My First Impressions of “Eye In The Sky”

So TVB released two dramas-“Eye In The Sky” headlined by Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, and Tavia Yeung and “Young Charioteers” headlined by Him Law, Sammy Sum and Sisley Choi- on the same night two weeks ago.

I chose to watch “Eye In The Sky” over “Young Charioteers” because of the stellar cast and the action/thriller genre seemed to interest me more. I did catch a glimpse of some scenes from “Young Charioteers” when I saw my parents watching it and it did look kinda nice, gaving me a warm sunny light-hearted feel. 

Just wanted to mention that Rosina Lam is in both dramas however in “Young Charioteers” she’s plays a lead role.

As of right now, I have watched up to episode 6, and I would say that I am interested in what would happen between the two brothers.

Synopsis: Kevin Cheng plays a genius CID detective who can accurately deduce what happened at the crime scene from clues left behind by criminals. He has always relied heavily on CCTV for clues but it is also because of CCTV footage that cause him to be suspected in an arson case. A man that looks identically to him and had on the same limited edition shoes had set fire to a building. After being cleared from the crime, he resigns from his post due to suspicions that he is the criminal and focuses on finding out who that real criminal is. While working as the head of the security department for a Hotel he meets Ruco Chan who joined the security team and they bond well with each other, after feeling that their work ethics were similar. As Kevin continues to search for clues, he finds out that he has an identical twin brother and meets Tavia Yeung who had mistaken him for his brother. Tavia Yeung is a person that is gifted with a photographic memory and works at her father’s private investigation company. She helps Kevin Cheng search for his brother to figure out whether the brother, who she had one-night stand with, had committed the crime or not.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.44.04 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.46.28 AM

I find this drama to be on the borderline between lukewarm and mildly addictive. I was so confused as to how someone with the same face and shoes could be captured on the CCTV. I actually thought that this was another drama with the multi-personality disorder plot that is a hit in korea right now but glad it’s just twin brothers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.48.46 AM

I am liking the plot and the characters that each person plays. I am happy to see Ruco return to playing an antagonist as I find his face to be a bit evil and I do find that actors who play evil characters get to express themselves more. They seem to leave a greater impression that those who keeps on playing good characters. On that note, Tony Hung who has been playing characters with a sweet and gentle image has repackaged himself into a badboy thief and he actually looks like it too. I liked seeing how Ruco and Tony became a completely different person when they sprung into action as thieves. In the beginning, I only saw Ruco and Tony as good guys but when I find out they were thieves, I got a nice surprise-especially from Tony.

I felt that Kevin Cheng looked extremely young in this drama. In that I meant he looked even younger than he did when he was in “Starling By Step” which was 4 years ago. He looked really fair ( as in lighter complexion) and I know he lost weight but when I think of losing weight, I always feel that people would also look older. Glad that he is maintaining his complexion well.

Look, Kevin Cheng's skin tone is lighter than Tavia's

Look, Kevin Cheng’s skin tone is lighter than Tavia’s

The one gripe about this drama is that I don’t think Tavia looks naive, dorky, innocent enough. They should stop having their actor/actress wear glasses that have no lenses in them. Tavia keeps on pushing up her glasses to make herself look dorky but I don’t think she suits that image at all. However, I do like her character with the photographic memory. I wonder if people with photographic memories like that do exist.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.45.21 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.45.53 AM

I like how this drama have started by introducing us the characters and then letting us find out their real identity. I am eager to find out how Tavia’s photographic memory will play out in drama and what conflicts the two brothers will end up being in.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.53.19 AM

BTW “Eye In The Sky” did have a marginally better viewer rating compared to “Young Charioteers” on the opening week from march 2 to 8. Nothing exceptional about the ratings but “Eye In The Sky” did claim the throne. Let’s just hope it doesn’t drop.

Were you guys shocked to find out Ruco was Kevin’s twin brother?

For those who watched “Young Charioteers”, how do you like that drama. I did hear that Sisley Choi’s acting was extremely stiff.

Hong Kong TV rating originally from sina

promotional poster credits as stated on the poster


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