Cruel Romance Review

cruel romance review

You’ve got the powerful gang leader that is willing to risk his life to save the girl, the righteous girl who has no fear and only desires true love, the perfect villain that wants to take over the world, an overabundant of topless men scenes, action scenes, best friends fighting over a girl, and not one but two true love romances in this drama. What more do you want?

I started watching this drama because:

1. I was so hyped up by the I-will-do-anything-for-the-girl theme in “Lady and the Liar”  and  it seemed like this would be similar to it.

2. My favorite actress Chen Qiao En is in it and I haven’t seen her since “The Queen of SOP”.

3. This drama was so hyped up at that time. Almost every blog that I was following was talking about it. I couldn’t miss out on this excitement.

4. All the stills released were so picturesque.  The endless amount of teasers released made the drama look suspenseful and made Huang Xiao Ming look so perfect. I had to watch it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.33.56 AM

For all those rumors that were flying around saying that this is copy cat of “Lady and the Liar” that just recently finished airing,   I can assure you that the people who started those rumors didn’t watch the drama. Aside from the story taking place in the 1930s with the male lead being called Er Ye and having a similar role of being a powerful gang leader with two henchmen that has similar personalities to the henchman in “Lady and the Liar”, the similarities ends there. Period. I would say that this drama has a much better storyline and more heart-wrenching lines between the casts to keep you engaged. There were two times that the plot turned out to be different than what I had expected.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 5.49.27 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 5.49.29 PM

Synopsis: The story is set in the 1930s where our female lead, Rong Jin Xiu’s (Chen Qiao En) entire family was killed in one night. She leaves Shanghai, hoping to avenge her family, with a pocket watch that her teacher had entrusted her with and is the only link to the murderers. While onboard the ship, she sees a man that is being chased by a group of men, and unwilling to see people being bullied, she finds a place for him to hide but gets entangled in a fight that almost cost her her life. That man that she tried save turned out to be Zuo Zhen, Shanghai’s most powerful and influential gang leader and both swear never to see each other again. However, fate has it that both ends up saving each other’s lives multiple times afterwards. Zuo Zhen slowly falls for Jin Xiu bravery and directly pursues for Jin Xiu’s love. However, Jin Xiu falls for the more romantic and sweet talker Xiang Ying Dong (Kimi Qiao) who is the brother of Mr. Xiang, Shanghai’s top businessman. What hardships will she face while searching for the murderers in the cruel city of Shanghai and which outstanding man will she end up with?

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 5.22.26 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.13.49 PM

I usually wait until all the episodes are out before starting to watch a drama, but because I was recapping some episodes on avirtualvoyage, I had to catch up with the episodes as they are released. Watching the episode once it’s released completely ruined me and that’s a mistake I don’t think I will ever do again. After watching the latest episode, because there’s nothing after that, I become so obsessed with what’s going to happen next that I kept rewatching the same episode over and over again.

The drama is really good, but it took a downturn at about episode 34. There are lots of action scenes and sweet moments between Zuo Zhen and Jin Xiu to keep you addicted from beginning to the end. He is known to be a rough and cold man but when it comes to Jin Xiu, he becomes an entirely different man. When it is Jin Xiu, he is willing to do anything for her and always places Jin Xiu before himself. He supports her decisions no matter what it is. I also loved all those moments where he is attentive to Jin Xiu and he does things that are unlike his normal self  for example when he is focused on cracking walnut shells for her in the midst of watching a movie and personally learns to dance so he could teach her the dance moves. Those moments where Zuo Zhen tells Jin Xiu his true thoughts, that she is hers  and directly telling her to be his woman makes me melt.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 6.42.56 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.27.30 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.51.54 AM

This drama is definitely a treat for all those fangirls.

There were so many topless scenes of the well-endowed Huang Xiao Ming and Qi Ji that I was blushing while watching it. And unlike korean dramas where they usually show one topless scene in the beginning to raise your interest and then you don’t get another scene after, in this drama, you get a good amount of topless scene from beginning to the end.

topless males in cruel romance

As the drama progresses, you don’t get bored because you end up finding more secrets and revelation that keeps you engaged. The drama isn’t solely revolved around Jin Xiu and we get to see another love triangle between Mr Xiang and Ying Dong. However when there is too much time devoted to other side characters, I tend to get annoyed because I only care about our main characters. I liked how our main leads slowly fell in love with each other. Their love developed bit by bit over time as Zuo Zhen won Jin Xiu over by his actions and unlike in “Lady and the Liar”, where I felt that the female lead ended up with the male lead because she felt that the man sacrificed a lot for her. There weren’t a lot of caring-for-each-other scenes in “Lady and the Liar” that I felt showed that the characters did love each other.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 5.40.11 PM

I find the actions scenes in this drama to be smoother than “Lady and the Liar” but their set selections are less grand and less realistic. Because the sets and scenery in  “Lady and the Liar” amazed me, I was kinda expecting to see some nice sets in here too, but was disappointed. The only minor problem in the fight scenes is that after Huang Xiao Ming fights off 10 other men, he would stay in the last pose for a couple seconds before going back to normal and I find it cheesy.

One thing I really hate about chinese dramas are the different cut versions that they release. I didn’t find that to be a problem with previous dramas that I watched in this past, or probably because I didn’t realize it, but I started with  “Lady and the Liar” and now with “Cruel Romance”, I found that there are scenes that are cut out. During flashbacks, a scene that I have never seen before would appear and make me wonder if I had skipped an episode or missed some parts. In episode 8 there is a flashback where we see Jin Xiu holding a blade up to her neck and telling Zuo Zhen not to get any closer. I have never seen that scene in any of the earlier episodes and it confused me so much. I actually panicked that I had missed something and went back to the previous episodes, where I felt that scene could have taken place, to makes sure I didn’t skip any scenes. If the editors are to make cuts, then have that scene cut out from the entire series. Furthermore, I felt that the scene would have been pretty impactful in the drama and I don’t understand why they would have cut that scene out.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.11.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.24.07 PM

Chen Qiao En’s acting is the same as it has always been. I love her tearful scenes. The tears comes out so naturally for her. When she was tearing up at the end of episode 7, I completely applauded for her acting ability. She is able to portray the sadness yet also make it feel like she is embarrassed for crying. She made it look like she was holding herself back from crying. chen qiao en crying

Some netizens were saying that she looks too old to be playing an innocent character. I don’t know the age of the character that she is playing, but I felt she she was suitable for that character.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.12.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.39.44 AM

Huang Xiao Ming being casted for Zuo Zhen was spot on. I don’t think they could have found another man who could have portrayed that character better. I like his portrayal of a tough, gang leader more than Hawick Lau’s portrayal. You needed someone with more of a built and a stoic face to play that cold-looking gang leader and Huang Xiao Ming nails that part.

It’s not that Hawick is not muscular enough, as he does show off his surprisingly built body in “Lady and the Liar”, but I find him to be too cute and sweet to play a gang leader and Hawick’s shorter stature makes him feel less of a leader. The thing about Huang Xiao Ming is that I don’t find myself loving him like I would with other male actors. I think it has something to do with the first drama that I’ve seen Huang Xiao Ming in. On that note, let me tell you NOT to watch “Summer Bubbles”. I watched it for Barbie Hsu and regret wasting my time on it. Huang Xiao Ming plays an obsessive ex of Barbie and his character in that drama haunted me for the longest time ever. After watching “Sound of Desert” with Eddie Peng, “Lady and the Liar” and “You Are My Sunshine” with Wallace Chung, I found myself infatuated with the leading male character. I wanted to find out more about them, and tried to watch every production they have been in. After watching a drama, I find myself not knowing whether I like the actor or like the character that the actor plays. However in “Cruel Romance”, I was able to clearly distinguish between Huang Xiao Ming and his character.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.50.15 AM

I absolutely adore the way Zuo Zhen looks at Jin Xiu

Zuo Zhen is a righteous man that is always there for Jin Xiu, always supports her decisions, has only her in his heart, helps her out secretly, never once got mad at her, and willing to die for her. I am absolutely in love with Zuo Zhen but I find myself not infatuated with Huang Xiao Ming that way I do with other male leads. I still like him, but just not as much, and I am looking forward to see him in “You Are My Sunshine” movie edition with Yang Mi that coming out in May.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 6.07.10 AM

Zuo Zhen couldn’t hide his smile when Jin Xiu embraced him

This is the first time I am seeing Kimi Qiao. Just looking at the character posters, I thought he would play the villain since he was giving off that Shin Sung Rok vibe from “My Love From the Star”. I think he played his role well as the womanizer and the good-for-nothing brother of Mr. Xiang. He didn’t play a lovable character and hence didn’t leave much of an impact on me.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.45.56 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.28.19 PM

Kimi Qiao hair reminds me of a character in the Chibi Maruko Chan cartoon that watched when I was young.


This is also my first time seeing Qi Ji aka Miracle. Even though he plays an evil force that tortures and kills people without blinking an eye, I find myself liking him and wanting to see him in future works. Near the end when he loses Jin Xiu, he starts displaying a neurotic character that I think he depicted well. When he says “Killing you is so easy just like crushing ants”, his body language and eyes gives off this chilling feeling like those psychotic character in horror movies. His portrayal of a slightly psychotic character completely shocked me and makes me feel that he is a great actor, especially when I compare it to the scenes where he acts as a nice guy in front of Jin Xiu.

miracle qi ji

It’s weird how I didn’t find myself infatuated with any of the younger male actors but became entranced by Xie Jun Hao. He’s my father’s age but I  found myself falling for him. He looked absolutely majestic when he appeared in episode 2, looking exactly like a wealthy man that was also warm and compassionate. Because he was Shanghai’s top businessman, I thought that he would reveal his cunning personality as a businessman later on, but I found myself liking him even more when he risked his life for his lover and when he never stopped caring for his brother no matter what mess he created.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.31.10 AM

I have gotten used to listening to dubbing in chinese dramas however the person who dubs Xiao Lan and the japanese woman assassin is particularly annoying.

Overall I rate this drama ♥♥♥♥♥. Even though the writing near the end infuriated me, all those sweet moments, candid conversations between the leads, topless scenes, and surprising twists in the plot made up for it. I would say go ahead and watch this drama as there are enough sweet moments to make you squeal with joy.

BTW Huang Xiao Ming sings the theme song which you can check out below.


My favorite scene would be in episode 2 where Jin Xiu is unconscious and Zuo Zhen takes her to the hotel. Jin Xiu’s head leans on Zuo Zhen’s shoulder. He gets annoyed and pushes her head away only to change his mind and catch her before her head hits the side of the car and brings her to lean onto him.

You can see that he is a rough man but yet sweet at the same time. I feel that for Zuo Zhen, it was like reflex to push a woman away, but then his heart realizes that it is Jin Xiu and he doesn’t want her to be hurt so he quickly changes his mind and pulls her toward him. I really like that you can tell even from the beginning that he already started to like her and protect her. When they were on the boat, he kept giving her chances to ask him for something and when she didn’t ask him for anything, he gave her his necklace. It was funny to me that Jin Xiu says to him “How many last chances do you have?”

Another scene that I love. I could feel my heart beating faster while watching this scene.

There’s one point that I want to bring up. I never thought that it was a problem for a man to support a woman financially. However when the usually calm and thoughtful Mr. Xiang felt that Ming Zhu was leaving him, he said “what you want, what you have is all given by me.” Ming Zhu says that she has the ability to earn money herself and we see Mr. Xiang raise his voice for the first time as he tells her that she doesn’t have any ability other than being dance hostess. The most hurtful word is that he tells her to think clearly because if she doesn’t choose him, he can make her into nobody.

I finally realize why Jin Xiu is so adamant on making an earning for herself. If a woman is reliant on a man, when that man one day changes his mind about the woman, the woman would be nothing. No matter how much a man loves a woman, the man will still think that he is the boss because he is providing for the woman.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.51.47 PM

Quotes from Zuo Zhen that are memorable to me:

I won’t let you die. No one can hurt you. I won’t let you leave me.

No matter where you are I will be able to find you. I already said that you need to stay in my world. There’s no one that can take you away from my world. You better stay here. Don’t use this method to  escape. I won’t allow you to.

All the quotes between Zuo Zhen and Jin Xiu are so sweet and buttery making me want to melt. However I feel that quotes that Mr. Xiang says  are more meaningful that can be applied to my everyday life.

1. The matter about money, no matter how much we lose, it doesn’t matter because it can be earned back.

2. He didn’t care about the poeple stealing their inheritance because as long as there is him and his brothers, there is nothing he is afraid of.

3. A project’s success/failure doesn’t mean much. You are young and have a long life ahead of you. Up and downs are very common.

An idiom that I learned from this drama:

宁為玉碎,不為瓦全 (Nìng wéi yù suì, bù wéi wǎ quán)

Rather be a shattered vessel of jade than an unbroken piece of pottery — better to die in glory than live in dishonour

The one thing that I felt didn’t make sense in the plot was that Ming Zhu  was always threatened by Maeda Ryuichi. She was raped twice, had an abortion, and was constantly captured by Maeda Ryuichi but Mr Xiang had no idea about it. Even when Maeda Ryuichi personally told him that Ming Zhu had betrayed him, he did nothing about keeping Ming Zhu away from Maeda Ryuichi or question her about their relationship.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.56.49 PM

Thank God Jin Xiu did not shoot Zuo Zhen. I would like to thank the writer for not having Jin Xiu be so cold-hearted to kill Zuo Zhen.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.26.36 AM

I felt that Jin Xiu and Zuo Zhen didn’t seem too blissful at the end. I also felt like the ending ended too abruptly like they didn’t tie up the loose ends. It just didn’t feel like an ending to me. I hated the last five episodes of the drama but I am overlooking it because of all those twists and sweet moments in the drama.

My random comments/rants during each episode

ep 1

I find everything to be happening way too fast. Just 20 minutes into the episode, our female protagonist has already lost her family and everything she owned and is forced to travel to the distant land of Shanghai to find her parents’ killers. Not too long afterwards, she meets her fated one and is forced into a kiss. I find it annoying that she is being a busybody and helping out another man when she is also being chased by assassins. How does she know that man isn’t a criminal? And how many times does she have to trip and fall into another man’s arms. Can’t the writers be more creative about how the characters first meet each other?

ep2 I want to point out  that when the guests were wondering who had the honor to invite Ming Zhu to perform on stage, most people would think it is Mr. Xiang. However I think, Ming Zhu loves Ying Dong in her heart and is performing for Ying Dong.

ep6 Zuo Zhen’s jealousy and his funny face at the end of episode 6


I don’t like Ying Dong’s unrelenting attitude. People went through so much to get him out of there and he still accuses his brother of purposely returning home late to teach him a lesson. If he hadn’t caused problems, nothing would have happened. I was so surprised to find out that Mr. Xiang had already known that there was something between Ying Dong and Ming Zhu. How awkward. I was shocked that Jin Xiu just took the remaining soup that Zuo Zhen didn’t finish and gave it to Ying Dong. It would have been better if she didn’t bring anything to him and made something new tomorrow. I don’t like how Zuo Zhen expresses his love. Let her suffer for the time being and then when she has no other option, she will come to me. The first thing he should have done was to prevent those thieves from stealing her money and suitcase. At least this would add points for him and make him appear like a hero in Jin Xiu’s eyes. I hated his method- to watch her suffer and then tell her that he will give her a luxurious life because she does not have ability to survive in Shanghai. This is like telling her she lost her bet and is a failure. I couldn’t understand why Zuo Zhen would watch Jin Xiu being bullied but finally found out in this episode. He was hoping that if she encounters trouble and finds life hard, she would regret her decision of not being his woman and would return to him. I think the final scene where Jin Xiu cries because of her situation was impressive. For me, I think Chen Xiao En is best at crying scenes. I was first impressed by her when it was reported that she cried continuously for  3-4 hours in a scene for “Fated to Love You”. He tears doesn’t come out like she is forcing her tears to come out. She looks like is trying to hold in those tears but her tears continue to flow and she embarrassed for crying.


I don’t understand what Ming Zhu’s real intentions are. She looks like she is trying to rekindle her and Ying Dong’s love but is this really for love or is she trying to hinder him from helping Jin Xiu out. She had chosen to be with the more powerful and influential brother, if she is regretting now and wants Ying Dong, she would have said something to the brother and openly declared her love to Ying Dong. It seems to me that she is jealous of Jin Xiu and is fooling with Ying Dong’s love. She doesn’t want to marry him but doesn’t want him to forget about her either. BTW, the underwater kiss scene does not look like he is trying to save her but is trying  to kiss her instead. Common sense would be to bring the person out of the water and not trying to put oxygen into her while underwater. It’s fortunate that Jin Xiu has met Anna who consistently looks out for her despite Jin Xiu not showing an signs up benefit to her in the beginning. I am getting annoyed that we can only get access to the cut version. Why do chinese broadcasting company make so many different versions of the drama. They are just adding more work for themselves and making the plot all messed up. In this episode, there was  a flashback where we see Jin Xiu holding a blade up her neck and telling Zuo Zhen not to get any closer. I have never seen that scene before in any of the earlier episodes. This is so confusing to the viewers. If they are to make cuts, then have that scene cut out from the entire series. Furthermore, I felt that the scene would have been pretty impactful in the drama and I don’t understand why they would have cut it out. Between Ming Zhu, Ying Dong, and Mr. Xiang. I feel bad for Mr. Xiang. On one hand is his brother and the other is his lover. I feel that Ming Zhu had brought this upon herself. I don’t feel that Zuo Zhen’s phrase “If I want to throw away something of mine, I will be the one to throw it. When it’s broken, the broken pieces are still mine and no one else can touch it” was used properly. Does anyone else feel that it’s misplaced? I feel like he should have used this quote when he made it known to people that his relationship with Jin Xiu has gone sour. However when people bully her, he would come to the rescue saying nobody is allowed to bully her because even if he has thrown her away, he still belongs to him.


We finally get to see Zuo Zhen actually smiling. He has smiled before, but it seems to be the brightest this time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 3.00.41 AM

I am annoyed at  Jin Xiu always saying that she will depend on herself but always going to ask Ying Dong and Zuo Zhen for help, however this time she really fought for herself without anyone’s help. I am liking the plot twist that Ming Zhu has a major secret of being controlled by the Japanese. I am eager to see what she will do next. I am also starting to get annoyed at the previews for the next episode. They don’t show the preview for the following episode but show the previews for two episodes ahead. Since I have been keeping up with the episodes to write the recaps I get anxious about what would happen next but in order to figure out what would happen tomorrow, I need to go back an episode for the correct preview. Is this what they have always been doing for the previews of Chinese dramas since they show two episodes each day?

ep10 Anna can work at the cosmetic company but she doesn’t have to bring the boyfriend there. Who brings their boyfriend to actually examine the company. Just say I work there and you have an actual friend that works there so that should cover your lies. Boyfriend Dou Ping.

ep11 why didn’t they explain about that shoulder pat at the end of ep 10. Zuo Zhen places his hand one Jin Xiu’s shoulder and you see Ying Dong glancing at Zuo Zhen’s action. However, in episode 11, they didn’t explain that at all. It seemed like they cut out something.

ep12 Their relationship is so strained. How can Zuo Zhen still give her the present. It would mean nothing to her. How can Jin Xiu just give Jing Ling that bracelet when she was going to return the bracelet to Zuo Zhen.

Are there no other males and females in shanghai at that time. Both spokesperson for the advertisement  came from the same  household. It’s it well known that they brother-in-law/sister-in-law relationship? How could the CEO have casted them knowing that.

ep15 the singer at the end of ep 15 showed lots of expression and enthusiam and is a much better performance than ming zhu’s singing.

ep 19 Maeda Ryuichi was so lost after seeing Jin Xiu, he didn’t even make the connection that she was Rong Jin Xiu, the girl she was looking all over for to kill.

ep 20 Jin Xiu is starting to fall for Zuo Zhen. She trips and falls again into yet another man’s arms.

ep 21 I totally thought Jin Xiu died and Zuo Zhen would save her. I like how everyone is only nice to Jin Xiu. Aside from her, everyone is a completely different person. Maeda Ryuichi kills people without regards but to Jin Xiu, he takes care so dearly. In the beginning I feel that Ying Dong was sincere and actually took Jin Xiu as a friend. However now I feel that it’s because he couldn’t get Ming Zhu so he is taking anyone as a girlfriend. The other thing is , he already knows that Zuo Zhen is chasing after her and he still wants to cause problems and fight over her.

ep24 This is the worst possible outcome for Ming Zhu. The brothers think that she went to their other brother but is actually captured by the japanese.

ep26 He has a daughter too. I don’t understand how Mr Shum could rape another women.  This drama always gives me surprises. Who would have guessed that Ying Dong would be gunned down. The bad thing about Ying Dong is he is always so impulsive and arrogant which leads to many problems.

ep27 It doesn’t make sense that Mr. Xiang found out that Ming Zhu had betrayed him yet he didn’t try to find the reason for why she betrayed him. Ming Zhu was captured by the japanese to threaten Ying Dong and she ended up being addicted to the drug. Yet, Mr. Xiang had no idea of that. I don’t understand how Mr. Xiang wouldn’t have found out about any of that.

ep28 the allusion- Ming Zhu had let the pigeon fly away so it could be free however, it return back and was noticeably thinner. Jing Ling said that the pigeon was used to the life of living in the cage and couldn’t adapt to living in the wild. It must have experienced lots of hardship so returned back. This seems like it’s talking about Ming Zhu. No matter how hard she tried to be free, she is now addicted to the drugs and she can no longer leave.

similarity- Zuo Zhen wouldn’t let Jin Xiu go out after she got pregnant. That was the same in “Lady and the Liar” where Er Ye wouldn’t let Jiang Xin go out after she got pregnant.

Maeda Ryuichi supposed can’t forget about Jin Xiu however when he incited Long Si to plant the bomb, Jin Xiu could have gotten hurt.

Maeda Ryuichi cut off the elder’s wife’s ear to threaten them to elect Long Si as the leader, however this might work for the time being, later those elders would take revenge on him.

ep 29 It seems to me something unhappy always happen when the female lead gets pregnant. I find Zuo Zhen and Jin Xiu to be the happiest during their poverty. It’s in times of hardship do we truly see how the couple would not abandon each other.

ep31- another twist . So surprised that Shi Hao didn’t die.

so annoyed and so frustrated that Jin Xiu is easily swayed by Maeda Ryuichi.

If Zuo Zhen had wanted to steal her pocketwatch  and kill her, he could have done it easily killed her on the boat and stole her pocketwatch when he first saw her on the boat.

The second part of the story that Maeda Ryuichi made up doesn’t even make sense. Zuo Zhen gave her back the pocket watch so that she could hand it over to the correct person but then Maeda Ryuichi said Zuo Zhen tried to take back the pocket watch and kill her also. It was Shi Hao who saved her. If Zuo Zhen wanted her to die, she could have died then and there.

The person who you lived with, have a baby with, went through hardships and poverty together, you can definitely feel what kind of person he is. Suddenly someone tells you he is a killer, shouldn’t you question if he really is the type of person the other person says he is? How can she believe Maeda Ryuichi who she met off the street and the uncle who is a gambler that can do anything for money.

I can’t believe Jin Xiu doesn’t believe Zuo Zhen. Since there are so much misunderstandings, Jin Xiu should have asked Zuo Zhen directly if he killed her parents and not indirectly asking him, making more misunderstandings. How does she not know Maeda Ryuichi isn’t lying. She has already been through being accused multiple times of  stealing the necklace and not doing her job properly. Evidence can be made up and an innocent person like her could be turned into a thief and lazy worker. This episode is just so frustrating.

ep 32

Jin Xiu really does meet nice people. Even though she went through many hardships and sadness, in crucial times, there are always nice people help her. When she was a dance hostess and now sold as a prostitute, there are always kind people that she just met that helps her.

Zuo Zhen was standing at the loading dock and missed her???? seriously. Jin Xiu was able to leave pretty easily and there weren’t any people at the docks that were stopping her from leaving.


this drama is definitely a shocker and you will never know what would happen next. Who would believe that Ying Dong who was gone for the past couple episodes who suddenly appear heroically. I thought he would be gone for good.

Okay the producers must be overworked or too lazy. Why do they have to show us the same scene twice. Yeah I know that Maeda Ryuichi has amazing swordsmanship but do we need to see him cut that stick twice.

Love Zuo Zhen’s confession that if Jin Xiu has died, he will only love one women for the rest of his life.

I’m getting more infuriated. Jin Xiu returns back to Shanghai to kill Zuo Zhen and Ying Dong  supports her on that decision!!!! Ying Dong were great pals with Zuo Zhen. He should know Zuo Zhen well to know what type of person he is  and that he would not kill an entire family like that.

Ok there are no one that monitors the hospital halls and Maeda Ryuichi can just pop into any of the rooms.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.43.38 AM

ep 34 Is Ying Dong a dummy or what. Doesn’t he need to figure out what has happened first and not blindly go kill a guy that was once his best friend. Shouldn’t he persuade Jin Xiu not to kill Zuo Zhen? Both of them return to Shanghai to be an assassinator!! What is Ying Dong doing anyway. Has he thought of what he is doing?

Ying Dong even aimed the gun at Zuo Zhen. What if the bullet really hit Zuo Zhen. How would he feel. If Zuo Zhen died, would he be happy?

Jin Xiu who has never touched a gun before, suddenly become used to using a gun. And she knows how to trail after a person. What was she doing at the village, training to become assassinators?

I do have to say that this time that Jin Xiu has returned, she looks a lot more stronger and resolute.

wow once Jin Xiu took out that gun I started tearing up. I didn’t get this feeling when Tiffany Tang held the gun in front of Harwick in “Lady and the Liar”.

oh okay, so I find out later that Jin Xiu has joined “loving the country” group

omg the phrase: Everytime you say those words. It hurts me and I know it hurts you too- so tearjerking.

ep35 Why the drama is starting to go downhill.  The gun battle scene was such a mess. It seems like one moment there are lots of people fighting and one minute there is no one around to back you up. Why would they bring a powerless women to such a dangerous place, it was so obvious that she would end up dying.

There are so many men that went to back up Zuo Zhen but the only one that came out at the critical moment was Jin Xiu. After there is a dramatic moment where they come out of the building and everyone just stares like they succeeded. Obviously the japanese comes out of nowhere and grabs the suitcase. As she runs away, there is no one else who could keep up to the Japanese Assassin except Jin Xiu. This scene was horribly edited.


I’m here saying kill him, kill him. Yet the director let’s him get away. Maeda Ryuichi should have died a long time ago.

ep39 OMG out of 40 minutes, about 15 minutes were all flashback. We seriously don’t need that much flashback since we have been watching the drama.

Is there anyone out there like me who begged for Mr. Xiang not to die?

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.56.05 PM

The person who did his makeup should be fired.

40 the last two episodes could haven been made into one. Does anyone feel like it just abruptly ended?

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 5.55.52 PM

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  1. Hey!

    I’m a fellow Kdrama Jdrama Tdrama! I have only recently gotten into the Cdrama world lol!
    I literally just finished watching this drama (CR). I thought everything you wrote when watching each ep haha. I did enjoy it though, I’m kind of a sucka for ‘hopelessly devoted’ male leads.
    The story did get a little silly towards the end. Specially when she just up and leaves him like that. You put it really well when you said:

    “The person who you lived with, have a baby with, went through hardships and poverty together, you can definitely feel what kind of person he is. Suddenly someone tells you he is a killer, shouldn’t you question if he really is the type of person the other person says he is? How can she believe Maeda Ryuichi who she met off the street and the uncle who is a gambler that can do anything for money.”

    Like duhhh!! wheres the trust man!
    Alot of the story and things that happened didnt really make sense or add up. But i still enjoyed it ^_^

    BTW My first chinese drama that I watched was Summers Desire and I LOVED it! Yeah Huang Xiao Ming was a little too dramatic at times (specially with all the chin pinching lol) but I thought it was a good drama.

    Love your blog and will be coming back to read more reviews 😉


    • Thanks for sharing your love for this drama 🙂
      It’s funny how you mention Summer’s Desire because I hated it. I am so glad I watched Cruel Romance so that I can remove my negative thoughts of HXM. BTW since you loved this drama, you might want to try Lady and the Liar which is set in the same time period and was quite popular.

      I am hearing more and more people saying they are starting to get into cdramas. I am wondering if there is a sudden increase the quality of Cdramas or if we just never gave it a try.

      Anyhow happy drama watching 🙂


  2. can i know who kill her family & how did she get her trust back to zhou zhen.
    just love the way u wrote about zhou zhen cuz I also love him so much & hate how jin xiu misunderstand him that i want to change it into my own drama..owh,,really cant see my hero hurt T_T.


    • **spoiler**Maeda Ryuichi killed her family on behalf of the Japanese Regime. this is actually in the very first episode

      She got her trust back because Zhou Zhen gave her evidence that Maeda Ryuichi was working for the japanese government and was not the average businessman she thought he was. Zhou Zhen told her he never killed her family. He then showed her pictures of Maeda Ryuichi working with Japanese spies.


  3. Thanks for the writing. I started to watch this drama but the dubbing made me stop it. Also, I felt that many scenes were missing. Im still not used to cdramas’ dubbing. Why why why and why do they dub? What if others have a slightly different accent? Honestly, being able to speak in a specific accent is part of the actor’s performance. Ive been enjoying cdramas, especially since they get the better looking guys (i.e…Hawick Lau, Wallace Huo, Wallace Chung, Eddie Peng, Huang Xiao Ming, Feng Shao Feng, and many others) but for the sake of humanity….stop the dubbing.


    • I absolutely hate dubbing but if it is a good drama, I end up enduring with it. Esp this drama with Chen Xiao En, I am so used to hearing her voice in twdramas so it was annoying that her voice got dubbed. I realized that many of the modern Cdramas have less dubbing.


  4. Ling li, the boy who was from abroad, the one who heard a noise inside a room and did an investigation with the female lead, he was the one who proposed to marry the female lead… I don’t know his true name…


    • his real name is Qiao Kimi. He is also known as the singing sensation, Kimi debuted as an Idol singer, and reached to fame with his performance in the movie ‘Nightclubs’. He gained further fame through the reputation he garnered through his professionalism and down to earth personality. He is also known to be a fan of American Rock, which further set him apart as he progressed towards a career away from sports towards music. He has also taken part in numerous commercials and is a popular endorser for known brands.


  5. Fantastic drama – much more chemistry than Lady & Liar. I took the advice of this post and once I reached the middle of ep 31 I skipped to the end of 40 and wasn’t disappointed. I still felt like I understood how it all wrapped up.


  6. where did you watch that episode where jin xiu was holding the blade against her neck? i’ve watched both the tv version and the supposed dvd version and i did not see that scene or the flashback to that scene.


  7. I watched the drama few days back i was writing summary on it, its been almost any drama gave me chills like this did, i have watched 200+ drama in korean and many in jdrama and tdrama, but in many way after long time i fell for a drama, i realised what was gonna happen in 32,33 epi so i skipped to the end and came backwards, its usual misunderstanding drama which is never realistic and annoying. niice gifs.


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