“Hurry Up, Brother” Season 2 Returns With a Minor Cast Change

“Hurry Up, Brother” is the chinese remake of the popular korean variety show “Running Man” and has been well received all over China.

They are coming back with Season 2 and sadly to say, Wang Bao Qiang was switched out for Bao Bei’er.

Wang Bao Qiang and Wong Cho Lam was actually my favorite members. You can really tell their camaraderie  while they are filming and helps each other out a lot.

On wiki- it says that Wong Cho Lam has left the second season due to scheduling conflicts but in the promotional posters that were circulating online, Wang Bao Qiang was actually missing. Looks like time will tell who has left in the second season.

check out the individual posters below:

I am actually surprised that Michael Chen wasn’t dropped since his affair was such a huge scandal. If this was in Korea, the member would have already voluntarily left the show or get kicked out by the production team.

I do have to say that Wang Bao Qiang and Wong Cho Lam’s role are quite similar and that having them both on the show seems more like a repeat. However I appreciate them both on the show, since they are the only ones that I feel are more like family and they always look out for each other.

If Wang Bao Qiang is gone, I will surely miss his adorable smile 🙂


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