Huang Xiao Ming Seen Filming “Hurry Up, Brother”

News of Huang Xiao Ming filming for season 2 of “Hurry Up, Brother” were leaked online when fans circulated photos of him filming in Huangzhao. Huang Xiao Ming is dressed entirely in black, and wearing sunglasses. He has on a huge beard which made him look like a gang leader (similar to his role in Cruel Romance).

I don’t know what kind of a disguise that is. That beard looks very fake and actually made him stick out of the crowd more since people nowadays don’t have huge santa clause beard like that.

Netizens have commented “Huang Xiao Ming’s look is the coolest out of all the Running Man members” and “Is he there to take his wife?”. Of course the real question would be what would happen when he faces off with Angelababy. When I look at the photo below, it looks like he is proposing to Angelababy. Just a wishful thinking of mine. They are a celebrity couple that I think fits with each other very well.

Huang Xiao Ming is in the c drama “Cruel Romance” that’s currently airing and I am enjoying his portrayal as Zuo Zhen, the cold and powerful business/gang leader of Shanghai that only has eyes for one lady played by Chen Xiao En. I can’t wait to see how he is like in real life when the episode of him guesting on “Hurry Up, Brother” gets released.

original article from sina


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