You Are My Sunshine Movie Adaption Releases Character and Movie Poster with My English Translation

So they recently released character posters of the movie “You Are My Sunshine” which is the remake of the novel “Silent Separation”. The drama adaption for the novel was a mega hit, skyrocketing the male lead, Wallace Chung, into new heights of his career. I predict the movie adaption to be just as popular.

At first glance, the character posters were quite bland with the characters surrounded by a banner of quotes. As I was casually clicking through them, I saw Angelababy. I am like what!!!! Angelababy is casted in this!!!! It was highly promoted that Yang Mi and Huang Xiao Ming would play the main leads and Tao would play a major character but I did not know Angelababy was also in this. I did a double take as Angelababy is Huang Xiao Ming’s actual girlfriend and I can’t believe that she is playing the second female lead that doesn’t get the guy. Who is this person that did the casting!!! What kind of joke is she playing on Angelababy. I wonder how Angelababy feels while she is filming this movie. It might be a good thing though because she can portray her real feelings of longing for Huang Xiao Ming’s love while he only has eyes for another person.

I am the type that always ship the lead couple but knowing that Angelababy is his real girlfriend, I am already getting this foreboding feeling that Huang Xiao Ming and Yang Mi’s love won’t be realistic enough and won’t have enough chemistry. Even if they act very well, my mind will constantly tell me : “Huang Xiao Ming loves Angelababy…Huang Xiao Ming Loves Angelababy….”.

OMG OMG!!! I am in shock right now. Did anyone else know about the casting?????

Check out the character posters and my translation of the quotes below.

Yang Mi as Zhao Mo Sheng, an innocent and carefree photographer that loves He Yi Cheng.

Love is like the sea foams that were once mulberry fields (meaning there are dramatic changes) , but it will blossom only for you.

I’m sorry, I won’t get an abortion.

Return the innocence back to love.

Huang Xiao Ming as He Yi Cheng, a cold and workaholic lawyer who becomes a different person only when he is sees his only love- Zhao Mo Sheng.

Thank you, I won’t cheat/betray.

Love is persisting to the end without any utterance of regret.

Bring faithfulness back to love.


Angelababy as He Yi Mei, He Yi Cheng’s sister, a beautiful and successful broadcaster that has a one-sided love for He Yi Cheng.

Don’t worry, I won’t slit my wrists.

Love is willingness to accept defeat when you lose, when it’s time to end, you should end it.

Return oneself back to love.

Tong Dawei as Ying Hui. CEO of Inso and ex-husband of Zhao Mo Sheng who would do anything to get Mo Sheng to stay with him.

Oh No! I don’t have a backup (girlfriend).

Love is sincerely chasing or gracefully leaving.

Return sophistication/class back to love.

Suihe as Xiao Xiao-Mo Sheng’s best friend in college and top model.

Ah ha! I don’t reminisce.

Love is natural, you can’t force it.

Return carefree back to love.

Exo Tao as William (I believe this character doesn’t exist in the novel and they specially added this character into the movie)

Oh! I do not need to be handsome.

Love is willingness to put in effort but not caring about winning or losing.

Return optimism/open-mindedness back to love.

Xie Yi Lin as Hua Xian Zi- Mo Sheng’s colleague.

That’s right! I don’t engage in cat fights.

Love is heartless but it understands how to cherish or Love is carefree but it understands how to cherish.

Return naïveté back to love.

I will not accommodate.-I absolutely love this quote when Wallace Chung said it in the drama.

Return love back to love.


Because I have watched the drama adaption of the novel and I know their roles, these quotes actually reflect the character’s personality spot on.

However I don’t understand Yang Mi’s character where she says I won’t get an abortion. I wonder if the writer changed up the story a bit or if it was in the novel but was left out in the drama adaption because I did not hear of any abortion in the drama adaption. Mo Sheng has never had an abortion and only had a baby at the end of the drama.

These are the promotional posters that were released previously. They have a much more gloomier feeling.

They desire to be together                                     one second, one life


You left to a far away place.                                  For those that leave, it’s forgivable.

I confined myself.                                              For those that reunite, it takes an eternity.

How to last, how to be sincere.                          It’s another year, I miss you a lot.


Regardless of what happens, I must see this movie. Before I only wanted to watch this because the drama version was a hit for me and I wanted to see how the movie version would be like. Of course being a fan of Tao, he was also a factor for me for deciding to watch this. However, now that I know Angelababy is in this, I want to see how she and Huang Xiao Ming will act in the movie.

I have no objections to casting of Huang Xiao Ming as I find that he looks like he is always grumpy all the time and I think it fits the cold He Yi Cheng character. Yang Mi, on the other hand, I find doesn’t look that sweet and innocent enough to suit the carefree character of Mo Sheng. I do think that she can portray the lonely feeling of Mo Sheng when she first returns from America but not the carefree side. Tiffany Tang’s sweet bubbly character allowed me to feel the carefree and innocent character of Mo Sheng. I find that Yang Mi is more of a refined person and less likely to give off that childish playful nature that Mo Sheng is like. I’m sure she will play that role fine, but I don’t think it will be anything extraordinary. I actually like it when she plays evil characters more.

I have seen Xie Yi Lin in “Hurry Up, Brother” and she is bright and knows how to make jokes to entertain the viewers. In the drama, her character was named Xiao Hung but in the movie version it’s Hua Xian Zi. I wonder why they changed it. In “Love Weaves Though A Millenium” she plays a foul-mouthed manager which I think she is suited for but I can’t see her playing Hua Xian Zi who is a person that constantly thinks about dating and marrying.

I wonder why they added William into the movie. Why was the character so important that they had to add it into the movie when it doesn’t exist in the novel. I hope the character actually has a point and that Tao wasn’t casted for the purpose of attracting EXO fans to increase box office count.

I google searched Suihe and found out that she is a top model. She is really pretty in the pictures that I found online and am glad she was casted. I didn’t find Mi Lu to look pretty enough to be a top model in the drama adaption but accepted it since I liked how she portrayed the sassy character of Xiao Xiao but becomes is sweet and carefree when she is hanging out with her best friend.

The movie version of “You Are My Sunshine” is slated to release on May 1, 2015 and I am definitely watching it. Let’s look out for the trailers when it’s released.

Is anyone else shocked like me to find Angelababy casted in this movie? What do you think about the casts?

Character posters from mtime

movie posters from sina


3 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine Movie Adaption Releases Character and Movie Poster with My English Translation

  1. I just finish watching the drama version and I love it……….I just hope this movie will be a big hit………..and the chemistry of the two lead will outshine the reality that AngelBaby the 2nd main lead girl is the girlfriend Huang Xiao Ming


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