Big Bang’s T.O.P is featured in the March Edition of Interior Lifestyle Magazine Maison

Back in January, T.O.P. was awarded the Visual Culture Award at ‘The Prudential Eye Awards’  that took place in Singapore at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands. ‘The Prudential Eye Awards’ is an award show that recognizes and supports talented and emerging artists across Asia.

The magazine joined T.O.P  on his four day trip at the “Singapore Art Week” held in January 17-25 and captures impressive images of him while he traverses through the exhibits. T.O.P was known for his affection for interior design with his collection of about 80 designer chairs and has filled his house with many other designer furnitures. He tells the magazine that he started collecting designer furniture in his early 20s that when he made money, 90% of it would go toward purchasing furniture and artworks. He felt that art and designer furniture were things that inspired him and his only outlet to escape from stress.

It was revealed that T.O.P. was quite attentive while he was checking out the artworks and displays and even pulled out his phone to take pictures of artworks that he liked. However we do see his playful side when he lies down on the floor of an exhibition hall where a video artwork was displaying around him.

T.O.P. is currently working on two art projects. He is acting as a co-curator with curator Lee Youngjoo at the ‘2015 Prudential Singapore Eye exhibition’ where he will select works of Korean and Japanese artists to displays at the exhibition starting in March 2015. The other project is that he is working with Vitra Museum to create chairs that he describes “shaped as if metallic syrup is flowing through them” and will be publicly displayed in August.

You can find out more of his interest and interior designing style at the translated article here

Credits to @kwonaventure on twitter for his translation of the interview in the March edition of Maison Korea.

Photo credits to (also find lots of fan vids of him at the exhibition), bigbangmusic.info2

info on singapore art week and his Visual Culture Award originally at soompi and allkpop.


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