that attempted to show how compatible the couples are and they found Choi Si Won and Liu Wen couple to be the most compatible while Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu couple to be the least compatible. However I find that article to be bogus because they compare Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu’s makeup-less face as a factor for compatibility but I do appreciate the photo comparisons of Choi Si Won and Liu Wen.

  • both are fashionable and stylish

  • compatible in their daily lives

  • both have perfect body proportions and are both extremely sexy

  • both have a playful side to them

Check out the stills below: I find Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong to be the happiest couple. Or maybe Ruby Lin just always have a cheerful demeanor. Age has never been an issue for Ruby Lin as she looks just as cute and if not, even cuter than the other two couple. looks like the fellow Super Junior members will make a guest appearance at their wedding. I don’t find Siwon to look as happy in these stills. Is he nervous? The thing I like about variety shows is that you get to see the actor’s personality away from their character in their dramas/movies. In this still, I am seeing a different Kimi than his character in Cruel Romance. Him showing his gums with that grin is just so adorable. This doesn’t look like an official still from the program but a paparazzi shot of them picking up a dose of their morning caffeine, which Kwanghee and Sunhwa in season 4 of korea’s WGM coveted so much for. ……..Every single time I see a guy with eyeliner on, other than g dragon, it shocks me and Kimi with pitch black eyeliner on was no exception. I am guessing he is a rocker. Looking forward to his performance. On the other note, Lee Kwang Soo’s agency has confirmed his appearance in a different chinese dating show called “If You Love”. “If You Love” is centered around dating instead of marriage and 2PM’s Changsung and Miss A’s Fei were previous participants of the program while 2Pm’s Nichkun had a guest appearance. Lee Kwang Soo has left for China to participate in the shoot for that show. There are rumors going around that Lynn Hong, who is well-known as the ex-girlfriend of hong kong superstar Aaron Kwok, would be his virtual partner but a representative said his partner has not been confirmed yet.

lynn hong

Judging from the comments online, netizens aren’t too pleased with Lynn being his virtual partner. Lynn is quite tall being a top model and from her appearance in the chinese remake of runningman, she is pretty sweet and isn’t as fierce as she appears in her dramas and movies. Whoever they choose as his partner, I hope it’s a tall girl or else, the cameraman is going to have difficulties capturing both of them on the same screen. I hope he doesn’t show his icon of betrayal and goofy image in front of his virtual partner. Hopefully actors and actresses from “We Are In Love” and “If You Love” won’t get into scandals and land in the same situation that the korean “We Got Married” is in right now.

What do you think of the pairings?


news of Kwangsoo from soompi

pictures from sina, sina2, soompi2


4 thoughts on “Top Stars Join China’s Remake of “We Got Married”

    • In WGM Chinese version I’m sure there will be a lot of ELF that will upload the show but I’m sure they will only upload SIWON part…..

      I’m not sure about the IF YOU LOVE show bec I had a freaking hard time trying to watch the Season 1 of this show it took me 1hr just to find a raw episode……..Yes raw episode bec its very rare to find a Chinese variety show that has a English subtitle

      Hopefully someone will sub the dating show


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