We Are In Love: Recap, Thoughts and First Impressions

As a big fan of “We Got Married”, when I heard  Ruby Lin and Siwon officially joined “We Are In Love”, I knew I had to check this out. Continue reading


“You Are My Sunshine” Moves Up its Release Date with New Character Posters and Releases Three MVs

The highly anticipated movie “You Are My Sunshine” moves up its released date by a day to April 30. I don’t know what difference that would make but they better released the movie soon because I am getting bored out with their lackluster MVs.

It’s funny because I loved all their posters that has been released thus far and their posters have been attracting me to watch the movie but their MV seem to be having the opposite effect on me.

Check out their newly released character posters Continue reading

“You Are My Sunshine” Releases More Stills, Second Trailer, and Theme Song Sung by Huang Xiao Ming

“You Are My Sunshine” movie version continues to tease us as they release the MV of the theme song that is sung by Huang Xiao Ming. We get to see glimpses of the movie in the mv. Continue reading


What to Watch this April and May?

Or at least what I plan to watch. I have been converted into an avid korean drama fan ever since I was introduced to it from my college buddies. However the past february and march, I felt like there was nothing to watch and started venturing into chinese dramas that seemed quite interesting. Have I been missing out in chinese dramas or did it just recently become popular because I was addicted to chinese drama more than ever before. What’s even better is that chinese dramas release about 1-2 episodes each day so you don’t have to wait what seems like forever for a new episode to be release. Continue reading


Top Stars Join China’s Remake of “We Got Married”

I have always loved watching Korea’s We Got Married and imagined myself dating in sweet situations like those in the show. Continue reading


“Meet the In-laws 2” with Hong Jong Hyun and Jin Se Yeon Out on April 30

Hong Jung Hyun’s romantic-comedy with Jin Se Yeon is getting released at the end of this month. Continue reading


You Are My Sunshine Movie Version Releases Trailer and Stills

“You Are My Sunshine” releases it’s first trailer with a “going back in time” theme.  Continue reading