Tiffany Tang Experiences Chest Pain on set of “Diamond Lover” and was Sent to Hospital

On march 11, Tiffany Tang suddenly felt heart palpitations while on set of “Diamond Lover” and was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with exhaustion and was recommended to rest. However Tiffany insisted to return back on set to film. Tiffany’s official Weibo had posted that her condition had improved throughout the day and told fans not to worry.

On the official weibo blog of “Diamond Lover” they have posted “Today we are sorry for Mi Dor. She has started working early in the morning but got heart palpitations, causing her to be in pain and couldn’t move. The crew members immediately sent her to the hospital where the doctor examined her and said the cardiac arrhythmia were caused by over-exhaustion and required bed rest or else it would worsen. However, no matter how they talked to her, Mi Dor insisted on returning back to film for not wanting to effect the filming schedule. Mi Dor , You Can Do it, You will be Healthy!”

Tiffany Tang personal weibo blog posted : “After experiencing symptoms of  chest pain and chest heaviness, Tiffany, afraid of delaying the shooting schedule have insisted on bearing through it. However, this morning, when the pain was so bad that she couldn’t move did she go to the hospital. Right now Tiffany has stopped working and went home to rest. Her condition has improved. 廣大糖蜜 (the name of her fan club) don’t worry.”

Hope Tiffany gets better.

note: the original wording that they used was 心脏抽搐 which roughly translates as heart convulsions but I don’t think there is anything called heart convulsions in American language so I have replaced with heart palpitations/arrhythmia.

original article appeared on sina


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