Gong Hyo Gin Says that Her Male Co-star’s Fans Don’t Like Her

gong hyo jin

It has been a year since “My Love From Another Star” became a smash hit throughout the entire Asia. Professor Do aka Kim Soo Hyun has returned to the drama scene to star in KBS’s new drama “Producer” which will also star Gong Hyo Jin, who has been dubbed as the actress that most South Korean actors want to work with. 

Gong Hyo Jin was a former model that stand at a height of 172 cm. Although she isn’t as pretty as Song Hye Kyo and isn’t as sexy as Jeon Ji Hyun, she is recognized in the Korean entertainment industry as an exceptional actress. She has debuted in the entertainment business for more than 10 years ago and has worked with many top Korean actors like Rain, Gong Yoo and the long-legged Jo In Sung. Many of the actors she has has worked with have already transitioned into movies. However, Gong Hyo Jin have always got the luck to collaborate with the hottest male actor of that time period.

Gong Hyo Jin states that every time she collaborates with a new male actor, the male actor’s fans never seems to like her. After her drama has finished airing, fans would then ship the male actor and her together and some would even root for her to get married. But in the beginning, fans would definitely says things like “You guys don’t look good together” and it would make her feel sad.

I have yet to hear about how the characters in KBS’s new drama “Producer” will paired off but this article found on Sina seemed to hint that Gong Hyo Jin is paired with Kim Soo Hyun. I’m sure that if they do get paired that way, both actor and actress will definitely spark some chemistry, judging by Gong Hyo Jin’s versatility in her acting and Kim Soo Hyun’s experience in working with actresses that are older than him. However, I personally have a bias for IU and hope she gets paired with Kim Soo Hyun. They have previously worked together in the drama “Dream High” which can be considered starting points for both of their career and I think they look exceptionally cute together.

Iu and kim soo hyun

I remember that the first drama of Gong Hyo Jin that I watched was “Greatest Love” where she was paired with Cha Seung Won. I remember myself passing over that drama a couple times because I felt that the lead female actress wasn’t pretty enough. However just an episode into the drama, that didn’t matter to me anymore. Gong Hyo Jin feistiness and Cha Seung Won’s quirkiness completely won me over. Soon after that, ever single drama that Gong Hyo Jin appeared in were winners for me and it can only be her who can play that role in that way.

I guess the moral of my story is to not judge a drama by its promotional posters but by its contents.

What do you think about Gong Hyo Jin pairing up with Kim Soo Hyun?

Original article from sina


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