“Queen’s Flower” Releases Promotional Posters and Teaser

The new MBC drama starring Kim Sung Ryeong, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Yoon Park releases promotional posters and teaser.

Our gorgeous leading, ladies Kim Sung Ryeong and Lee Sung Kyung, are wearing elaborate dresses in the promotional posters that were released.

“Queen’s Flower” aka “Equator’s Flower” is story about Rena Jung (Kim Sung Ryeong) who had abandoned her daughter Kang Lee Sol (Lee Sung Kyung) in order to gain success. She is now a successful and talented celebrity chef  that is married to Park Ming Joon (Lee Jong Hyuk). Park Ming Joon’s step-brother Park Jae Hoon (Yoon Park) develops feelings for Kang Lee Sol. What will happen to this mother and daughter when they find out about their relationship?

Check out the trailer below

After her captivating debut performance in portraying the delinquent high school girl in “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, Lee Sung Kyung has skyrocketed into the role of the leading lady in “Queen’s Flower”. I have no doubt about her acting and is looking forward to seeing her again along with ageless Kim Sung Ryeong, who played Kim Tan’s mom in the mega-hit idol drama “Heirs”. I am also on the lookout for child actor, Choi Ro Woon, who played the young Young Won in the drama “Golden Rainbow”. He was so cute and adorable and I am glad he has been casted in another drama again.

“Queen’s Flower” will air on the weekends starting on March 14 , replacing “The Legendary Witch”.

Who is excited to see Lee Sung Kyung after her standout performance in “It’s Okay, That’s Love”?

Promotional Poster originally from Sina, and soompi

teaser released from MBCdrama


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