“Angry Mom” with Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung Starts Airing Tomorrow

angry mom teaser

“Angry Mom” starring Kim Hee Sun, Kim Yoo Jung, Ji Hyun Woo, and B1A4’s Baro starts airing tomorrow on March 18 on wed & thurs.

The story is about a young mom (Kim Hee Sun) who was a rebellious mean girl during her school days, goes back to high school to protect her daughter (Kim Yoo Jung) from bullies. Ji Hyun Woo is playing the meek teacher at school while Baro is playing the head bully but also has feelings for Yoo Jung.

They released the character posters on the 16th which you can see below.

Kim Hee Sun has a powerful stance like she is commanding the school there. Wearing the pants underneath the skirt reminds me of Jung Eun Ji in “Reply 1997” and shows off more of a rough appearance as opposed to the sweet girl image that Kim Yoo Jung has below.

Ji Hyun Woo all smiles looking like a kind and warm teacher. According to soompi he is standing in front of the poet Yoon Dong Joo’s “Seosi” which symbolizes his character’s determination as a literature teacher

There are three teasers that has been released so far. The first teaser shows Kim Hee Sun with a fiery personality while her daughter is the complete opposite, being bullied by others. In the second teaser we see Yoo Jung being chased and Hee Sun is at school trying to correct the school system. In the third teaser, we get more of a comedic feel and we see some nice moves from Hee Sun as she flips and flies through the air, kicking butts. So far, I don’t think the teasers serve to draw viewers in that much but rather is just giving us a glimpse of what we will see.

We don’t really see much  of Kim Yoo Jung in the teaser but I hope she appears more in the drama and isn’t a side character that disappears. I am, after all, watching this drama for Kim Yoo Jung. I believe this is her first drama where she plays a character and not the child version of a character. Can’t wait to see a real love line for Kim Yoo Jung.

I know not much people are too fond of the Kim Hee Sun and Ji Hyun Woo pair, but I will wait until the end of the drama to decide as dramas tend to work their spell on me and I end up liking character pairs that I didn’t root for in the beginning.

If I can hold it out, I will watch this once all the episodes airs to minimize all the waiting between episodes. Let’s hope this will turn out to be a fantastic drama with Kim Hee Sun kicking all those bullies’ butts and ending all bullying once and for all.

Are you exciting for this release or are you turned away from its teasers?

teasers credits to princess KHS♥

character posters credits to koala


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