Netizens Are Praising the Looks of the Side-Characters in the Currently Airing Cdrama “Cruel Romance”

extra are noticed

In the currently airing c drama “Cruel Romance”, many netizens have commended the production team on having selected good-looking side characters. Some have even mentioned that the extras resembled superstar Andy Lau, Hong Kong singer Leo Ku, and movie star Takeshi Kaneshiro.

People have already dubbed the characters “Wu Teng Andy” and “Black Clothing Leo Ku”.

Executive Producer Kuan Yue have responded that the production team had spent lots of efforts in selecting their actors. On average, in about every 2-3 episode, there would be a special guest appearance. For example in the first episode, Jin Jia who plays the lead male character in “抗倭奇侠传” made a guest appearance as Teacher Chen. Chen Qiao En have dubbed him as Takeshi Kaneshiro look-alike.

When they were selecting the actors, their looks were important, however they also selected the person based on whether the person was suitable for the role or not. When Yang Le was selected to play Shi Hao they felt that he was suitable for that character. At that time his successful dramas “May-December Love” and “My Sunshine” weren’t even released yet.  Cai Jun Tao, who plays Tang Hai, the other right-handed man of Zuo Zhen, plays a major villain in the “Detective and Doctors”. Producer Kuan Yue tells the viewers to keep watching as there are still many good-looking supporting characters  that will be revealed as the story progresses such as Ling Li who plays another one of Jin Xiu’s pursuer and another pharmacy owner that helps out Jin Xiu later on.

When I first read the article, I was like, no way. Are those netizens blind? Andy Lau and my heart throb Takeshi Kaneshiro? I have watched the drama diligently and even watched it multiple times (due to my obsessive love for this drama) and I definitely did not see anyone that resembled Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro. However I stared at the above pic of Wu Teng for awhile and my heart skipped a beat when a saw the resemblance. You know that shocked feeling you get when see those optical illusions where it is obviously a young lady but when you look at it a different way, you see the old woman? It’s exactly that same feeling when I saw the resemblance.

Here are the side-characters from Cruel Romance that the netizens are saying looks like superstars.

Wu Teng resembling Andy Lau. It’s the nose that resembles the most.

Japanese Assassin resembling Leo Ku

However, I can never get myself to see Jin Jia resembling Takeshi Kaneshiro as I find him to be one of the most charismatic actors in all of Asia. Takeshi Kaneshiro has this manly aura that comes from him. I don’t think Jin Jia could ever match that charismatic gaze of Takeshi.

takeshi kaneshiro

Bosco Wong’s fan, please don’t hate me. Personally I found Mr. Xiang to resemble Bosco Wong. I think it’s because of the straight eyebrows and face shape.


What do you guys think? Do you see the resemblance? Personally I don’t think the extras are that good-looking aside for the person who plays Ling Li and the japanese assassin that looks like Leo Ku. Which side-character have you set your sights on?

original article appeared on sina


3 thoughts on “Netizens Are Praising the Looks of the Side-Characters in the Currently Airing Cdrama “Cruel Romance”

  1. Omg, I must still be new to C-dramas then because I never heard about all the names you mentionned, (with the exception of Andy Lau, but I don’t know his face well). So objectively, I kind of see ressembances in all these comparisons! quiet clever from the Cruel Romance producers


    • Actually none of the person aside from Bosco are in dramas so that’s why you haven’t seen them yet. Bosco was mostly in hong kong dramas but he recently ventured into the chinese market. Bosco recently just finished “Destined to Love You” which stars Chen Qiao En and I am hoping to check that out when it is released


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